Retro Post: Does Size Really Matter?

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This week I’m bringing it back around to the good stuff…because this is still a relevant question today.

This was originally posted May 4, 2007.
A few years ago I read a book by Susan Andersen called Hot & Bothered. The hero of H&B is none other than John “the Rocket” Miglionni. He’s a former Marine turned P.I. and his claim to fame is the size of his Johnson. No, I mean it. You see, The Rocket had a pretty hard childhood, and he kind of figured he wasn’t as good as all the other guys out there. Until the first time he had to take a shower in the locker room, that is. Then, much to his surprise (and mine, if I’m being honest here) the other men started going on about how well hung he was. Now, it’s been awhile, so I can’t remember for sure if SA actually told us just how big The Rocket was, but I do know his nickname stemmed from his rather..ehem…large size (If you know what I mean and I think you do).

Now, SA certainly isn’t the first romance author to talk about her darling hero’s size, and I know she most certainly won’t be the last. And if we’re being honest here, ladies, we can admit (if only to ourselves and each other) that size does matter. Now, now, don’t look at me like that. We all know it’s true. Men, if your lady is telling you it’s not an issue, she’s lying.

Side Note: Regardless of the size, however (whether it be large or small), knowing what to do with it does make a difference. Right ladies? :End Side Note

But I think it’s important for women everywhere to qualify the statement “Size Matters!”. Why? Well, while it’s true that size is important to us, there has to be a cut off point there. Because, I have to tell you, there have been times when reading about a particularly large member and my only thought is, “Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.”

That’s right, I think it’s time we draw the line. Sure, size matters, but that statement goes both ways. Because I have to tell you, the thought of a full foot of manroot anywhere near my love well just makes me queasy. Come on, that shit would hurt! As Jaine Bright from LH’s Mr. Perfect once said, “Anything over 8 inches is strictly for show and tell.”

Rowena here and I’ve got to totally agree with Holly there, and I’ll tell you why just as soon as I can stop laughing from her mention of man roots and love wells.


I’ve been reading romance novels for a few years now and I’ve read my fair share of descriptions on just how well endowed most of the heroes are and lately, it’s been making me roll my eyes down the street at how absurd it’s getting. And not even just in books that I’m reading but also in reviews of books that other people are reading.

Like Karen S for example. She just read a book called Ben’s Wildflower by Carol Lynne and the hero, Ben has an overgrown cock. His overgrown manroot is giving him problems and he’s ashamed of it because it’s the total bane of his existence.

Are you frickin’ kidding me?

Yeah the eff right. If you’ve got a 10 inch boinker, you’re not ashamed of it, you’re not being a whiny baby about it, you’re screaming from the rooftops like you’re Dirk Diggler.

You’re screaming, “I am a star. I’m a star, I’m a star, I’m a big bright shiny star. Yeah, thats right!”


But does the size of a man’s johnson really factor into how well we like our heroes? Say Derek Craven had a little willy, would we all still love him as much as we do? I mean, that’s not what we’re all gushing about when we discuss his book, right? It’s not what we most remember about Derek, so is it really necessary to go on and on about the size of the hero’s ding-a-ling? I’m not saying that Lisa Kleypas did that or anything I’m just well, saying…yeah we know the hero is a big mothereffer down there, we expect it…but would it matter what size the hero is in order for him to be macho and lovable?

I don’t think so. We love them for who they are, not what they have in their pants…don’t we?

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15 responses to “Retro Post: Does Size Really Matter?

  1. We love them for who they are, not what they have in their pants…don’t we?

    God I hope so or we are ignorant sluts who really don’t care about heart and content.

    Very entertaining Holland.

  2. Okay, I’ve got to add my two cents here…

    And Holly, seriouly, woman…”love well”? Have I taught you nothing when it comes to purple prose? 😉


    Hell yeah, size matters! How wants a wee willy when you can have a heafy piece of man-meat.

    Or as I just said to Holly, if Mr. Almighy Cock leaves a bump on the top of your head it’s too big.

  3. I don’t get the whole thing on size either. Really isn’t it more important the what they do with it than the how big it is? With the really big ones I just think *ouch – no thanks* too

  4. i’m with LH!

    And I roll my eyes too as some of the lengths coming out now-a-days. Me? I’ve always been a girth girl. Girth is where it counts! LOL!

    (but yes I don’t want to see an erect 3 inch willy- in real life OR in my books! hee)

  5. Rowena

    This post cracks me up with all the manroots and stuff, Holly you’re a crackhead! =)

    And I happen to be a fan of the motion of the ocean, but that’s not the most important thing, I don’t think….=)

  6. Far more than you ever wanted to know BUT, I’m gonna say it anyway.

    In college I had a boyfriend who had more girth than any before or since, but not so much length. I’ve also since had boyfriends who had neither, some who had length and girth. I gotta tell you, the girth guy in college is the one I remember the most with the happiest sigh (and it wasn’t for the emotional fun). He made my lovewell hap-hap-happy!

  7. LOL! I have to say I’m with you, Gwen. I’m more of a girth girl myself. Length is all fine and well, but TOO much length is just painful.

  8. Rowena

    LMAO Gwen!!! Too funny, I’ve gotta find me a man with some girth then, dammit! haha.

  9. Its like the old saying, a little bit goes a long way……but I don’t want a freakin’ Lil’ Smokie either. I’m all about the girth, most definitely.

    And seriously? Manroot? Love well? I’m lovin those. I hope you haven’t copyrighted them bc I’m so using ’em! lol

    Remember girls, its not the size of the ship but the motion of the ocean! haha

  10. TrishMc

    I read a book many, many, MANY years ago – historical and it may have been written by Margaret Moore but I wouldn’t swear that to be true. The heroine escaped a captor or was widowed I don’t remember but she was a victim of abuse. When she became involved with the hero of the story, once she saw his appendage, she felt pity for his poor, deformed, undersized member but was very happy she could be pleasured without pain. As she told the hero the villain who abused her was overly endowed and caused her a great deal of pain. This plot still stuns me.

  11. Jen

    Hahahahaha you guys crack me up! Maybe it’s just me but I feel like I’ve read less of the “he’s so big he might literally split someone in two” thing in the last few years. Still plenty of huge manroot, but not dangerously huge. Or maybe I’m just not reading the right books. 😉 I personally don’t see the appeal in getting tons of description, or any description to be honest, of how big the guy is. I’d much rather hear about the creative ways he uses it!

  12. oh what a great discussion you have here going and I so agree!!! I once took a marriage therapy class, and my professor said SIZE never matters, because quite frankly its how you do it, not the eh size of equipment used. Its all on finesse and experience and knowing what your doing. And fabulous that you mention Derek Craven in this post.

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