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WTF Cover Saturday (253)

Posted March 17, 2018 by Holly in Features | 4 Comments


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, y’all! To celebrate I’ve got a great St. Patrick’s Day themed cover for you. You’re welcome.

I found this bad boy while browsing Goodreads. Why are his boobs bigger than hers? Even better than the cover is the title:

St. Patrick’s Day Romance: Cheating Wife Black Interracial Hotwife Cuckold Pregnancy

I feel like the author was labeling this for P0rnhub instead of GR. Yikes.

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WTF Cover Saturday (250)

Posted March 3, 2018 by Casee in Features | 3 Comments


I wanted to share this cover with you today because it really reminds me of my husband and I. Except the part where she looks like she’s fourteen and he has really long flowing dark hair and an eye patch. So it was really just the height difference that was similar. I haven’t looked fourteen in over twenty years and my husband’s hair has never been that long. Whatever is happening between these two squicks me out.

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