Review: Midnight Pursuits by Elle Kennedy

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Genres: Romantic Suspense

midnight pursuits
Rowena’s review of Midnight Pursuits (Killer Instincts #4) by Elle Kennedy.

Her job is to stay hidden.
Too bad he can’t take his eyes off her.

Soldier-for-hire Ethan Hayes is the youngest member of an elite mercenary team. While he may be affectionately nicknamed the rookie, the skills Ethan honed as a Marine make him seriously dangerous. But when a sudden distress call puts him in close quarters with a rival, he finds more than his field skills being put to the test.

Juliet Mason stands out as the master thief in a covert group of assassins and spies. Her latest mission is personal—and it’s gone horribly wrong. Juliet may prefer to work alone, but when the rookie comes to her aid in snowy Eastern Europe, she can’t deny they make a good team. But even up against a powerful enemy, their most challenging task yet may be fighting the passion between them…

Juliet Mason is a one man assassin team that works for Jim Morgan’s hated enemy, Noelle. Ethan Hayes is a mercenary that works for Jim Morgan. When Juliet’s brother is murdered, she swears to avenge his death but when she finds herself in a pickle, there’s only Ethan Hayes available to come to her aid. Ethan is the last person that Juliet wants to see but he’s all she’s got and he won’t go away. Trying to climb their way up the information ladder to take down the person that killed her brother, unravels a kill list that Ethan can’t walk away from. And he won’t let Juliet walk away from it either so they band together to get to the bottom of the kill list and protect the innocents that are involved.

No one is more surprised than Juliet that the guy she can’t stand, is the guy she won’t leave behind.

I went into this story not very enthused about it because I wasn’t all that hung up on either character in the previous books but I shouldn’t have doubted Elle Kennedy’s ability to suck me right into their story because she did just that. I wanted to read this book to hurry up and get to the other books in this series, mainly Jim and Noelle’s book.

I liked Ethan in the previous books but I can’t say that I was very interested in getting more from him. I was more dazzled by the likes of Kane and Trevor and D and well, all of the other guys. Maybe because Ethan is only 25 and I’m older than him but holy cow did I enjoy his character in this book. I loved his sense of duty, his sense of honor and I loved the forthright way he was with Juliet. He didn’t bullshit around and he didn’t waste time with small talk. If he had something to say to her, he said it…and I loved that he saw right through her bullshit, because there was a lot.

Juliet was one of those strong heroines who knows she’s the shit and doesn’t need any help. So in other words, she drove me kind of crazy. Her wanting to do the mission solo, not caring about anything or anyone else made sense to me because she was crazy grieving her brother so she wasn’t thinking straight but it still annoyed me. She was so stubborn that at times I wanted to throttle the hell out of her even though she could kill the snot out of me. But I did like the bond that formed between her and the young charge that her and Ethan take in to protect from the killers.

This was another strong story in the series and it fueled my desire to move on to the next book. Jim and Noelle kind of drove me crazy in this book with their constant bickering but I was still anxious to get to their book. I was super anxious to finally find out what happened between them and see how in the world they would come together in love since in each and every single book so far, they hate each other’s guts and swear to kill each other.

The suspense in this book was great and the story itself was fantastic and though it’s not my favorite book of the bunch, it was still a great one. I loved meeting the other members of Noelle’s team and I’m looking forward to more from this series. I’m looking forward to more from Sully and Liam too. I can’t believe there is still so much to look forward to. Love this series!

Grade: 4 out of 5

This book is available from Signet. You can purchase it here or here in e-format. This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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