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Throwback Thursday Guest Review: The Space Between Us by Megan Hart

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Throwback Thursday Guest Review: The Space Between Us by Megan HartReviewer: Ames
The Space Between Us by Megan Hart
Publisher: Harlequin, Harlequin MIRA
Publication Date: September 4, 2012
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 384
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Tesla Martin is drifting pleasantly through life, slinging lattes at Morningstar Mocha, enjoying the ebb and flow of caffeine-starved customers, devoted to her cadre of regulars. But none of the bottomless-cup crowd compares with Meredith, a charismatic force of nature who can coax intimate tales from even the shyest of Morningstar's clientele.

Caught in Meredith's sensual, irresistible orbit, inexpressibly flattered by the siren's attention, Tesla shares long-buried chapters of her life, holding nothing back. Nothing Meredith proposes seems impossible—not even Tesla sleeping with Meredith's husband, Charlie, while she looks on. After all, it's all in fun, isn't it?
In a heartbeat, vulnerable Tesla is swept into a spectacular love triangle. Together, gentle, grounded Charlie and sparkling, maddening Meredith are everything Tesla has ever needed, wanted, or dreamed of, even if no one else on earth understands. They're three against the world.

But soon one of the vertices begins pulling away until only two points remain—and the space between them gapes with confusion, with grief and with possibility….

This review was originally published on Oct 9, 2012

I enjoy Megan Hart’s writing. There’s something about it that just grips me right from the get go and that’s how I felt with this book. Also, her characters are so interesting, I wish they were real.

Tesla Martin is happy with her life. She works in a coffee shop and she really takes pleasure in her job. Her boss is another matter, but the customers, her regulars, make up for it. She had an unorthodox upbringing, with her parents taking her and her brother to a commune every summer until they divorced. Now her and her brother are close and she lives with friends, in their basement.

One of her regulars, Meredith, is someone that’s always intrigued and attracted Tesla. So when they take their friendship outside the bounds of the coffeeshop, she’s pleased. But Meredith had a reason for her friendship. She was looking for a woman to be a third in the bedroom, and Tesla fits her and her husband’s requirements. Tesla is open enough to consider it and meet with Charlie, Meredith’s husband. Because this is not the first time Tesla has been involved in a threesome.

As Tesla becomes more involved with Charlie and Meredith, her other relationships suffer a bit. Namely, her friend Vic, whom she lives with, doesn’t exactly approve of what she’s doing and has some guilt he needs to deal with. And then Meredith, the one who drew Tesla into her marriage begins to pull away.

I was engrossed in this story. The developing friendship between Tesla and Meredith, how her attraction to Meredith draws her into a threesome with Charlie, whom she’s also attracted to. The dynamics of how that played out in the bedroom. And later how Meredith’s true nature is slowly revealed. All very interesting.

Another character that pulled me in was Vic and Tesla’s history with him. She lives with him, his wife and their two kids. She helps out a lot around the house. And she loves his wife. But Vic is keeping secrets and Tesla doesn’t want to get drawn in there. He also took in Tesla and her younger brother when their family life imploded and he does not like this new relationship so that drives a wedge between them. The conflict that derived from those two things definitely pushes the story further, especially as it directly relates to what’s going on with Charlie and Meredith.

So as much as certain aspects of the book appealed to me and drew me in, there are some flaws. Meredith and Charlie. LOL I know, I know. The other couple. First there’s Meredith. I can see where she would attract Tesla but she definitely doesn’t appeal to the reader. Especially as I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop and figured it would be from her end. Like does the author want us to root for an HEA for all 3 characters or just for Tesla? There’s a tension there, that’s for sure. And then there’s Charlie. I didn’t feel like we got to know him as well as we did Tesla. His character was bland. Sexy bland, but bland. I wish there had been more depth to him. So not knowing him as well, the ending was a bit flat for me. When I finished the book, my reaction was “Huh.”

However, the overall story was engrossing. I do recommend this. 3.5 out of 5


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Guest Review: Tempts Me by Megan Hart

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epoytmAmes’ review of Every Part of You: Tempts Me by Megan Hart.

She likes to watch. He likes to keep hidden. Total opposites on a collision course to a relationship neither can deny.

Simone Kahan’s been watching Elliott Anderson through her office window for months. He likes to bring women back to his office for late-night trysts, and Simone enjoys her voyeurism until one night, Elliott appears to go too far with his date. The other woman might not be into spanking, but Simone is, and when she meets Elliott in the elevator later that night, she makes sure he’s intrigued enough by her to ask her to go with him to the party he no longer has a date for.

Thrown together by circumstances he’d never have imagined, Elliott isn’t sure what to think about Simone. She’s nothing like the women he normally dates, but something about her draws him in until he can’t stop himself from wanting her…until their goodnight kiss becomes something harder. Harsher. Simone responds to his rough hands as no woman ever has, and Elliott’s not ready to pursue what he’s always told himself is wrong.

I am a fan of Megan Hart’s and even though I said I’d never go the serial route again, I was tempted (har har) by the sound of this new project. And sure enough, the first installment whetted my appetite.

That’s all because of our heroine, Simone. I really liked her character. And I understood Elliott being intrigued by her. She’s an interesting character. She’s confident in who she is and she’s not afraid to be who she is. Part of that is calling people on their BS. She’s also comfortable with her sexuality and she’s looking for someone to give her exactly what she wants. After watching a failed encounter between Elliott and a blond woman who is her physical opposite, Simone believes Elliott is the one to give her what she wants.

But Elliott has tried to downplay that aspect of his sexuality that is darker. He’s afraid of it. Why does he want to be rough? And when Simone responds to him, he kind of runs off scared.

This first installment left me wanting more, in a good way. I want to see how Simone gets through Elliott’s defenses. I want to see Elliott unable to resist seeing Simone again. Part two should be good! 3.75 out of 5

This book is available from St. Martins. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

Every Part of You Series Order:
Tempts Me
Resists Me
Taunts Me
Denies Me
Takes Me

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Every Part of You Serial by Megan Hart Goodies & Excerpt (+Giveaway)

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everypart of you1TEMPTS MEEvery Part of You is a five part erotic romance serial about Simone and Elliott, two strangers who discover they have a lot more in common than either of them thinks. The story follows them through the stages of their relationship – they meet, notice their attraction, act on it, deny it, and finally admit it. It’s perfect for readers who like to consume their fiction in short, sizzling bites or for those who like to practice patience and consume the entire serial all at once!

Trivia and facts about Every Part of You!

1. The five subtitles are Tempts Me, Resists Me, Taunts Me, Denies Me and Takes Me.
2. Simone’s last name was originally Cooper, but in the revision stage I realized I’d named another heroine Stella Cooper. Simone needed a new last name! So she became Simone Kahan.
3. Elliott’s a great dancer, and has taken lessons and even won competitions. He never tells Simone this in the story, but his favorite dance is the Jitterbug. And she’d never have guessed it, because she thinks he’s too buttoned up and straight-laced to like a dance that fast.
4. Simone’s likes pain, but is not a submissive. She knows that makes it sort of complicated to find someone who “gets” her. But when she does, she’s completely invested in making it work.
everypart of you2RESISTS ME5. Elliott makes a lot of money but doesn’t really like to spend it. He grew up poor and in the back of his mind, he’s always got to make sure he has enough. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy luxuries now and then. Just that he’s not a spendthrift.
6. Simone, on the other hand, sometimes stretches the edges of living within her means. Never because she has to have that new pair of shoes or an exotic trip, but because as with everything else about her, she doesn’t believe in self-denial. And she believes in working hard to reward yourself.
7. I wrote Every Part of You in five distinct pieces, each its own story and section of the plot, rather than writing one entire book and then cutting it into pieces to release it as a serial. Each piece is meant to move the story forward while honoring an overall character and plot arc, so that you can read each installment and feel satisfied, while also being able to read all the pieces in a row (if that’s how you like to do it!)
8. Every Part of You takes place in Philadelphia, PA, though Simone is originally from New Jersey.
everypart of you3TAUNTS ME9. Elliott’s maternal grandparents are incredibly wealthy but have nothing to do with him (or his mother) and because of them, he donates a large amount to local charities that help out at-risk kids.
10. Elliott and Simone work in the same building, though for different offices. Because the building is shaped like an L, she’s able to watch him from her office window.

Every Part of You: Tempts Me, available 2/4/14
Every Part of You: Resists Me, available 2/18/14
Every Part of You: Taunts Me, available 3/4/14
Every Part of You: Denies Me, available 3/18/14
Every Part of You: Takes Me, available 4/1/14

Blurb for Every Part of You: Denies Me (#4)

Passion has bloomed to love, but when Elliott’s estranged father shows up back on the scene, he brings trouble with him.

The dating thing goes well at first, with both of them taking things slow…though their passion can’t be contained. But when Elliott’s stepmother tells him she’s been in touch with his father, Elliott’s past comes back to remind him that hurting other people is wrong. Despite Simone trying to tell him there’s a difference between the sort of things they do in the bedroom and hurting someone in anger, Elliott again puts up an emotional block and Simone seeks refuge in a former lover’s embrace.

Excerpt from Every Part of You: Denies Me (#4)

Elliott’s hands.

His mouth.

Oh, god, that belly. Those long, long legs. His jaw. His thighs.

Simone was in a fever of remembering every part of his body. It felt like a fever, literally, her body temperature a few degrees above normal as she tossed and turned in her bed and tried to convince herself not to get in a cab and go to his house.

He’d open the door for her, if she knocked. He would let her inside. He would let her put her mouth on him, all over him, and at the thought of that, another shivery series of shudders trembled through her. There’d been things in her life that Simone had desired more than she wanted to take Elliott’s cock in her mouth, but just then she couldn’t think of a single one.
She’d taken a cold shower, but all that had done was get her nipples erect and her clit pulsing. Now, flopping back against her pillows with the ceiling fan spinning lazily overhead to dry her off before she got dressed, all she could do was close her eyes and think about pushing him back onto his bed and climbing up his body to center her pussy over his eager, waiting mouth.

The air on her body felt so amazing, she didn’t want to put on clothes. Simone ran her hands over her breasts, tweaking the nipples even harder. It had been a month since the last time she and Elliott had fucked, a couple weeks since that first date when she’d lost her mind and said good night without fucking his brains out.

They had another date tonight.

“You did the right thing,” she told herself aloud as her hands roamed over her body. “You’re loco for this dude; you need to slow it down or you’re going to end up on his doorstep at three in the morning with mascara running down your cheeks, sobbing and asking him why he doesn’t love you.”

That had been one of Aidan’s ex-girlfriends, the one from just before he and Simone had started dating. The woman had shown up at his apartment without fail two Saturday nights out of the month, drunk and morose and a hot mess. Simone hadn’t been jealous or threatened by her, but damn, had she learned a lesson about self-esteem and the importance of maintaining it.

She’d vowed she would never be that girl. She knew for a straight-up fact that Elliott was an emotionally unavailable mess. She could fuck him until they were both raw. She could let him take her out to dinner and concerts. She could even spend hours with him on the phone, laughing so hard she thought she might pass out from lack of air.
But she could not, would not fall in love with him.

Readers – sometimes, it’s so hard to deny your attraction to someone even when you know they’re not right for you. Have you ever been in that situation, and what did you do about it? Comment here to win a digital copy of Every Part of You: Tempts Me (#1). If you already have #1, you can pick #2, #3 or #4! Winner must be able to take the prize from Amazon.com, BN.com or iBookstore.

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Guest Author (+ a Giveaway): Megan Hart – Tear You Apart, The Rock Opera!

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Tear You Apart by Megan Hart

MH_tearyouapartI’m on a train.

I don’t know which stop I got on at; I only know the train is going fast and the world outside becomes a blur. I should get off, but I don’t. The universe is playing a cosmic joke on me. Here I had my life-a good life with everything a woman could want-and suddenly, there is something more I didn’t know I could have. A chance for me to be satisfied and content and maybe even on occasion deliriously, amazingly, exuberantly happy.

So this is where I am, on a train that’s out of control, and I am not just a passenger. I’m the one shoveling the furnace full of coal to keep it going fast and faster.

If I could make myself believe it all happened by chance and I couldn’t help it, that I’ve been swept away, that it’s not my fault, that it’s fate…would that be easier? The truth is, I didn’t know I was looking for this until I found Will, but I must’ve been, all this time. And now it is not random, it is not fate, it is not being swept away.

This is my choice. And I don’t know how to stop.

Or even if I want to.


Tear You Apart, the Rock Opera!


I could write without music, but I’m so glad I don’t have to. For every book, I create a playlist. A soundtrack, if you will. But for Tear You Apart, something else happened. Beyond the title of the book, which is taken from the song by She Wants Revenge, Tear You Apart had an entire rock opera that emerged. Each of the songs relating to a part of the story. There were additional songs on the “soundtrack,” but I’ll share with you the rock opera version, along with the meaningfulness of each one.


Where Have You Been – Rhianna

                   That’s exactly how Elisabeth feels when she meets Will. Where has he been all her life?

Starry Eyed – Ellie Goulding

                       First there’s touching. Then they’re hit by lightning.

A Girl Like You – Edwyn Collins

                     The title says it all. He’s never known a girl like her before.

Glad You Came – The Wanted

                     The universe, never the same after these two meet.

What Would Happen – Meredith Brooks

                      What would, happen, if they kissed?

I Get Off – Halestorm

                     What is sexier than knowing you’re turning someone else on?

Addicted – Kelly Clarkson

                      Soon, there’s more to this than simple attraction.

In Your Room – Halestorm

                      Falling in love means allowing yourself to be vulnerable to someone else.

Birthday Cake – Rhianna

                       It’s not a song about cake. It’s a song about sex.

Beat It – Michael Jackson

                       The song Will dances to for her.

Kiss Me – Ed Sheeran

                       Elisabeth, seeing Will dance, realizes she can no longer deny the truth. She’s in love with him.

You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC

                        More than passion, this is something else. Something bigger.

A Kiss is Not A Contract – Flight of the Conchords

                         Will keeps going back and forth.

I’m a Machine – David Guetta, Crystal Nicole and Tyrese Gibson

                          Don’t you rev her up if you ain’t ready to blow, man. (She’s not really a machine!)

They Bring Me to You – Joshua Radin

                          The song Elisabeth listens to in the Philadelphia hotel after she and Will have said goodbye, and she stays a little longer.

Starring Role – Marina & the Diamonds

                          When you ignore the person you can’t live without so you can keep control over the situation…

I Don’t Want to Fall in Love – She Wants Revenge

                           ‘Cuz love hurts.

Radioactive – Marina & The Diamonds

                            Does it matter who left who? Um, yeah.

Weakness in Me – Katherine Crowe

                            Elisabeth has to ask the hard question. Why do you come here?

Distance – Christina Perri

                            At the end of things, all she can do is try to keep her feelings to herself.

Stealing – Gavin DeGraw

                            Elisabeth is doing her best to move on.

Almost Lover – A Fine Frenzy

                             It’s still a love song, even if it doesn’t sound like it.

Always Have Paris – The Apers

                            They’ll always have Paris. No matter what else, there was that.


About Megan

I was born and then I lived awhile. Then I did some stuff and other things. Now, I mostly write books. Some of them use a lot of bad words, but most of the other words are okay.

I can’t live without music, the internet, the ocean or Coke Zero. I can’t stand the feeling of corduroy or velvet, and modern art leaves me cold. I write a little bit of everything from horror to romance, and I don’t answer to the name “Meg.”




**Giveaway Alert** Megan is giving one signed copy of Tear You Apart away! Open to all.

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Please note: Tear You Apart is not a romance novel.

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What I Read Last Week

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Happy Monday!

Well, I wish I could say that it’s a happier Monday than it is. I’m in mourning as my Kindle died a horrible death last night. Actually it was more a matter of it dying in its sleep. It was fine yesterday afternoon when I stuck it on my bedside stand but then last night when I went to get it the screen was dark with horizontal and vertical lines on it and apparently that’s a death knell. It lived a good life but now I’m without an ereader as I lent my EZreader to a friend of mine. Oy. Imagine, I had to actually pick up a print book today! Luckily it was the one I planned on reading next anyway so it all worked out. I’m in the process of getting another Kindle – hopefully I won’t have to be in withdrawal too long.

Other than that it was a pretty quiet week. There was one day that I was so tired that I left work early, went home, crawled into bed at about 5pm and didn’t wake up until 6:30 the next morning. Wow.

On to what I read this past week:

First up was Deadly Silence by Victor J. Banis. This is book 5 in the Deadly Mystery series and it was another great book. Now, I wanted to beat Stanley a bit in this book as he was annoying me a bit but other than that it was definitely worth the read. Stanley and Tom are hired by a woman to find out who is trying to kill her father and the suspects are many. 4 out of 5

A Deadly Kind of Love is book 6 in the Deadly Mystery series by Victor J. Banis and as far as I know the last one written. In this story Tom and Stanley head out to Palm Springs, CA to help their friend Chris when he finds a dead body in his bed at the hotel he’s staying at. This one was a bit more on the tense side for me but good. I wanted more from Tom and Stanley’s relationship after what happened in the previous book but we didn’t get too much insight into that, unfortunately. 4 out of 5

Next I picked up Untamed by Sara Humphreys. This is a paranormal /shapeshifter story about a woman who is half shifter/half human and the full blooded shifter that is her mate. I got about halfway through the story and was not into the book at all. I was a little bored and didn’t care for the heroine so unfortunately this ended up being a DNF.

Hot and Haunted by Lauren Hawkeye, Megan Hart and Saranna DeWylde was a three story anthology with some far out stories. There was one with a girl trying to seduce a man whose car is stuck in a ditch, one with a US Marshal who’s hunting a serial killer and one with a girl, her two men and a zombie apocalypse. You can read my review on this book here. 3.5 out of 5

Ravishing the Heiress by Sherry Thomas is book 2 in the Fitzhugh trilogy series. This is the story of Millie and Fitz. Fitz is just 19, has just come into his title as an Earl and finds that he’s forced to marry as the title is destitute. Millie is just 16 and had been engaged to the previous Earl before he died. Millie falls for Fitz immediately but Fitz is in love with a woman with no money and their love is not to be. Millie and Fitz make a pact that they won’t have marital relations for 8 years and Fitz can live as if they are friends and not married. The book takes us through current times with Fitz seeing his lost love again and also through periods of time from their past 8 years. The book was well written and utterly heart-wrenching as I read about the couple’s years together. I wanted to kick Fitz in the balls and tell him to open his damned eyes but it all worked out. A painful (literally my chest ached!) and angst ridden book but very good, imho. 4 out of 5

Hunter’s Season by Thea Harrison is a novella in the Elder Races series and I think it’s my favorite novella so far. We get these wonderful stories in between full length novels and this one just worked for me so well. The story is about a commoner and palace guard in the Other lands who guards the Dark Fae queen. She ends up falling for and then protecting the Dark Fae Chancellor and they fall in love. I loved the setting, the solitude the couple had and, I guess, the normality of it all. Yes, the Chancellor was powerful but other than being in the Other lands no magic was used – just 2 people falling in love. Good stuff. 4 out of 5

Stygian’s Honor is book 27 (yes, you read that right) in the Breed series by Lora Leigh. The story is different as the Breeds look for 2 girls that have not been heard of for many years. They’re protecting 2 girls that the Genetics Council wants and the Breeds want to know why their after them. Stygian falls for Liza but the whole romance and mating heat and the woman wanting her independence thing was just too similar to other books to be exciting. It was a good book but nothing spectacular, imho. 3 out of 5 (read for Book Binge)

Last for the week was a re-read. My Fair Captain by JL Langley is still one of my favorite m/m books. It was one of the first ones I read and I love it still. The latest book in this series just came out and I bought it almost immediately. I think thought…ya know, it’s been so long since I’ve read the other books I should probably do a re-read. (Easier freakin said than done with the Kindle gone – waaaah. Ahem) The story of Nate and Aiden is so great. I usually don’t like historical m/m but the fact that Regelence accepts the gay men changes everything for me. If you haven’t read this series yet I highly recommend it. Of course we had to wait 4 years in between books 2 & 3 but hey, anticipation is good for us, right? lol 5 out of 5

And I thought I had this lovely picture that I once got from Lisabea aka LB Gregg of what Nate looks like – or at least what he looks like in our heads, but I can’t locate it.  Too many computers to check.  I’ll post it if I find it. 🙂

My Book Binge Reviews that posted last week:
When the Duchess Said Yes by Isabella Bradford

Happy Reading!

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