Review: Wild Hunger by Suzanne Wright

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Review: Wild Hunger by Suzanne WrightReviewer: Casee
Wild Hunger by Suzanne Wright
Narrator: Jill Redfield
Series: The Phoenix Pack #7
Also in this series: Wild Hunger, Wild Hunger , Carnal Secrets , Untamed Delights , Savage Urges, Fierce Obsessions, Untamed Delights
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: May 29, 2018
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Point-of-View: Alternating Third
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 320
Length: 11 hours and 1 minute
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Series Rating: four-stars

When half–wolf shifter Frankie Newman receives an e-mail from a family member she didn’t know existed, a secret is revealed: as a child, Frankie witnessed her father killing her mother…and then himself. Frankie was torn from her pack by her mother’s human relatives, and the trauma was erased from her memory. Realizing that she’s been lied to her entire life, she’s never felt more alone. Until she catches the scent of an old friend—warmly familiar and intoxicating.
Trick Hardy, enforcer of the Phoenix Pack, can sense the rush of mutual attraction when he sees Frankie again. He knows immediately that she’s his true mate. But he also knows that, given her fragile state, he needs to tread with care—no matter how fierce his surging desires.
As aroused as Frankie is by Trick’s darkly dominant air and simmering desire, her priority right now is her past—not her future, no matter how tempting. But as more secrets emerge and Frankie’s life is threatened, Trick must do everything he can to keep her close and safe. After all, it’s their destiny.

Frankie Newman is a half-shifter, half-human that grew up in the human world. After her father killed her mother, then himself, her grandparents took her from the pack and never let her go back. It was only after years of being fed lie after lie that Frankie finds out the truth. For years, she had no memory of her childhood. Now her shifter aunt has contact her because Frankie’s paternal grandmother is dying. She’s not sure that she wants to get involved in shifter life, even as she’s always felt like something was missing from her life.

The moment Trick sees Frankie, he knows that she is his true mate. He also knows that if he tries to claim her, she will run. He knows he has to be patient with Frankie, but as secrets about her life start coming to the forefront, Trick knows he can’t wait too much longer to claim her.

When Frankie and Trick return to the pack that she was born into, it’s readily apparent that someone wants her dead. Or at least injured. She doesn’t know who or why. What she does know is that Trick doesn’t leave her side while she’s dealing with the shitshow that has become her life. As they get closer and closer, so does Frankie’s past. The question is, can she accept what she’s always known about her parents death?

I did enjoy this book, though it wasn’t my favorite in the series. The best thing about this book was seeing the pack interact. I love being able to see the characters from previous books. Overall, I was happy with this book, but I didn’t love it.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5.

The Phoenix Pack


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