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Posted January 18, 2008 by Holly in Discussions | 9 Comments

I’m eyeball deep in wedding plans, screw ups and general real life mayhem. If I don’t respond to your email right away, or if my posts are few and far between for a bit, please forgive me. I swear, when it rains it pours. We’re 6 weeks out from our wedding and as of today we have no reception venue and our photographer had a “scheduling conflict” and bailed.


Hopefully things will settle down and get back to normal soon. Either that or I’ll shoot someone and end up getting married in an orange jumpsuit. Sadly, both options are appealing right now. 🙂

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9 responses to “Just An FYI

  1. Fingers crossed that it all works out for you Holly….and that you aren’t so stressed out that you can’t enjoy the day itself!

  2. *wince* My sympathies on what your going through right now. But when it gets bad just think you are marrying a guy we all want 🙂 You’ve got the best there!

  3. Ooh, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I went to approximately a dozen weddings over the summer (job) in San Francisco, yet I still get excited when I hear of these occasions. 🙂

  4. Sending lots of positive vibes your way, hoping everything works out. You both have earned your HEA and all the perks that go along with it. Best wishes to you both 🙂

  5. Some prisons now use denim. That would probably look cooler than the orange jumpsuit, but not as good, of course, as the pretty dress I’m sure you will wear.

    Good luck and congratulations!

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