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Authors: University Student Needs Manuscript to Edit

Posted March 20, 2009 by Holly in Reviews | 0 Comments

We recently received an email from Julia, a student currently working toward an editing certificate from the University of Washington’s extension program. She’s taking a class this semester that requires her to fully edit a manuscript. Authors, if you’re interested in possibly having your MS pre-edited, see below:

Hi, I’m an editing student and I need a project to edit in April. I would love to work with an author on her current or completed manuscript. Let me explain more below.

So, I’m looking for an author, published or not, to allow me to edit her work. While I edit, I will communicate with the author, asking questions, querying, getting a general sense of your audience and personal voice. Because this is a practicum, I would need communication back from the author, responding to my edits. And obviously, I’m editing for free, because it’s an internship of sorts. Contact is juliaulshafer at yahoo dot com.

I’m currently in the Editing Certificate through the University of Washington’s extension program, and taking an optional “career development practicum” this next quarter. In this class, I edit a project and learn to work with authors and other level editors in a practical environment. I would like to find a manuscript of my own to work on; that would make the whole experience more complete for me, I think.

I don’t have complete details of the class yet, but I was hoping to get a feel for the response on this. If there are lots of authors looking for a free (!) edit, I can refer to other classmates. Please know that I will respect your rights as an author; I am not looking to mooch your prose – I want to practice editing on something real and tangible.

Thanks for your time – and please keep writing amazing stories so I can glom!
Julia Ulshafer

You would, of course, want to discuss a confidentiality agreement and verify the legitimacy, but this may be a good opportunity for both student and author if all checks out.

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