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Review: Fate of Dragons by Olivia AshReviewer: Holly
Fate of Dragons by Olivia Ash
Series: Dragon Dojo Brotherhood #2
Also in this series: Reign of Dragons
Publisher: Wispvine Publishing
Publication Date: April 8, 2019
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Point-of-View: First Person
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Content Warning: View Spoiler »
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 422
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Series Rating: four-stars

A dangerous and cruel dragon shifter is holding my sister hostage.

And I am going to kill him. With my bare hands, if I have to.

He wants to trade—Irena’s life, for mine.

For my freedom. For the ancient and deadly dragon magic I fused with when his cronies kicked me into a pit to die.

I came back from the dead, and I brought the fury of hell with me. Now, they’re running scared—as they should. All of them, except this guy.

As the cherry on this toxic pie, my mentor is hunting me, too. She’s using every skill she ever taught me to track me down and lock me away.

My mentor trained me to obey her, and she’s pissed that I won’t bow down to her anymore. Determined to drain my magic, Zurie wants to reprogram my brain with enough drugs to make me an obedient little assassin again.

It won’t happen. And the poor fool who hurts my sister—well, he’s in for an early grave.

Fate of Dragons is a full-length novel with a badass heroine, a riveting storyline, and an alternative relationship dynamic. Get ready for a heart-pounding story filled with a dragon shifter romance unlike anything you’ve read before.

Buckle in for heart-pounding action, breathtaking magic, deadly assassins, four drop-dead gorgeous leading men, lots of toned muscles, and most importantly—a young woman’s journey of justice, self-discovery, and freedom.

Publisher’s Note: The Dragon Dojo Brotherhood is an adult urban fantasy series with explicit scenes and is meant for mature readers who enjoy spellbinding stories with a few fan-your-face moments in their fantasy fiction.

Fate of Dragons is the second book in the Dragon Dojo Brotherhood series by Oliva Ash. It picks up right were Reign of Dragons, book 1, left off. Rory is working with Jace to master her powers and find her sister. Her mentor, Zurie, has escaped and is plotting to bring Rory back into the fold, but Rory is done with her life as a Spectre. Now that she’s tasted freedom, there’s no going back.

As she, Jace, Drew, Tucker and Levi work on a plan to find her sister, she has to deal with more of Jace being an overbearing jerk, and her lack of trust in the mysterious Drew. She wants to believe in him – in them all – but Drew is being too secretive.

I didn’t enjoy this book as much first. I still like Rory, and I appreciate how capable she is, but this book felt like a lot of filler. Not a whole lot happens, aside from her fighting with Jace and sitting around waiting for Jace and Drew to come forward with some kind of information about where her sister is. I wish there had been more progression with either her powers or her search for her sister. I did enjoy the way her relationship with Drew developed. I also feel for Levi. He’s my favorite.

I do plan to continue the series, but I hope the next book has more substance.

3.5 out of 5

Dragon Dojo Brotherhood


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