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Author Spotlight Is Coming Back!

Posted September 24, 2010 by Rowena in Features | 4 Comments

A few weeks ago, Holly posted about bringing our Author Spotlight back. We took a break for the summer and then started off a huge Back to School Giveaway for the month of September and now we’re ready to jump right back onto the Author Spotlight wagon.

Thanks to everyone who threw out suggestions for authors to spotlight, we really appreciate the feedback and out of all of the authors that were suggested, here’s our short list of authors to spotlight.

Rachel Gibson

Susan Mallery
Christine Feehan
Lora Leigh
Elizabeth Lowell

So there you have it. Those are the authors that were chosen to be a part of the poll. Please take a minute to vote on the sidebar for what author you think we should discuss next month. We’ll leave the poll open until the last day of the month, September 30th and then on October 1st, a winner will be announced and the spotlight will begin.

Thanks again for the suggestions and we’ll see you on October 1st for some author spotlight goodness!

Rowena, Casee & Holly

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Can You Figure Out What Book This Is?

Posted April 2, 2010 by Holly in Reviews | 6 Comments

Book Binge commenter Teenyann was recently browsing online bookstores and came across a book she really wanted to read. Unfortunately she got distracted and moved away from the page before buying and/or bookmarking. Can anyone figure out what book this is?

The synopsis for the book I am looking for is woefully vague and as follows:
The excerpt I read takes place in the office of an arson ?/police ?/or ? investigator. The man’s first name is short–Gabe ?, Jake ?, Sean ?. He is described as tall and muscled, wearing a shirt open at the neck, exposing dark chest hair (my favorite!), and casual slacks. The woman he has called into his office is I-do-not-know-what-type of professional but he questions her in regards to a fire?/accident?/incident? in which she was of aid. She is described as petite, pretty and several years younger than the man.
The conversation soon takes a personal turn and I believe he ends up asking her for a date (surprising himself!) and she accepts (surprising herself!).

I was surfing various publishing websites looking for interesting romance novels. I am fairly sure it was not a mainstream publisher (HQN or Grand Central or Ballantine, etc.) and this title may be an e-book.

The excerpt was not written in the first person. It included the viewpoints of each character. It was very well written and without any x-rated language (at least this portion of the story!) but felt like it could get steamy later on.
I realize that this is about as vague as it could possibly be and I am still kicking myself for not bookmarking the website before I got distracted by whatever (probably my dog). Any help you can afford me would be most gratefully appreciated.

That doesn’t ring any bells for me. But surely one of you can figure it out!

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Reader Needs Help So, HELP!

Posted June 3, 2009 by Rowena in Reviews | 6 Comments

Here at Book Binge, we get a lot of readers asking us from time to time if we can help them find titles, books, authors or whatever else they need help with and sometimes we know the answers and sometimes, we don’t.

When we don’t know the answer, we take to our blog in hopes of finding someone who can help us, help our readers.

So last week, we got an email from one of our readers asking for help. Please read through the email and see if this reminds you of anything. If you know the answer, hollar back!

Hi. I lent a book to a friend 16 years ago — she lost it. I have tried finding this book again for the last 10 years to add it back to my collection, but I
have forgotten both the title and author’s name. But I remember the story fairly

I’m hoping since you bloggers have read so many books that you may be able to assist me.

The book had to be from the 1970’s because it had themes of Vietnam, and segregation/racism in the story.

Its the story of a young college man who returns home for his mother’s funeral. In the airport the sees the young men dressed in military uniforms from the Vietnam war, but he merely dismisses them as being part of a system that he rejects.

The son has issues with the father, because when he was a young boy he was in the bell tower of his father’s church (his father is a minister who married the boys
mother mostly because she could further his career — I believe the wife’s
father had also been a minister — or church elder) he had witnessed his father
having sex with a local socialite/married church member. The son blames the
father for driving his mother to an early death by continuing his relationship
with this socialite-church member through many years. Perhaps she even committed
suicide. The son believes his minister father is a hypocrite, and hates the
socialite lover.

The socialite/lover had married an older man, and become wealthy and a favored citizen and upon his death had inherited his factory. She has a daughter by her late husband who is 17 and graduating from high school as the story begins.

After the death of the minister’s wife, the socialite doesn’t want to marry the minister right away (as he would like) because she doesn’t want to raise suspicion as to the length of their relationship. The minister has guilt around his late wife’s death. Even though he considered the wife cold and their intimate life unsatisfying, he knew that she was aware of (and hurt by) his long term affair.

Somehow the son ends up going to the senior high school dance (or prom — I forget). Also in attendance is the socialite’s beautiful blond 17 year old daughter who is
graduating from high school. The son, at first just to irritate his dad and the
socialite mom, shows some interest in the girl during the dance.

The girl is taken with the son, but he makes some rather forward moves on her — and
is rude — which scares the girl and leads her to chastise the guy for his obvious disdain for any and all.

At first, the son thinks the daughter is too naive for him, but he is quickly seduced by her beauty and sweet nature. They fall in love. The son is careful with her sexually, and uses condoms, and is decent to her, but he can’t help his extreme anger towards his father, resentment of her mother, or his support (as a liberated young white man) of the black citizens as they face segregation in their town.

The son takes the young 17 year old to the “black” side of town one night to a speakeasy. The son and the youthful blacks of the town want to rebel against the white establishment. The son becomes involved in a planned plot to crash the
socialite’s ball/party and present a play showing the hypocrisy and racism of the town establishment, and uses the girl to gain entrance to the party.

The young blacks like the girl, and don’t want to see her hurt, so they ask the son if he knows what he’s doing, and how this stunt will effect the young girl, but he is so wrapped up in his own pain and need for revenge, he pushes everyone along.

They do the play, which infuriates (and embarrasses) the socialite mom. She bans her daughter from seeing the minister’s son again, and also tells the minister that their relationship must also be put on hold. The girl is devastated.

The son returns to college. He figures that the girl will convince her mother to let her attend his college, and he’ll see her again. He is full of himself. The girl thinks he’s simply dumped her and returned to more worldly and older college women! A huge misunderstanding occurs.

But rejection and what college to attend is the least of the girl’s problems. One night before everything fell apart while on a date with the son at the beach, they re-use the same condom. The girl becomes pregnant, which she discovers after he has left.

Having been banned from seeing the son (and his not attempting contact because of his foolish idea that he’ll just wait for her to show up for school), the girl becomes depressed and desperate. She thinks herself rejected. She can’t communicate with her mother. The only person who knows of her plight and offers some sympathy is the black family maid.

Finally, the girl goes to the minister for counseling and help. She doesn’t exactly tell him that his son has knocked her up, but he figures it out (who else would it be!). The girl is horribly frightened and alone. The girl commits suicide.

When the socialite mother finds out the connection between the pregnancy, the minister acting as adviser to her daughter (but now telling her of the situation), and his son’s involvement — she immediately cuts end their relationship. She says they can’t possibly go on and marry after what his son has done. The minister is heartbroken but it wakes him up to his faults and he is changed.

The minister goes to visit his son at college to tell him of the girl’s death. The cocky son is there still thinking that his young love will turn up. The father tells him of her death, and the two men reach a break through in their relationship with each other. Both of them have been selfish and hurt (and caused the death of) people that they loved to selfishly get what they wanted. The son forgives the minister/father. They’ll help each other recover.

The end.

Do any of you have any idea the title of this book, or the author? For some reason, I think the son’s name in the book is Chris (but I’m not sure).

Thanks for your help. I’ve been to countless bookstores over the years searching for this book. I won’t give up til I find it (but it’s turned out to be a “needle in a haystack” situation since I don’t remember a title or author).

Thanks in advance.

Anyone have any clues? Anyone have the answer? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Rowena, Casee and Holly.

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Authors: University Student Needs Manuscript to Edit

Posted March 20, 2009 by Holly in Reviews | 0 Comments

We recently received an email from Julia, a student currently working toward an editing certificate from the University of Washington’s extension program. She’s taking a class this semester that requires her to fully edit a manuscript. Authors, if you’re interested in possibly having your MS pre-edited, see below:

Hi, I’m an editing student and I need a project to edit in April. I would love to work with an author on her current or completed manuscript. Let me explain more below.

So, I’m looking for an author, published or not, to allow me to edit her work. While I edit, I will communicate with the author, asking questions, querying, getting a general sense of your audience and personal voice. Because this is a practicum, I would need communication back from the author, responding to my edits. And obviously, I’m editing for free, because it’s an internship of sorts. Contact is juliaulshafer at yahoo dot com.

I’m currently in the Editing Certificate through the University of Washington’s extension program, and taking an optional “career development practicum” this next quarter. In this class, I edit a project and learn to work with authors and other level editors in a practical environment. I would like to find a manuscript of my own to work on; that would make the whole experience more complete for me, I think.

I don’t have complete details of the class yet, but I was hoping to get a feel for the response on this. If there are lots of authors looking for a free (!) edit, I can refer to other classmates. Please know that I will respect your rights as an author; I am not looking to mooch your prose – I want to practice editing on something real and tangible.

Thanks for your time – and please keep writing amazing stories so I can glom!
Julia Ulshafer

You would, of course, want to discuss a confidentiality agreement and verify the legitimacy, but this may be a good opportunity for both student and author if all checks out.

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Help a reader out

Posted March 5, 2009 by Casee in Reviews | 1 Comment

We recently had a reader email us, trying to find the name of a book. Here’s the description:

I have been reading romance novels for a long time. When I started I mostly ready series romances. There is one book I ready I still remember and would like to get a copy but it was a while ago and cannot remember the name. I thought if I could identify the series I could find the book. It was a series like Harlequin somewhere between 1977-1987. It was a series that had double rings on the cover and the series of books was about couples after they are married.

This particular book was a artist marries a businessman. She has 3/4 brothers. Part of the book there is some conflict when the husband “buys” one of her paintings at one of a shows instead of accepting as a gift. In this should she shows 3 paintings of the holocaust.

Does this ring a bell for anyone? We can’t come up with anything so we were hoping one of our readers could help us out…

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