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Posted November 29, 2010 by Holly in Discussions | 12 Comments

We’ve finished moving. I have some light cleaning left to do at our old house, a few odds and ends to put away here and all of my books left to unpack. The new house is approximately double the size of our old house. There’s tons of storage, huge rooms and an amazing amount of natural light. It’s wonderful.

Except we gave up a room in moving. Our old house was a 3 bedroom, 2 bath with a den. This new house is a 3 bedroom, 3 bath with a sunroom. The problem with the sunroom is that it’s totally open to the rest of the house. The entire back wall of the house (which is the sunroom) is windows. The inside wall is made up of double glass doors into the living room, a large window into the living room and a huge doorway into the dining room. This leaves me with one full wall (the wall separating the sunroom between the main living area and the master bedroom) of free space for bookshelves – and it isn’t very big.

This is the back wall of the sunroom. I had to angle the shelves in order to make them fit (it was my SIL’s suggestion). I actually like how they look, but..where am I supposed to put the rest of the shelves? I have four more that need to go somewhere.

There’s extra space in the living room where I can set up a reading nook. But it isn’t large enough to hold more than one or two small shelves. So, again..where do I put the rest? The shorter shelves I can line up against the back wall of the sunroom under the windows I guess, but that means buying more shelves since I only have 2 short ones right now. Not that I have a problem with that, but MM might.

That isn’t my only dilemma. I’m also not sure how I should organize them. I used to have a set shelves for my collections (authors I’ve glommed over the years – Linda Howard, Hannah Howell, Lisa Kleypas, etc), one for my keepers that weren’t gloms (maybe just one or two books by the same author), one for my hardcovers/trade paperbacks and a set for my TBR pile/review books. Do I keep them the same way? Since I’ll be using shorter shelves that means less books per shelf. Which means my collections will be spread out farther. Not a big deal, but I like having everything together.

Because I’m nosy and looking for inspiration, how about a quick survey? Feel free to answer the questions here in the comments or on your own site with a link here so I can read it.

1. How do you have your books organized? Do you alphabetize by author, keep your gloms together or jumble them all up in a way only you recognize?
2. Where do you keep your books? Do you have a room for them or are they scattered all over the house?
3. Do you separate your hardbacks and trade paperbacks, or shelve them with your mass market paperbacks?
4. Do you proudly display your books in the main part of the house, or keep them hidden in a closet or bedroom?
5. Like me, do you dream of having a library, like the one in Beauty and the Beast?

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Reading Habits

Posted March 24, 2010 by Holly in Discussions | 36 Comments

Because we’re nosy the curious sort, how about a little impromptu poll about your reading habits?

  1. On average, about how many books do you read a month?

  2. Where is your favorite place to read?

  3. Do you read ebooks?
    3a. If you do, what percentage of your reading is dedicated to ebooks (i.e., how many ebooks vs print books do you read)? If you don’t, why not?
    3b. What kind of e-reading device do you use to read your ebooks?

  4. When you’re reading hardbacks, do you take the dust jacket off or leave it on?

  5. When you go to the bookstore (new or used) and there are multiple copies of the book you’re planning to buy, do you pick up each one and choose the best copy? Or do you just grab and go?

Don’t be shy now! We want to know all about your reading habits. Leave a comment with your answers or do a post on your own blog and leave a comment with the link.

Inquiring minds and all that…

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Meljean Brook Contest and A Poll

Posted August 28, 2008 by Holly in Discussions, Giveaways | 11 Comments

The lovely Meljean Brook has promised me exclusive rights to a certain Hellhound (*coughSirPupcough*) if I tell you about this great First Blood contest she’s hosting (What? That’s how I remember it happening). So here you go:

Book Cover

The “I’ve never tried Meljean Brook’s Guardian series but I’d like to!” FIRST BLOOD giveaway*

*Or, for some, the “I tried her work once and it didn’t totally click for me, but I’m willing to try again!” FIRST BLOOD giveaway.

I’ve got twenty-five copies of First Blood sitting in a box, and they want a new home. If you haven’t read any of the Guardian series but have been considering it (or if you have and are on the fence about the series, unsure if you want to go any further) then just leave a comment below by September 1. On September 2, I’ll randomly choose twenty-five names and send them a copy of First Blood.

Full contest details here.

Meljean, you are SO the coolest thing since sliced bread. ;0)

Moving on..

I think the Shomi Spotlight has been going wonderfully, but we kind of got a late start with it (totally Casee’s Rowena’s not my fault). As a result, I still have several reviews to post, a couple excerpts to share and about 14 more books to giveaway (not including the 7 being offered here). So I’m thinking about extending the spotlight an additional week.

If I can direct your attention to the sidebar for a moment, you’ll see I’ve posted a poll. Will you please vote? I’ll decide whether or not to extend the spotlight and give away those other 14 books or keep them for myself based on the results.


ETA: Please note: This is NOT a Book Binge Sponsored contest. If you’d like to be entered, you need to go to Meljean’s blog and leave a comment there. Sorry for the confusion.

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Forced Seduction Poll

Posted July 30, 2008 by Holly in Reviews | 15 Comments

I’ve been Twittering today and the topic of Forced Seduction came up, because it was mentioned in a workshop that readers are craving Forced Seduction, a la Claiming the Courtesan.

My response was, “Forced Seduction? Srsly?”, because I’m sorry, but no. Most romance readers are NOT craving FS. Or at least this reader isn’t. Especially CtC Forced Seduction, which from what I understand is more like full on rape. What ensued was a conversation, via twitter, between Meljean, Ciara, Jaci Burton, Lauren Dane and myself about how that isn’t really the case. We don’t believe readers crave forced seduction. I especially don’t like that it was said that “readers” want FS.

Anyway, during the course of our twittering, I said I was going to put up a poll about it. Then I suckered Meljean into doing graphs w/ the results – her graphs rock muchly – and Jaci Burton got excited. Srsly, that’s how it happened! I can’t make this stuff up.

So here I am keeping up my end of the bargain (or whatever). I’d like to direct your attention to the sidebar, where I currently have a poll up: Are We As Readers Craving Forced Seduction?

I hope you’ll vote. Feel free to leave a comment here, too, with your thoughts on the subject. I do think FS has it’s place in romance (we’ve discussed this before) but I just can’t get over her telling everyone us readers are craving it. Now watch all of you prove me wrong….

ETA: Link to Forced Seduction post and to protect the innocent (and the not so innocent).

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MSNBC Poll: Do You Read "Bodice Rippers"?

Posted June 18, 2008 by Holly in Discussions | 8 Comments

So I’m not sure if we should all be offended, or if we should just take the wording with a grain of salt. Either way, we should probably vote and show that we’re proud to love those “bodice rippers” huh?

TODAY’s Question

Do you read romance novels? * 7053 responses
Yes, yes, yes! Bodice-rippers are my ultimate escape.
No way. I don’t touch those books.
Sometimes, while on vacation or at the beach.

Vote here.

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