MSNBC Poll: Do You Read "Bodice Rippers"?

Posted June 18, 2008 by Holly in Discussions | 8 Comments

So I’m not sure if we should all be offended, or if we should just take the wording with a grain of salt. Either way, we should probably vote and show that we’re proud to love those “bodice rippers” huh?

TODAY’s Question

Do you read romance novels? * 7053 responses
Yes, yes, yes! Bodice-rippers are my ultimate escape.
No way. I don’t touch those books.
Sometimes, while on vacation or at the beach.

Vote here.

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8 responses to “MSNBC Poll: Do You Read "Bodice Rippers"?

  1. Hmmm…I’m going for offended. I’m watching my blood pressure, so I don’t need any salt, not even a grain.

    This poll totally ticked me off, Holly. The fact that it was about a Danille Steele novel is bad enough (seriously, call in women’s fic if you must, but not romance), but when will romance be given the respect it warrants?

    I voted and I’m writing MSNBC an email and will spout the tons of facts on the impact of romance novels on the publishing industry.

  2. Thanks! I Blogged it too! The title is now Do you read Romance Novels?- but bodice ripper is in the first question.

  3. “we should probably vote and show that we’re proud to love those “bodice rippers” huh?”

    That was EXACTLY my attitude when I voted earlier today. They can call it what they want, but nope, NBC isn’t gonna make me embarassed to be reading Romance and it IS my ultimate escape.

    What a bunch of cliche addicted arsewipes! Nothing like showing their ignorance and alienating the viewers who have enough buying power to keep the entire publishing industry afloat… or sink it.

  4. I voted because I’m not ashamed but isn’t it ridiculous that somehow romances are really just beach reads?

    I was talking with a friend the other day and she is an avid reader but I made it clear to her exactly what I read. Lord knows I don’t need someone telling me I just *have* to read the newest horribly depressing novel. Ah, yeah. No thanks.


  5. Anonymous

    I second that! Though I like to define my preference as “Bodice Ripper with brain” 🙂

    Just curious, what do they term for the he-man version for men? “crotch scratcher” maybe?


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