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Ah another week passes and I’m behind the 8 ball. One of these weeks I’ll get my shit together and get this posted earlier. Don’t hold your breath though. 🙂

I have to tell you this cute little thing…my youngest and I were sitting on the couch on Saturday just enjoying sitting next to each other.  I was reading and she was watching a movie.  Whenever I have a book with a cover of a shirtless guy I show her and she usually say, “Mom!” in a shocked voice.  I, of course, just show her to hear her indignant “Mom!” Well, she must be getting used to it because I showed her the cover of Changing the Game.  She looked for a few seconds, paused and then calmly said, “It’s like Thor with an epic tan.”  OMG lol  She cracks me up.

I’ll get right to the books this week:

I started off the week with A Rogue By Any Other Name by Sarah MacLean. This was the story of a man who is seeking revenge. He ends up using his childhood friend to get back land that he once lost while gambling. It was a really good book but I definitely didn’t like the hero for most of the book. You can read my thoughts here. 4.25 out of 5

Next was Spellbound Falls by Janet Chapman. I’ve only read one Chapman book before and it just wasn’t my cuppa. I read the premise for this book and was intrigued. It was good but it wasn’t what I thought. It labeled as contemporary but the hero is from Atlantis and is hundreds of years old. That screams paranormal to me. Lol Anyway, a great romance but the rest…sad to say, not as good. I read this one for The Book Binge so when my review posts I’ll let you know and you can read more if you’re interested. 3 out of 5

Beauty in the Beast by Christine Danse was my next read and this was kind of a fantasy/steambpunk novella that was really good. I’ll post my review this week and tell you more.

Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss by Maya Banks was my next read and it was good! I wasn’t sure what to expect but I liked it. Our “hero” is courting a girl just so he can make a merger with the girls’ father. In Devon’s defense he DID want to tell Ashley all along what was going on but the dad wouldn’t allow it. Ashley is of course crushed when she finds out the truth (and you knew she would!) but she tries to make a go of it, losing herself in the meantime. I’ll post my review next week. 4 out of 5

Alpha Instinct is the first book in the Moon Shifter Series by Katie Reus. I’ve liked Katie’s book in the past and this was no different. The story is about a wolf shifter pack whose had a terrible tragedy. All of the men and pregnant females of their pack have died. The story centers around the pack but ventures off into different romances and definitely some suspense. I’ll be posting my review of this next week. 4 out of 5

Changing the Game by Jaci Burton was next. This is the story of Gavin who is a MLB player and his agent, Liz. Liz pulled some nasty shit in the last book so I wasn’t loving her as I went into the book but she had paid a price for her mistakes and was trying to move on. Liz has been in love with Gavin for the past 5 years but she doesn’t want him to know. Liz and Gavin start a sexual relationship but that’s all it is to both until things get a little more serious – and then Gavin got nasty. I really liked Gavin and understood his thoughts but hated the way he treated Liz just bothered me. Besides that I really liked the story. 3.75 out of 5

The Letter Z by Marie Sexton was the story of Angelo and Zach as well as Matt and Jared when they all head off to Vegas for a few days. Matt & Jared and their conception of how Angelo & Zach’s relationship when their out and about. Then Zach’s ex boyfriend, Jonathan, shows up and there’s a wee bit of tension…ok, maybe a lot. Lol I really enjoyed seeing all guys from the Coda books and this was a really great little story. 4 out of 5

Last for the week was Strawberries for Dessert by Marie Sexton was the story of Jonathan (yes, Zach’s ex) and Cole (who is Jared’s friend and used to be his fuck buddy). The story was about 2 men who at first glance are complete opposites. One who’s bright and flamboyant and the other who’s stiff and a bit dull around the edges. Can the two be together and make it work around their many, many issues? Read and find out…believe me, it’s worth it. 4.5 out of 5

My Book Binge Reviews that posted last week:
crickets chirping

Happy Reading!

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11 responses to “What I Read Last Week

  1. You should maybe do something about that cricket infestation on your blog. 😉

    Too cute about your youngest and that cover!

    Ah, the Coda books – all of them are just so good. 🙂

  2. I know – those crickets get really loud sometimes. 🙂
    I thought I had read them all for some reason and then when I was looking at my reader the other day I thought – wow, I've only read 2 so far! I need to get crackin on the rest.

  3. another nice week as usual, Tracy! It's crazy how time just eludes us, right? 🙂 Always seems to be scrambling to be on "time" 🙂 It'd be nice if it bent to our will LOL.

    Didn't realize you haven't read Changing the Game! I had the same issues as you. Basically, Gavin's attitude just pissed me off.

    Ames really enjoyed the Maya Banks, so I'm thinking of giving it a try 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it too.

    Glad to see you enjoyed the Marie Sexton. Ames does too 😛

  4. Chris – Well that sucks. I wonder if they're planning on putting it back? I hope they do.

    Nath – I swear time is flying faster and faster the older I get. How can it go so fast? lol
    Changing the Game…I meant to read this right when it came out but then I just got distracted. Holly was nice enough to lend me the book. 🙂
    The Banks was good. Different but I liked it.

  5. Orannia – She's a funny girl that keeps me laughing with the things she comes up with. 🙂
    I really liked Cole too. I wish we had gotten to know him better but since it was 1st person pov from Jonathan we didn't get to see him in depth.

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