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Posted July 28, 2008 by Rowena in Discussions, Reviews | 23 Comments

For the past couple of weeks, Izzy and I have been addicted to cupcake blogs such as Cupcake Takes the Cake and Bakerella. Both of us love to bake and we’re also closet Ace of Cakes wannabe’s and I was just telling her last week that I wish I would have become a baker since it’s a passion of mine (I have so many, let me tell you, haha). I love baking cakes and cupcakes and though I’m nowhere near as good as the pro’s on Ace of Cakes at piping or decorating cakes, my cakes taste good dammit.

With all this talk of baking and cakes and everything, it got me thinking about baking in our romance novels. Are there any books out there where bakeries are featured, where either the heroine or the hero are owners of their own bakeries or bake for a living?

I tried googling it but couldn’t really find much there besides the new series by Susan Mallery, the Bakery Sisters series. I haven’t read the first book yet but I want to even though it didn’t get that many good reviews from my friends, I still want to read them because of the fact that the sisters have a bakery in the family.

So, Izzy and I want to know…does anyone out there know of any good bakery stories out there? A book/series where the hero is a chef or owns a bar/restaurant or whatever. Can anyone tell us of any books they’ve read where the heroine is a bakery owner, works in a bakery, wants to open her own bakery, anything food themed?

Please help us out, we seriously want to read some of these kinds of books! =)

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