Review: When a Man Loves a Weapon by Toni McGee Causey

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Genres: Romantic Suspense

Casee‘s review of When a Man Loves a Weapon (Bobbie Faye Series, Book 3) by Toni McGee Causey.

Living single in her trailer was great for a time. But now Bobbie Faye’s officially engaged to, and has purchased a home with, the hottest FBI agent on the beat: Trevor Cormier. Even though she still has no idea what he really does on the job, Bobbie Faye has never been happier…until Trevor gets called away on an urgent assignment and leaves her in the care of body-guard slash babysitter Riles.

As it turns out, Bobbie Faye could use a little extra security. The man she helped put in behind bars, the murderous Sean MacGreggor, has escaped from prison…and is dead-set on revenge. With still no word from Trevor—who was only supposed to be gone for three days—Bobbie Faye finds herself reluctantly turning to her detective ex-boyfriend Cam for help. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to protect Bobbie Faye…so long as Trevor stays out of the picture. For good.

Though this book had it’s light moments, it was much, er, deeper than the previous two. Bobbie Faye and all who know her have accepted that disaster follows her wherever she goes. The disaster that follows her in this book comes close to killing her and the man she loves.

When Trevor gets called away on assignment, he leaves a “bodyguard” with her for her own protection. Sean MacGregor, the man that blames Bobbie Faye for his demise has escaped from prison. Given his sick obsession with her, Trevor is sure that Sean will come after Bobbie Faye. Bobbie Faye doesn’t agree, but she’s willing to humor Trevor. It will only be for three days–max.

When day three comes and goes, Bobbie Faye really starts worrying. When she nor Riles (the bodyguard) can get any information from the FBI on Trevor’s whereabouts, Bobbie Faye decides to go looking herself. To do that, she enlists the help of her ex-boyfriend. Now that Cam has decided he wants her back, it is more than uncomfortable for Bobbie Faye. But she knows she can trust him and she also knows that he will help her.

One of Bobbie Faye’s biggest issues is trust. After her childhood, there is almost nothing she values more. When she finds out that Trevor has been keeping something from her, it devastates her. When she finds out who her best friend Nina really is, she’s floored. The only person that seems to be the same is Cam.

I commend TMG for writing such a great love triangle. It’s clear from the beginning who Bobbie Faye will end up with, but it’s hard to read b/c they are both such great characters. I really hope that Cam gets his own happily-ever-after.

One thing I liked about Trevor (and have since the beginning) is that he doesn’t try to change the type of person Bobbie Faye is. Not only does he accept her, but he appreciates and loves her for who she is. While Cam would like to wrap her up and put her away where she can’t get hurt, Trevor accepts that she will never be happy if he constantly tries to stifle her true character. I loved that about him.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of trouble Bobbie Faye gets into next.

4.25 out of 5.

This book is available from St. Martin’s Press. You can buy it here.

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