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Guest Review: If Wishing Made it So by Lucy Finn

Posted October 8, 2008 by Book Binge Guest Blogger in Reviews | 8 Comments

Guest Review: If Wishing Made it So by Lucy FinnReviewer: Tracy
If Wishing Made It So by Lucy Finn
Publisher: Penguin
Publication Date: July 1, 2008
Genres: Fiction
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Once voted the girl most-likely-to-succeed, Hildy Caldwell is now the one in the biggest rut. She has let her world get very small: a tiny cottage in rural Pennsylvania, two cats, and a ho-hum job. As for love? Nobody has ever measured up to her football hero high school sweetheart. If only she could meet him again . . .
Knowing that’s wishful thinking, Hildy splurges on a summer rental on Long Beach Island, one of the Jersey shore’s prettiest spots. There, she hopes the wind might blow a handsome man her way. Instead, she finds an abandoned bottle-with a two-thousand-year-old, meddlesome genie inside! Magic and mayhem follow, along with what Hildy’s been wishing for: a meeting with the man she has never stopped loving.
With the genie’s help, Hildy’s dreams might come true. But spells and enchantment have a dark and dangerous side. And Hildy could lose everything-unless she finds out that true love is the best kind of magic.

So Hildy finds a genie in a bottle. The problem is, the bottle that Hildy found was accidentally left behind by James Torelli aka Jimmy the Bug, a mob boss who wants his bottle, and his genie, back. Jimmy’s got plans for the genie and pretty much will do anything to get that bottle back.

In the meantime Hildy has run into her old flame from high school, thanks to the genie, and is hoping that things will finally work out between them. Unfortunately Michael is already engaged. In between dodging Jimmy the Bug and Michael’s fiance Hildy and Michael fall back in love.

Hildy throughout the book was not my favorite person. She did get better as the book went along but she just rubbed me the wrong way. She was kind of abrasive at times when I thought she should be softer. She did have a kind heart, she just had a weird way of showing it. Wait, she sounds like me. Lol

Michael was an interesting character. He wanted to see Hildy again, but yet when his fiancé put their wedding announcement into the paper without discussing it with him (they had been engaged for 5 years) he just kind of went with it. He didn’t seem to get a backbone until later in the book and even then I had a hard time thinking that he wasn’t letting people walk all over him. Maybe I’m just so used to the uber-alpha male that reading about a beta didn’t do anything for me. IDK.

Anyway, in the end everyone lived happily ever after, which is always how I like my books to end. Well, at least they lived Happy for Now…for some reason it didn’t seem like a strong enough relationship to stand the test of time. I could be wrong, it’s been known to happen!

Was the author new to you and would you read something by this author again?
Completely new to me. At this point I think I’d have to pass on another book by her.

Are you keeping it or passing it on?

Did you enjoy the book? Eh…it was mildly entertaining.

Would you recommend this book to others? Probably not

2.5 out of 5


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What I’ve Been Reading This Week

Posted October 6, 2008 by Tracy in Features | 21 Comments

So I should really call this post each week “What the Fuck’s Been Going on in my Life This Week” but that just seems a little strange so I think I’ll stick with what I’ve got! lol

Things were pretty darn quiet around the house this week as my sister decided to take the kids overnight on Wednesday and they were having so much fun that they stayed until today (Sunday). They were on Fall break this week so I’m glad they got to spend some time with my her. It’s amazing how much slower time moves when the kids are gone.

Earlier this week I did take my oldest in to have an assesment done on her reading, writing and math. She needs help in all subjects but her worst was reading/vocabulary/reading comprehension. When I say worst I mean – omgwtfbbq bad. I can’t even begin to tell you how shell shocked I was. When I was being given the results of the assesment I felt like someone had picked me up, thrown me against a brick wall and had the shit knocked out of me. Besides the intensive tutoring she will be getting, the school will be getting an ear load from me. The people who did the assessment think that her math and writing do need work but also feel that once they get the reading issues taken care of and up to grade level her writing and math will improve. We’ll still need to do some tutoring in those subjects later on, but it won’t have to be as intensive.

So my reading this week has been minimal since I had so much on my mind, but I read some great stuff.

First up was Ill Wind by Rachel Caine. You can check out my review below…so very good. I will definitely be reading the rest of the series.

Next was The Black Dagger Brotherhood An Insiders Guide by J. R. Ward. Wow – incredible. This was such a great book to read. Ward put a novella with Z and Bella, interviews with the brothers, deleted scenes, writing tips and an excerpt from Lover Avenged among other things in this book. It is so worth the read if you are a crack addict like I am. I actually, and I know those who know me will be shocked, want to read Butch’s book again after read the compendium. I know, effin scary. That was my least favorite book of the lot. But after reading Ward’s thoughts on the book I might just look at it a different way. Then again, I might not…but you never know. And I loved V before, but after reading this book I love him even more. I heart Vishous.

Next was a book I read to do a book review on The Book Binge. I don’t know when the review will be posted so you’ll just have to keep your eyes peeled to see my thoughts. The book was If Wishing Made It So by Lucy Finn.

The Rogue Hunter by Lynsay Sands was my next choice – the latest in the Argeneau vampire series. And let me tell you I have sooooo many great books to read right now it’s getting harder and harder to choose the next one! Anyway I chose TRH and it was good. It definitely wasn’t my fav of the series but I liked it. Neither the hero nor heroine was an Argeneau but that was ok. I liked the story but I think I would have liked it more if it showed more of the hero doing his Rogue hunting job rather than just telling about it later. I liked how it ended too. I’m not giving spoilers though. If you are a fan of the series you’ll just have to find out for yourself. :0)

The Magical Christmas Cat Anthology. I’ve been wanting to read this since I heard it was coming out. Great authors involved…Nalini Singh, Lora Leigh, Erin McCarthy & Linda Winstead Jones. This week I only read the Nalini Singh novella Stroke of Enticement. I loved Zach and Annie and their story. They were just perfect for each other. I just love the way Nalini Singh writes! I swear she could publish her friggin grocery list and would be enthralled! lol

Well that’s all I had time for this week. I’m still working on the rest of the stories in the Magical Christmas Cat and will report on them next week.

Happy Reading!

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