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Win a Cornucopia of Romance and UF books from Pocket After Dark!

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Pocket After Dark is hosting a giveaway for bloggers and here are the deets from our friends over at Pocket:

Enter A Contest at Pocket After Dark to win a cornucopia of romance and urban fantasy titles!

What is Pocket After Dark?

An online community of urban fantasy and romance readers, where top authors share exciting new content and interact with fans. Sign up (it’s free!) and check regularly for free books, live chats, exclusive blogs, photos, video and more!

Thanksgiving is just one week away, and Pocket After Dark would like to thank bloggers (including GoodReads) who let their readers know about us.

If you are a blogger and have joined Pocket after Dark and have it listed on your Blog, go to the post “THANKFUL” by MelissaG and put a link to your blog in the comments. Each blogger who has Pocket After Dark listed on their website and puts a link in the comments BY WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 21ST will be entered to win a cornucopia of romance and urban fantasy titles! One entry per blogger.

If you are a blogger and have not yet joined the Pocket After Dark community, please join us today and enter to win the contest.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us (turkeys) at Pocket After Dark!

Head on over there and check it out, it looks like a good deal.

Good luck!

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It’s National Reading Group Month…

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…and Avon has some deals that might help your book club save some money on book club books!

Check it out, from our Avon reps:

That Book Club Girl. She’s always thinking. And I just love what she’s thought up for National Reading Group Month (October) – wanted to share with you, to see if it would be of interest to your readers:

In celebration of National Reading Group Month, Book Club Girl has combed through Harper Collins extensive list of trade publications to hand-select 12 great e-books for book clubs for just $2.99 each (price is good for the entire month of October). So consumers can fill their e-readers with a year’s worth of great book club picks for less than $36!

• Light of Day, by Jamie Saul
• Summer we Fell Apart, by Robin Antalek
• The Blessings of the Animals, by Katrina Kittle
• The Weight of Heaven, by Thriti Umrigar
• Commuters, by Emily Gray Tedrowe
• Husband and Wife, by Leah Stewart
• Very Valentine, by Adrianna Trigiani
• Lace Reader, by Brunonia Barry
• The Safety of Secrets, by DeLaune Michel
• Life You’ve Imagined, by Kristina Riggle
• In a Perfect World, by Laura Kasischke
• The Recipe Club, by Andrea Israel & Nancy Garfield

The prices for these 12 e-books will drop to $2.99 beginning on October 1st and remain at $2.99 through October 31st.

In addition to the low price, each of these books also has a Book Club Girl on Air interview with the author, that book clubs can listen to while they discuss the books.

We’re going to officially launch this next Monday, October 3rd, though the Facebook page is already set up and many retailers have already started dropping the prices of the 12 e-book selections. (By this coming Monday, they should be 2.99 everywhere.)

For those who read on their iPads, the ibookstore is going to do a special feature that pairs the low priced ebooks with the Book Club Girl on Air show podcasts, which we hope readers will love! Other retailers are still coming up with special promotions to tie in with National Reading Group Month.

Pretty awesome sale if you think about it, $3 a book? Yeah, that’s something we can definitely get behind.

So what will your book club be reading this month?

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From a Press Release sent out from the Penguin Group:


Eight Penguin Group (USA) Bestselling Mass Market Titles from
Some of Our Most Beloved Authors, including Nora Roberts, Catherine Coulter and Jayne Ann Krentz, Will Feature Read Pink™ Seals
That Convey Our Support of the Cause

NEW YORK, NY – October 5, 2010 – Penguin Group (USA) has created a new initiative called Read Pink™ in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Read Pink will feature an assortment of eight bestselling mass market titles by some of Penguin Group (USA)’s most beloved female authors in special Read Pink editions that will be available in participating stores beginning today. The authors whose books comprise the initiative are Catherine Anderson, Catherine Coulter, Christina Dodd, Madeline Hunter, Jayne Ann Krentz, Nora Roberts, Bertrice Small and Jodi Thomas. A total of 350,000 copies of the special editions will be printed featuring Read Pink seals on the covers. In addition, Penguin Group (USA) is including information in the back of each book in an effort to make readers aware of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® and encourage them to become actively involved in supporting the organization.

Penguin Group (USA) also announced a $25,000 donation to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

“We are very pleased to have created this new initiative that we hope will bring more attention to this important cause. And The Breast Cancer Research Foundation deserves to be acknowledged for its excellent work in supporting breast cancer research and awareness,” said Leslie Gelbman, President of mass market publishing, Penguin Group (USA).

“The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is very grateful to be part of Penguin’s Read Pink program. It is an exciting and visible initiative, and one that will certainly raise awareness about BCRF’s mission,” said Evelyn H. Lauder, Founder and Chairman, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

For more details about the Read Pink initiative and to view a complete list of the participating retail outlets, please visit www.penguin.com/readpink.

Recently, cancer has hit my family and it’s certainly rocked our world, knocked us off our axle and when I see things like this now, I’m more aware of the impact that this kind of thing has on the people close to you. It’s not a fun thing and I think it’s incredible that Penguin is getting involved in getting the word out there, spreading breast cancer awareness.

I think this is a pretty cool deal that the Penguin Group has got going on so for more information check out: www.penguin.com/readpink.

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Holly’s Inbox, back online now!!

Posted May 22, 2009 by Holly in Reviews | 1 Comment

I love the concept of this. Rowena just reviewed this book and after reading her review and seeing this website, I’m really interested in the book.

Pure genius…

Holly’s Inbox by Holly Denham (aka Bill Surie) started out as a serial website in 2007—at it’s peak it received 90,000 daily views—often causing the site to crash! It was an instant viral sensation in the UK and Bill decided to take his email format and put it into a book.

The amazing thing about this site was that it looked like an Outlook Inbox! And the emails were released in real time—interspersed with actual present day gossip (watch out Perez), and telling a captivating and sweet story of one lowly London receptionist learning more about her life, love, hopes and dreams! Holly is our funny, flawed best gal and her family, friends and co workers are all people we’ve met in our lives—how could you resist reading her emails?

For the June 2009 USA release of Holly’s Inbox in stores, Bill has done the unthinkable—he’s RESTARTING www.hollysinbox.com. I highly encourage you to check this site out—it’s dangerously addictive, and if you’re at work it looks like an email screen. Check it out, tell all your friends, and get ready to be consumed with Holly’s office romance, her hilarious best friends, her pesky family members and a secret that she thought was long gone…

Holly’s Inbox will be in stores June 1, 2009

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Guest Author Jenna Petersen Blogs: Different Man, Different Day.

Posted April 1, 2009 by Rowena in Promotions, Reviews | 27 Comments

Publisher: Avon, Harper Collins

Book Binge is pleased to have Jenna Petersen back on the blog again. She’s here today to discuss her heroes with us and we couldn’t be any more excited than we already are. Jenna Petersen has written many fantastic books such as LESSONS OF A COURTESAN, SCANDALOUS and The LADY SPIES SERIES.

She’s got a great fan base and she’s such an awesome person. She also runs The Passionate Pen, which is a website dedicated to helping out aspiring authors. We think she’s pretty amazing, so without further adieu….Jenna Petersen


Hi everyone! I’m back! Now, don’t go screaming into the night, the ladies at The Book Binge have been nice enough to let me come back today and I promise to behave myself (at least a little). Also, I’ll be giving away prizes, so you have to stick around.

So last year, Wena here at Book Binge reviewed my book, Lessons From A Courtesan. It was one of my favorite reviews for the book just because it really seemed to evoke a strong, emotional response from her. Plus, it caused a bit of a stir and brought people to my website and that is always a good thing for an author (hey, we have to be a little mercenary… our publishing lives depend on it).

Anyway, later she asked me to do an interview on the site to talk to me more in depth about the controversy surrounding my book. So… what was the controversy? Well, it was my hero. In Lessons From A Courtesan I wrote a fairly dark hero who marries the heroine early (and against his will), leaves her and then continues his life as he led it before, including sleeping with other women (at least until she returned to his life). This, of course, caused a bit of a stir in the romance community because it’s a hot button for lots of readers. People either loved or hated Justin (and when they hated him, lordy did they HATE him).

So yesterday, I had a new book come out, Her Notorious Viscount and when Wena asked me to return and blog here this week, I figured this would be the best place in the world to talk about the differences between my heroes Justin (aforementioned hero of LFAC) and Nicholas (from HNV).

Although the romance genre is often slammed by outsiders for being cookie cutter or by the numbers, the fact is (and you readers all know this), that couldn’t be further from the truth. If only it was so easily as to do a paint-by-numbers formula! I mean, everyone and anyone could publish (and trust me, that does not happen). In truth, most writers go through the ringer trying to create a new story and fresh characters each time. We may return to the same themes (I am a big fan of healing through love and finding oneself), but with each story we try to tell those themes with new twists and different personalities attached.

So when I got the idea for Her Notorious Viscount, I knew instantly that Nicholas would not be like Justin in any way. Nicholas is harder in some ways. Unlike Justin, who really enjoyed the pampered existence he lived, Nicholas has shied away from the trappings of an upper class life. He has slithered down to the Underground, becoming a famous (and infamous) boxer. He feels at home in the filth and the true humanity of that place. But keeping a hero comfortable wouldn’t be any fun! I had to haul him out of the place he loves and throw him back into the ton, where he wouldn’t be revered, but reviled. And all his comfort would be gone.

In that way, I suppose he is like Justin. In Lessons From A Courtesan, Victoria’s return to his life turns Justin’s life on its head. It threatens his comfort and his view of himself and what he did to her. Ultimately those things start to change him. The same thing happens to Nicholas. He doesn’t want to change, but tragedy and the unexpected help of a woman (heroine Jane Fenton) may not be what he thought he wanted, but in the end they make him grow and change and become the man he is meant to be.

Will there be as much controversy with Nicholas? Maybe not. After all, he doesn’t cheat on Jane. But I hope that readers will find him as compelling as many of them found Justin. And grow to love him, just as my heroines both grew to love their heroes.

So tell me, how often do you like a hero despite yourself (as many of you did with Justin)? And what about a hero who you love from page one? Which one is more satisfying for you? I will draw a winner from all the people who comment and that person will win a signed copy of both Lessons From A Courtesan and Her Notorious Viscount so that you can compare the heroes for yourself. And this is the only place I’m giving away HNV, so comment early! And thanks for having me here.

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Answer this question: How often do you like a hero despite yourself? What about a hero who you love from page one? Which one is more satisfying for you? Answer that question in the comment section of this post and your name will be thrown in for a chance to win a free copy of HER NOTORIOUS VISCOUNT.

Let’s make Jenna Petersen feel welcome, shall we? Good luck everyone!

HER NOTORIOUS VISCOUNT is available from Avon. You can buy it here.

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