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Summer Reading Challenge Review: Marry Me by Jo Goodman

Posted October 14, 2019 by Holly in Reviews | 2 Comments

Summer Reading Challenge Review: Marry Me by Jo GoodmanReviewer: Holly
Marry Me by Jo Goodman
Series: Reidsville #2
Publisher: Zebra
Publication Date: December 1, 2010
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased
Point-of-View: Alternating Third
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Content Warning: View Spoiler »
Genres: Westerns
Pages: 447
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Reading Challenges: Holly's 2019 GoodReads Challenge, Holly's 2019 Historical Challenge, Holly's Summer Reading Challenge
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Series Rating: four-stars

Her Heart Was Locked Away

Rhyne Abbot is fierce, brave, and used to a life of isolation on her father's spread on the outskirts of Reidsville, Colorado. But when, overcome with sickness, she collapses, she knows she must return to town if she is to have any hope of recovery. Only there is no place for her but the new doctor's home, and he wants more than just to heal Rhyne. He wants her hand in marriage.

Until One Man Found The Key

Doctor Cole Monroe's hands are already more than full with his orphaned little sister to look after, and yet somehow he can't resist the magnetic pull of Rhyne's bewitching eyes--or her tempting kiss. But convincing her to trust him won't be easy. For Rhyne's heart needs as much tender care as her ailing body. And the only cure is the thing she most fears: to let herself fall in love...

Mary Me by Jo Goodman is the second book in the Reidsville series. Casee chose this for our Summer Reading Challenge, but I forgot to review it in August. It’s been ages since I read a Jo Goodman. This was vaguely familiar, so it’s possible I’ve read it before. I can’t remember for sure, though, so I’m calling this a new read. I had a hard time getting into it at first, but it picked up by the 3rd chapter.

When Cole Monroe’s younger sister talks him into moving to Reidsville, CO to become their new town doctor, he isn’t sure what to expect. The colorful residents are interesting, and he’s enjoying himself as the only doctor to service a large area. When he meets Rhyne Abbot, he knows he has to help her.The only way to do that is to have her move in with him. Not an ideal situation, but one they make work. Only, he never expected to come to have such strong feelings for her. Her fierce independence and indomitable spirit really call to him.

Rhyne was raised as a boy, until her father could no longer ignore the fact she was a girl. Even then, she kept up the pretense with the town’s inhabitants. Now that she’s been outed as a woman and forced to move in with the new doctor, things sure are different for her. Finding her footing in this new world is difficult, but she’s managing. If only she could get rid of this pesky attraction she has for the doctor…

I really thought the romance was super sweet. I liked both Cole and Rhyne. I liked how patient he was with Rhyne and how she slowly came to trust him. Some of the medical stuff was on the boring side, but I was able to move past that. I struggled more with how quickly Rhyne seemed to overcome her trauma, but I do think it was rather in keeping with the times. Rhyne didn’t have time to become hysterical, so she didn’t.

While this isn’t my favorite book by Goodman, it was enjoyable and I’ll probably read it again in the future.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5



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Guest Review: Kissing Comfort by Jo Goodman

Posted January 5, 2012 by Ames in Reviews | 3 Comments

Ames’ review of Kissing Comfort by Jo Goodman.

Bode DeLong knows that his playboy brother Bram isn’t really in love with Miss Comfort Kennedy, even though it’s clear that she’s enamored with him. With Bram’s motives for the engagement suspect, Bode figures the safest place for Comfort to be is in his arms. Now, Bode just needs to convince Comfort that the childhood fancy she has for his brother is no match for the incredible desire that sparks between them every time they touch.

The last book I read by Jo Goodman was Never Love a Lawman. I’ve always been meaning to pick another book of hers up so I thought I’d start with this one, for some odd reason thinking it was a contemporary. Well it wasn’t, but I was ok with that. LOL

Comfort Kennedy was named after a box of throat lozenges. Dr Eli Kennedy Comfort Lozenges came in a little red and white tin, something that Comfort was clutching in her hands when she was found by two former soldiers, Newt and Tucker. The wagon train she was part of was attacked and Comfort was the sole survivor. Newt and Tucker found her beside the wreckage and thought they’d save her and drop her off in the next town. Now it’s been 20 years and Newt, Tucker and Comfort are part of San Franciscan society, partners in a bank.

So Kissing Comfort opens with Comfort at her best friend, Bram’s, birthday party. And Bram has just announced to his guests that he and Comfort are engaged. No one is more surprised than Comfort, since it’s news to her as well. Bram quickly pulls Comfort aside and tells her he just said that because his older brother hadn’t shown up at the party and he wanted to give his mother something else to think about. Comfort is uneasy with this as she is an honest person and refuses to be a part of this. Bram coaxes Comfort into keeping up the charade for 6 weeks. Comfort agrees, but she is uneasy.

Being fake engaged to Bram brings Comfort and Bode, Bram’s older brother, closer together. Comfort has always kept her distance from the older DeLong boy but now he’s showing an interest in getting to know her better. But one thing the reader quickly learns is that Bode has always wanted Comfort, ever since her come-out ball when she met Bram. And Bode doesn’t realize the engagement is a sham.

Things change quickly when Comfort is abducted by the local street gang The Rangers and Bode comes to her rescue.

I really enjoyed this book. First of all, Comfort was my kind of heroine. She’s practical, she’s smart (she’s a freaking investment banker in the 1800s!) and she realizes before it’s not too late that she wants the wrong brother. Comfort fell for Bram when she was 16 and always loved him…but there was a safety to that love – she knew he’d never love her back. So at first she’s worried about herself during the fake engagement. And her uncles (Newt and Tucker) worry about this as well. But then as things develop, Comfort realizes that she doesn’t love Bram, she never really did and now she has to convince Bode of that.

Bode. *sigh* He’s the older brother who saves the day. The one who’s always secretly burned for the sweet young girl his brother charmed. Who always kept his distance. I loved that! Let’s just say, after he rescues Comfort close to the middle of the book, things just got better and better. He knew Comfort was smart and instead of trying to protect her and shelter her, he listened to her when she’d suggest ideas for foiling their unknown enemy. I liked that with these two, it was a true partnership. And I really liked their dynamic. At the beginning, she’s uneasy in his presence, but they’re quickly exchanging barbs and making each other laugh. These two were just good together.

I also liked the two plots and how they come together and how they were resolved. What I wish there was more of was a bit of Bode’s thoughts on Comfort-his secret yearning for years. That would have been icing on the cake! But we’re only given small mentions of it and then that’s it.

Kissing Comfort gets 4 out of 5.

This book is available from Berkley. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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What I Read Last Week

Posted January 18, 2011 by Tracy in Features | 6 Comments


It’s late in the day – I apologize.  I had the day off today and I have to tell ya, when I’m not at work it’s hard to get myself on the computer!  It’s so nice to not have to look at it for a while. lol

Good week…well, most of it.  I was sick for a few days and was pretty much out of it.  I’m much better now, thank you very much.  Actually got out of the house today which was nice – especially since it was such a beautiful day.  I think it was 88 today and actually HOT. lol

So because I was home for a few days I got some good reading done.  It’s amazing how I can concentrate with no noise in the house. lol

I started off with The Countess by Lynsay Sands.  I really like her historicals and this one was no different.  It was a bit of a whodunit as well as a romance and I liked it.  You can read my review here if you’re interested. 4 out of 5

Next up was Taken to the Limit by Nico Rosso.  This was the story of a doctor who has 2 “aliens” pop into her ER one day and her life changes forever.  She inadvertently becomes part of the Limit War that has been raging in the universe unbeknownst to Korina.  But Morrow, one of the alien men realizes that Korina is his soul mate and together they fight the enemy.  I really liked the story but the writing seemed a bit odd to me.  The sentences were a tad too choppy for me and I felt more that I was being told the story than shown – at least in the first part of the book.  I definitely got more into the story as it went and will definitely read more from this author. 3.5 out of 5

Archangel’s Consort by Nalini Singh was my next read.  I got an ARC to read and review for The Book Binge and boy was it a good book!  I loved it from start to finish!  I truly love Nalini Singh’s writing and this book was no different.  I will definitely know when my review posts.  5 out of 5

Marry Me by Jo Goodman was a book that I had seen around the blogosphere and had heard good things about.  All those people were right imho.  The book is part romance, part story about the town.  Rhyne (pronounced Ryan) has been raised as a boy and the town is shocked when they find out she’s really a girl.  Rhyne and the new town doctor, Cole, fall in love but there are so many other things going on in the book I can’t even begin to tell you.  I was convinced to read the book after reading a review but I honestly can’t remember whose it was!  My memory is getting worse by the day.  Anyway, lots of great reviews for this book out there. 4.25 out of 5

Next was Promise Canyon by Robyn Carr.  This is book 11 in the Virgin River series – I actually have read books 1-9 but never read book 10.  I received this one for review and it was a good one.  The story of Clay Tahoma who has moved to the are to help his vet friend out.  He meets Lilly and they hit it off but due to a incident in Lilly’s life when she was 13 – she has stayed away from men since then.  She’s not sure that Clay is safe but she’s drawn to him anyway.  I’ll post my review of this soon. 4 out of 5

My Tracy’s TBR Challenge read for the week was The Larton Chronicles by James Anson.  This was the story of an ex-policeman turned author, Robert, who is looking for peace and quiet away from the city.  He moves to Larton and there his life is anything but dull.  He meets and becomes involved with Michael and between the two of them they have an exciting life.  I really liked the story which is told in such a way that I found myself completely into it.  I laughed out loud a few times and Michael and Robert just cracked me up.  I did find myself getting frustrated with Robert (I think it’s Michael that most people become frustrated with) because of his grumpiness and general pessimism, but overall just a good book. 4 out of 5

Last on the list for the week was Wedding of the Season Laura Lee Guhrke and I loved it!  I’ve not read this author before and she really sucked me in from page 1. The story of Beatrix and Will who were supposed to wed but before they do Will goes off to Egypt to look for King Tut’s tomb.  He is gone 6 years and when he returns Trix is engaged to someone else.  He says he’s not there to stop the wedding but he still loves her and it hurts him to see her with someone he feels is not good for her – and who doesn’t know her.  Will sets out to woo Trix once again and does a smashing job of it as far as I’m concerned.  Just a great book.  I will definitely read the next book in this series when it comes out and I think I have more from this author on my TBR shelves – I’ll need to check that out. lol  4.5 out of 5

My Book Binge reviews that posted this past week:
None because I was all caught up – yay!

Happy Reading!

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Review: The Price of Desire by Jo Goodman

Posted October 20, 2008 by Casee in Reviews | 6 Comments

The Price of Desire

Olivia Cole is devastated to learn that her ne’er-do-well brother has promised her to the operator of a London gaming hall as payment of his debts. Olivia accepts her fate-even if it means that her reputation will suffer from living among rogues and gamblers. But when she meets the sexy and mysterious Griffin Wright-Jones, Viscount Breckenridge, Olivia has more than just her good name to worry about-for he rouses in her wanton thoughts she’s never dared entertain-until now.

Griffin wears the scars of his life on his striking face. Although he wants Olivia like no other woman before, he doesn’t force her to share his bed-a difficult task considering how beautiful she is. But with each passing night, Griffin and Olivia’s resolve weakens until finally they take their greatest gamble on one night of reckless pleasure.

It’s no secret around here that I’m a Jo Goodman fangirl. I lurve her. If His Kiss Is Wicked was the first JG book I read. I vaguely remember Griffin from IHKIW. Even if I didn’t remember him, he would be an intriguing hero. Griffin is different than the average viscount b/c he actually works. He owns and operates a gaming hell which is virtually unheard of in the ton. The operating that is. When one of his patrons finds himself owing more to Griffin than he can pay, he offers his sister as collateral until he can get the money.

When Olivia Cole learns that she is her brother’s marker, she tries to tell herself that he will eventually return to her. Olivia doesn’t like to herself, though, and knows that it’s not going to be as simple as that. Being at Viscount Breckenridge’s mercy is the last thing Olivia wants, yet she has no where else to go.

In the weeks that follow, Griffin and Olivia are drawn to each other. Both having pasts that have shaped them into the people they are today, they can see something of themselves in the other. Griffin has had to save his family from financial ruin by running the gaming hell. Olivia has secrets that she never wants to reveal, secrets that she knows will repulse Griffin.

Trust is hard for both Olivia and Griffin. Olivia isn’t your average historical heroine. Though she is the daughter of a peer, her life has been far from easy. Olivia believes that she doesn’t deserve to be happy after the things she’s done. She doesn’t easily accept her feelings for Griffin, let alone his feelings for her.

As I’ve come to expect in Jo’s books, the dialogue and wit is amazing. The banter between Griffin and Olivia and even Alastair and Olivia is wonderfully done.

I read this book about two weeks ago and have the hardest time writing the review. There is such depth to the book, it’s really hard to capture what was really great about the book. It was a combination of things that made me love it, even the things that made me sad. And honestly, it’s not b/c I’m a JG fangirl that I give this book a

4.5 out of 5.

This book is available from Zebra Books. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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Book Watch: The Price of Desire by Jo Goodman

Posted August 2, 2008 by Casee in Promotions | 2 Comments

Book Cover

With all the Jo Goodman books I’ve read in the last two weeks, I’m really looking forward to this book. I still remember reading If His Kiss Is Wicked and being blown away. That’s what prompted me to hunt down her backlist, most of which I’ve found.

Who else is looking forward to this book?

Olivia Cole is devastated to learn that her ne’re-do well brother has promised her to the operator of a London gaming hall as payment of his debts. Olivia accepts her fate-even if it means that her reputation will suffer from living among rouges and gamblers. But when she meets the sexy and mysterious Griffin Wright-Jones, the Viscount of Breckenridge, Olivia has more than her good name to worry about-for he rouses in her wanton thoughts she’s never dared
entertain-until now…

Griffin wears the scars of his life on his striking face, Although he wants Olivia like no other woman before, he doesn’t force her to share his bed-a difficult task considering how beautiful she is. But with each passing night Griffin and Olivia’s resolve weakens until finally they take their greatest gamble on one night of reckless pleasure…

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