Sunday Spotlight: Leopard’s Run by Christine Feehan

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Sunday Spotlight is a feature we began in 2016. This year we’re spotlighting our favorite books, old and new. We’ll be raving about the books we love and being total fangirls. You’ve been warned. 🙂

Sunday Spotlight

I’ve very much enjoyed this series, though I am behind on it. The last book in the series that I read was Leopard’s Fury. I really enjoyed it. My favorite book in the series was the second book, Burning Wild. These males are at the top of the animal chain. As leopards and as men. They protect their women fiercely even when they don’t want protection. The women are fierce in their own right. Weak women can’t mate with a leopard and these women are ferocious. They protect their men just as their mates protect them. I’ve always loved that dynamic. This is one of my favorite shape-shifter series.

Sunday Spotlight: Leopard’s Run by Christine FeehanLeopard's Run by Christine Feehan
Series: Leopard People #10
Also in this series: Burning Wild , Cat's Lair, Leopard's Fury
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: November 6, 2018
Point-of-View: Alternating Third
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 432
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Series Rating: four-stars

He keeps his emotions on a tight leash, but she can see the desire burning in his eyes...

Timur Amurov has one purpose in life: protect his family at all costs. With lethal skills honed from a violent upbringing, Timur is a leopard shifter who sees any newcomers as possible threats--and the petite blond barista who his sister-in-law, Evangeline, has hired to work in her bakery is definitely hiding something. While Timur still needs to determine if Ashe is an enemy, he does know that she is the only woman whose presence has ever truly calmed the beast roaring inside of him.

Ashe Bronte is well aware she has a type: sexy, gorgeous and dangerous as hell. Despite the fact that Timur is all those things and more, Ashe is in San Antonio for reasons that do not involve getting wild with a ruthless leopard--and she cannot afford to make any mistakes. But Timur has ignited something deep within her, and even though she knows she should keep her distance, every move he makes has her craving a taste...

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Excerpt from LEOPARD’S RUN by Christine Feehan

He stalked across the kitchen, straight toward Ashe. She backed up until she hit the far wall. He pinned her there, using his larger body and a hand on either side of her head. She dipped her head low so he could only see the top with all that thick hair gleaming like silk beneath the lights.

“Look at me.”

She shook her head and put both palms on his chest as if she could push him away from her, but she didn’t try. “Go away. I mean it. We’re not doing this.”

“Look at me, Ashe.” He kept his voice low. This close to her, his body reacted. Even his cat reacted, rising, purring, wanting to be even closer to his mate. How could either of them help it when her scent enveloped them?

“I can’t.”

“I’m not going anywhere without kissing you.”

“You know what happens when you kiss me.” She mumbled it, a small sigh of resignation in her voice.

“Do you know what happens when I don’t kiss you?” He dipped his head and brushed little kisses into the silk of her hair. “My cat is a mean bastard. I’m just like him. You mellow us both out. You don’t want me shoving commuters off the train, do you?”

Her laughter was sweet music and some of the tight knots in his gut unraveled at the sound. “Look at me, baby.” He coaxed her rather than ordered her.

She tilted her head and those long lashes lifted so that he found himself drowning in her eyes. He took her mouth immediately, his tongue sweeping across her silken lips to demand entry. At once she gave it to him, as if she couldn’t help herself. He took over, needing the fire she stored there, feeding on it, feeling the burn spread like a firestorm through his body.

It took discipline—and a few minutes—to raise his head enough to press his forehead tight against hers. “Don’t leave, Ashe. Give me some time to sort through all of this. Just stay here with Evangeline where I know both of you are safe and let me do what I do best.”

She was silent, struggling, like him, to catch her breath. He pulled her into his arms and held her. Close. Wanting to shelter her. Needing to know she was safe. She was already becoming something he knew he would never give up. Not because of his cat, but for himself. He’d never expected to have a woman. He’d never expected to feel the things he was feeling. He wanted to think it was all physical because the chemistry between them was so explosive, but he had to admit, if only to himself, that other emotions were suddenly overwhelming when he was close to her.

What was it about her that appealed to him? Her fight? Her abilities to shift gears, sliding from one skin to the other so easily? One moment she was all feminine power and the next she was a clawing cat, fighting her way out of a bad situation. Then she could be compassionate, genuinely worried about the problems she might have brought Evangeline, but she had brought those problems deliberately. He liked all of that in her. He needed a woman who could be ruthless and yet yield to him.

“Don’t steal my heart, Timur,” she whispered against his chest. “I know your type. You say all the right things and you do them—” She broke off and shook her head, once more looking up at him. “You’re a dangerous man. Very scary. Evangeline and her husband might not be what I was looking for, but you’re that man.”

He wouldn’t lie to her. “I am.” He knew what she meant. He was exactly that man. He’d always be that man in order to keep his brother, Evangeline and now Ashe safe. He was the kind of man who could kiss his woman, laying his heart at her feet, and then go torture and kill an enemy to ensure those he loved survived another day.

Posted by arrangement with Berkley, a member of Penguin Group (USA) LLC, A Penguin Random House Company. Copyright © Christine Feehan, 2018.

Leopard People

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About Christine Feehan

Christine Feehan Author

I live on the beautiful Northern California coast and draw much inspiration from the beauty around me. I've always been a writer, for as long as I remember. My sisters were forced to read all of my books from the time I could write a story on paper.

I love family. I love my brothers and sisters, my children, my grandchildren and my great grandchildren. My home was always full of kids and children give me so much joy.

I also love my "sisters of the heart", those friends who have supported me through my life, laughed with me, cried with me and loved me regardless of how crazy my life got. I am a strong supporter of women helping each other which is why I became a third degree black belt and taught self-defense to women who'd been abused.

I love people and dogs, good books and great coffee and I'm lucky to know just how blessed I am.

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