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Review: Lord of Wicked Intentions by Lorraine Heath

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Review: Lord of Wicked Intentions by Lorraine HeathReviewer: Holly
Lord of Wicked Intentions by Lorraine Heath
Narrator: Faye Adele
Series: The Lost Lords of Pembrook #3
Also in this series: Lord of Temptation (The Lost Lords of Pembrook, #2)
Publisher: Avon
Publication Date: April 28, 2013
Format: eBook
Source: Library
Point-of-View: Alternating Third Person
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Content Warning: View Spoiler »
Genres: Historical Romance
Pages: 384
Length: 10 hours, 7 minutes
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Series Rating: four-stars

Three young heirs, imprisoned by an unscrupulous uncle, escaped—to the sea, to the streets, to faraway battle—awaiting the day when they would return to reclaim their birthright...

Lord Rafe Easton may be of noble blood, but survival taught him to rely only on himself and to love no one. Yet when he sets eyes on Miss Evelyn Chambers, an earl's illegitimate daughter, he is determined to have her, if only as his mistress...

After her father's death, Evelyn Chambers never imagined she would be sold to the highest bidder, yet circumstances give her little choice but to accept the lord's indecent proposal. Rafe is wealthy, as well as ruthless. Yet his coldness belies deep passion and deeper secrets. If she must be his, Evelyn intends to lay bare everything the Lord of Pembrook is hiding. But dark discoveries threaten to destroy them both until unexpected love leads the last lost lord home...

Lord of Wicked Intentions is the third and final book in Lorraine Heath’s Lost Lords of Pembrook series. I requested the audiobook from the library, but only listened to a few chapters before I switched to reading. I liked the narrator, but I was getting impatient with the pacing. I easily fell into the story once I began reading. I actually liked this book least of the three when I first started, but it ended up my favorite of the series.

My heart broke for poor Evelyn. There were some really hard chapters to read here. Her lack of control over her own future, the way her half-brother treated her, even the way Rafe treated her…man, she had a rough go of it. I liked her innate optimism and how she tried to make the best things. I also ended up really liking Rafe. In the beginning, his constant whining was kind of annoying, but I came to feel for him as things were further revealed about his past struggles.

Their romance was also well done. I enjoyed Evelyn’s journey to independence and how focused she was on herself. She didn’t need Rafe. She wanted him, but that’s not the same thing. It was very refreshing.

Another great series from Heath.

Rating: 4.25 out of 5

Lost Lords of Pembrook


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Review: Lord of Temptation by Lorraine Heath

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Review: Lord of Temptation by Lorraine HeathReviewer: Rowena
Lord of Temptation (The Lost Lords of Pembrook, #2) by Lorraine Heath
Series: The Lost Lords of Pembrook #2
Also in this series: Lord of Wicked Intentions
Publisher: Harper Collins, Avon
Publication Date: September 25th 2012
Genres: Historical Romance
Pages: 384
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Series Rating: four-stars

Three young heirs, imprisoned by an unscrupulous uncle, escaped—to the sea, to the streets, to faraway battle—awaiting the day when they would return to reclaim their birthright.

Once upon a time, he was Lord Tristan Easton—now he is Crimson Jack, a notorious privateer beholden to none, whose only mistress is the sea. But all that will change when exquisite Lady Anne Hayworth hires his protection on a trip into danger and seduction.

Desperation brought Anne to the bronzed, blue-eyed buccaneer. But after the Captain demands a kiss as his payment, desire will keep her at his side. She has never known temptation like this—but to protect her heart, she knows she must leave him behind. Yet Tristan cannot easily forget the beauty—and when they meet again in a London ballroom, he vows he won't lose her a second time, as fiery passion reignited takes them into uncharted waters that could lead the second lost lord home.

This is the second book in the Lost Lords of Pembroke series and it’s another enjoyable book from Lorraine Heath.

Lorraine Heath is fast becoming one of my go to authors for historical romance. She’s always writing stories that I fall head over heels in love with and introducing me to characters that I come to love and this book was no different. I adored the first book in this series and while I enjoyed this book as well, I think I enjoyed Seb and Mary’s book more.

This book follows Sebastian’s twin Tristan as he finds his happy ending. His happy ending is wrapped up in Lady Anne Hayworth. Tristan’s story is pretty similar to Sebastian’s story where he was shipped away from his home because his uncle was trying to kill them to take over Sebastian’s title and lands, etc. Sebastian went to the military, Rafe went to the work house and Tristan went to the sea. While he was at sea, he became Crimson Jack and more than ten years later, he finds that being back in London and a part of the ton isn’t for him so after he and his brothers get the title back to Sebastian, Tristan goes back to the sea.

When Captain Jack touches down in London again after years at sea, he’s approached by Lady Anne Hayworth to take her to Sucrati so that she could see her fiancé once more before she finally moves on for good. Her fiancé’ was shipped over to Sucrati four years ago and their relationship is over. Her family wants her to move on and find another husband but she needs to do this first. She feels a sort of responsibility for what happened to their relationship and she needs to say her goodbyes before she can move on to the next guy. She wants to hurry up and get it over with so regular passage on a ship traveling to Sucrati is out of the question so her plan B is to hire a captain of a private ship to take her.

Enter Captain Crimson Jack.

Of course Tristan takes her on her trip and of course things got interesting on the way over there and of course they got closer and closer together. This is a romance! It is on this trip and what happens when they got back from their trip that I just ate right up. I really enjoyed getting to know both Tristan and Anna. They were such different characters, from different backgrounds and yet, they couldn’t stay away from each other. The passion they had for each other, the desire that wouldn’t go away (no matter how much they wanted it too) was too much to walk away from and really, I thought it was quite lovely.

Tristan never came to grips with what happened to them when they were younger and he had all of these walls thrown up to protect himself and the anger that he had for his uncle was hidden deep down inside of him that he was unwilling to let anyone close enough to hurt him again (even his brothers) and I really enjoyed seeing him come to depend on Anna. I loved his character and really enjoyed his story.

Anna was one of those heroines that kind of gets swept up in the danger and romance that Tristan brings with him and I thought she was such a strong heroine. She was perfect for Tristan, she was exactly what he needed in his life for him to move on and completely let go of the past. She kind of did what she wanted to do and to hell with what her father and brothers had to say. She knew her own mind and she always did what she thought was right. She didn’t always make the best of decisions but hell, neither did Tristan but I was okay with their bumbling ways because I was interested in their characters and I came to love them the way that I love my friends and family.

At the end, everything comes together and the journey was enjoyable. I was a fan of this book and am very much looking forward to Rafe’s book. There’s a lot of shadows surrounding the youngest brother of Pembroke and I’m mighty curious to see what his issues are. Does he hold his brothers responsible for what happened to them as kids? Who is his heroine? I’m really, really curious to see how his story comes together.

Overall, this book had everything that I enjoy in a romance and when I finished it, I was a happy camper. I’m glad that I read it and I thought it was a great addition to an enjoyable series and I’m thirsty for more. Kudos Lorraine Heath, kudos.

Grade: 4 out of 5

This book is available from Avon. You can buy it here or here in e-format.  This book was provided by the publisher for an honest review.


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