Guest Post – #BEA15 – Day One

My first BEA adventure technically started yesterday, when I left the house.  No, this isn't a story about how long and arduous my travels were (though they were).  It's an excuse to show you my dog.  This sweet little thing came to see me off at the train station.  It was almost enough to make me try and fit her in the suitcase. Alright, on to more relevant matters.   Behold the entrance hall, in all it's glory. Once I finally got to BEA, only a few hours late, I headed off to the … [Read more...]

Guest Review: The Knight of Ambra by Lyn Brittan

The Knight of Ambra by Lyn Brittan

Jen’s review of The Knight of Ambra (Mercenaries of Fortune #1) by Lyn Brittan Brant Jacobs is determined not to screw up his first mission as a Knight of Ambra. Sneak in, retrieve the stolen artifact and disappear. Easy...right up until a woman in yoga pants stumbles through the wrong door at the wrong friggin' time. She's too cute and too innocent to be left on her own, but bringing her along might put them in the greatest danger of all. Michaela Alberto only took the stupid delivery job out … [Read more...]

Guest Review: Signal Boost by Alyssa Cole

Signal Boost by Alyssa Cole

Tracy’s review of Signal Boost (Off the Grid #2) by Alyssa Cole In a secluded cabin, John and his loved ones have survived. He should feel grateful. But his family is in his face 24/7, he has to watch his best friend, Arden, and brother, Gabriel, flaunt their love, and as a techie in a Luddite world he’s pretty much useless. The cabin is brimming with people, but he feels utterly alone. Until he catches Mr. Tall, Blond and Gorgeous raiding their garden. Mykhail is an astrophysics student, he … [Read more...]

Review: The Friend Zone by Kristen Callihan

the friend zone

Holly's review of The Friend Zone (Game On, Book 2) by Kristen Callihan Gray doesn’t make friends with women. He has sex with them. Until Ivy. The last thing star tight-end Gray Grayson wants to do is drive his agent’s daughter’s bubblegum pink car. But he needs the wheels and she’s studying abroad. Something he explains when she sends him an irate text to let him know exactly how much pain she’ll put him in if he crashes her beloved ride. Before he knows it, Ivy Mackenzie has become his best … [Read more...]

Guest Review: Beautiful Surrender by Sherrelle Green

Beautiful Surrender by Sherelle Green

Jen’s review of Beautiful Surrender (An Elite Event #4) by Sherrelle Green Mya Winters has overcome a tough childhood in foster care to create a wonderful life. Organizing the first annual Elite Events Charity Date Auction is a way to give back to her community. There's one hitch—her sexy cohost, private investigator Malik Madden. She feels the heat beneath his quiet gaze, and he's made it clear he'd revoke his "most eligible bachelor" status for her. For someone as relationship-shy as Mya, … [Read more...]

Guest Review: Dearest Rogue by Elizabeth Hoyt

Dearest Rogue by Elizabeth Hoyt

Tracy’s review of Dearest Rogue (Maiden Lane #8) by Elizabeth Hoyt HE CAN GUARD HER Lady Phoebe Batten is pretty, vivacious, and yearning for a social life befitting the sister of a powerful duke. But because she is almost completely blind, her overprotective brother insists that she have an armed bodyguard by her side at all times-the very irritating Captain Trevillion. FROM EVERY DANGER Captain James Trevillion is proud, brooding, and cursed with a leg injury from his service in the … [Read more...]

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

While you are with your family and friends on this Memorial Day please take a moment to stop, remember and thank the women and men who gave their lives for our freedom. … [Read more...]

Weekly Winners Wrap Up


Congratulations to the following giveaway winner: The winner of the Paige Tyler giveaway (Her Perfect Mate & Her Lone Wolf): Diane S.           Winner: You will be contacted by email.  Please respond ASAP.   Be sure to check back every Sunday to see if you’re a winner in any of our giveaways! … [Read more...]

A New Look for an Awesome Series + a Giveaway!

Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh

In celebration of the release of the 14th book in the Psy-Changeling series by Nalini Singh, Shards of Hope, Berkley has repackaged the first book in the series, Slave to Sensation.  Here's the new cover, what do you think? Love it!  Also in celebration Berkley is giving away 5 prize packs that include a Penguin tote bag and books 1-5 in the series! a Rafflecopter giveaway … [Read more...]

Five Books Everyone Should Read: Casee

5 Books Project

Five Books Everyone Should Read is a new feature we’re running in 2015. We’ve asked some of our favorite authors, readers and bloggers to share five books that touched them or have stayed with them throughout the years. It was really hard for me to pick my five books. There are so many great books out there. I don't think that I would change these if I had a chance. I thought about throwing the Dictionary in there because I love the dictionary. I love just handing it to one of my kids if they … [Read more...]

WTF Cover Saturday (113)

Savage Possession by Margaret Tanner

Reader Karen certainly knows how to pick 'em.  This is another doozie... Does he want to possess the woman...or the horse? Methinks he's liking the back end of that horse just a little too much.  Apparently she's ok with it since she's just sitting there with that vacant look on her face. I know that the black horse just has his head down but at first glance does it not look like the black horse is coming straight outta the chest of the brown horse? There are a couple of other things that … [Read more...]

Guest Review: Tessa Ever After by Brighton Walsh

Tessa Ever After by Brighton Walsh

Tracy’s review of Tessa Ever After (Caged in Winter #2) by Brighton Walsh Jason’s been living (and loving) the rich playboy lifestyle for five years, but now his parents are pressuring him to get involved in the family business. The last thing he wants is another obligation, but when his best friend moves out of state and asks Jason to look after his sister, he can’t just say no. Tessa had to grow up way too soon. After dealing with the aftermath of her parents’ deaths, then becoming a … [Read more...]

Review: Midnight Alias by Elle Kennedy

midnight alis

Rowena's review of Midnight Alias (Killer Instincts #2) by Elle Kennedy. She’s smart, seductive, and in way over her head. He’s her only way out. An undercover DEA agent has gone off the radar. Suspecting an internal mole, the government needs Luke Dubois and his elite team of operatives to recover their man, and the New Orleans native thinks he’s found his way inside the dark underbelly of Manhattan: Olivia Taylor, the girlfriend of a mob boss and the sexiest woman he’s ever laid eyes on. His … [Read more...]

Review: Heat of the Moment by Lauren Barnholdt

heat of the moment

Rowena's review of Heat of the Moment (Moment of Truth #1) by Lauren Barnholdt. Before graduation, I promise to...learn to trust. In the first book in the Moment of Truth series, Lyla discovers that trusting her head might be easy but trusting her heart is a whole other matter. Each book in this paperback original series is told from the perspective of a different girl—Lyla, Aven, and Quinn—former best friends who wrote emails to their future selves back in freshman year about one thing they … [Read more...]

Guest Review: What a Lass Wants by Rowan Keats

What a Lass Wants by Rowan Keats

Tracy’s review of What a Lass Wants (Claimed by the Highlander #4) by Rowan Keats In the Highlands of Scotland, danger and desire can be found anywhere—but finding them may lead to something much more perilous and passionate than anyone can handle. Lady-in-waiting Caitrina de Montfort is in a terrible bind. With her sister held captive by a henchman of Edward Longshanks, she has been forced to spy on the dowager queen of Scotland. But the resourceful young noblewoman has a plan to set her … [Read more...]