Review: Twisted by Andrea Kane

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Review: Twisted by Andrea KaneReviewer: Casee
Twisted by Andrea Kane
Series: Burbank and Parker #1
Publisher: Harper Collins
Publication Date: March 17th 2009
Genres: Fiction, Suspense
Pages: 464
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Series Rating: four-stars

Who will be next?
Though former FBI Special Agent Sloane Burbank once survived a life-threatening injury in the line of duty, she now uses her specialized skills as an independent consultant. But when one of her closest childhood friends mysteriously disappears, Sloane takes the case—even though her ex-lover Derek Parker is the FBI agent in charge.

Special Agent Derek Parker has no time to spare for a dead-end case—especially since it would mean working with a woman he never expected to see again. But as more women disappear and others turn up brutally murdered, he and Sloane come to the sickening realization that these random crimes are linked to the same crazed killer, a fiend with a mind so psychotic, so twisted, that it will take everything Sloane has to capture him—even as she becomes his latest target.

Aloha from Kaua’i! This is one of several reviews I hope to have finished before I am forced to return to real life. (Ed Note – Can you believe Casee is on vacation in Hawaii and still posting? I’m thinking I wouldn’t be posting if I was in Hawaii..lucky girl! :End)

One year after a childhood friend disappeared, Sloane Burbank agrees to look into the case at the urging of her friend, Penny’s, mother. As a civilian investigator, Sloane isn’t forced to follow the rigid rules that the FBI have. The only thing she needs is to meet with the lead investigator of Penny’s case. To her dismay, the lead investigator is none other than her ex-lover, Derek Parker. She won’t let that stop her from bringing closure to Penny’s family, even if it does resurrect memories she’d rather keep buried.

 Derek has been trying to prevent a gang war in New York and the last thing he wants to do is turn his attention toward a case that is going nowhere. He’s blindsided when he finds out it’s Sloane who has essentially gotten him pulled off his volatile gang case and put back on a missing persons case. Not only has he not seen her for over a year, but their parting was far from sweet. When Sloane uncovers more and more about Penny’s disappearance, even Derek can’t ignore the fact that the FBI may have more on their hands than a random abduction.

It doesn’t take long for Derek and Sloane to start piecing facts together. The abduction of Penny was far from random. As a matter of fact, the more Sloane starts digging, the more disturbing it gets. Over 10 women have abducted over the past 18 months, all with some sort of connection to Sloane. Then Derek and Sloane learn that Sloane’s stalker seems to be the same serial killer that is causing a gang war to erupt between two powerful Asian gangs in NYC.

I’ve never read Andrea Kane’s historicals. I never really enjoy when a historical author goes contemp, but I have always enjoyed Andrea Kane’s novels. Her plots are always intriguing and you can tell she really does her research. TWISTED is no exception. Kane has brought a plot that the reader will find fascinating and a killer that (most people) would never suspect. I think that romantic suspense lovers will really enjoy this book.

4 out of 5.

This book will be released on March 25th. You can pre-order it here or here.


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