Social Reading (and free Harlequin books)

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Copia is currently offering 15 free Harlequin titles..with a twist. eBooks on Copia allow readers to write and share notes with other readers.

Join the conversation inside every book.

When you write notes, highlight text and bookmark important pages, your friends can follow along and respond back. This makes Copia the only social platform that allows you to discuss your books while you read.

To take advantage of the Copia social reading experience, just sign-up for an account at, add the books you want and download our free eReader app for PC, Mac, and iPad (Win 7 and Android apps are just around the corner).

The free Harlequin downloads are the same ones they’ve had available since the 60th Anniversary celebration, but I’m sure at least a few of you haven’t read them yet. Besides, it might be kind of fun to leave virtual notes inside the margin, or have real-time conversations. Of course I’m saying this before fully exploring the website – who knows how easy it is to use.

I’m going to sign up. I’ll let you know when (if?) I’ve started using it. Have you tried it? Do you want to?

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2 responses to “Social Reading (and free Harlequin books)

  1. Wow! sounds very interesting in deed. 😀 I know sometimes I feel like writing margin notes… maybe because I can get a bit snarky, lol.

    Thanks for bringing this up 😀

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