Books to Binge On: July 2023

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Books to Binge On

Our Books to Binge On feature is pretty simple in its purpose. Every month, we put together a monthly new releases list of books that we’re all looking forward to. These are the books that we can’t wait to read and want everyone to add to their monthly binge-reading lists. Here are the books that we plan to binge on in July of 2023.

How to Tame a Wild Rogue (The Palace of Rogues #6) by Julie Anne Long

Julie Anne Long’s thrilling new romance in the Palace of Rogues series, an infamous privateer’s limits are put to the test when he’s trapped during a raging tempest with a prickly female at the Grand Palace on the Thames. He clawed his way up from the gutters of St. Giles to the top of a shadowy empire. Feared and fearsome, battered and brilliant, nothing shocks Lorcan St. Leger—not even the discovery of an aristocratic woman escaping out a window near the London docks on the eve of the storm of the decade. They find shelter at a boarding house called the Grand Palace on the Thames—only to find greater dangers await inside. Desperate, destitute, and jilted, Lady Daphne Worth knows the clock is ticking on her last chance to save herself and her an offer of a loveless marriage. But while the storm rages and roads flood, she and the rogue who rescued her must pose as husband and wife in order to share the only available suite. Crackling enmity gives way to incendiary desire—and certain Lorcan is everything she never dreamed she’d wanted, but he can never be what she needs. But risk is child’s play to St. Leger. And if the stakes are a lifetime of loving and being loved by Daphne, he’ll move any mountain, confront any old nemesis, to turn “never” into forever.

Holly: I’m terribly behind in this series, but I intend to come back to it at some point. I really enjoyed the first few books in the series and I expect this one will be great as well.

Only Good Enemeies (Galactic Bonds #2) by Jennifer Estep

New York Times best-selling author Jennifer Estep continues her Galactic Bonds series with a new, action-packed adventure that blends science fiction, fantasy, and historical romance. This rollicking space opera features a mix of magic and technology, along with a soul mates, slow burn, and enemies-to-lovers story. Perfect for fans of Star Wars, Bridgerton, and Pride and Prejudice.


My name is Vesper Quill. I used to be a lowly lab rat, toiling away in obscurity developing brewmakers and other household appliances. But thanks to my seer magic and my own ingenuity, I’m now a Regal lady and the head of a successful corporation.

My mission? To destroy the Techwave, the dangerous group that has stolen my designs and plans to weaponize them against the Imperium. But when my mission takes an unexpected turn, I’m once again surrounded by enemies and fighting for my life.

Further complicating matters is Kyrion Caldaren, an arrogant Regal lord whose fate is bound to mine. Kyrion doesn’t realize the two of us still have an unwanted connection that puts us both in grave danger . . . or does he?


My name is Kyrion Caldaren. As the leader of the Arrows, the Imperium’s elite fighting force, I’ve been tasked with tracking down and destroying the Techwave before they seize control of the Archipelago Galaxy.

My other mission? Find a way to assassinate Lord Callus Holloway, the Imperium ruler who wants to take my psion power for his own. Holloway is also a threat to Vesper Quill, who haunts my thoughts, despite the broken bond and distance between us.

When I realize Vesper is in danger, my priorities change, and I vow to use all my telepathic, telekinetic, and other abilities to help her. I will save Vesper from her enemies and mine—even if I have to burn down the whole bloody galaxy.

Holly: This series recently came on my radar when the first book, popped up as a recommended read. I’m intrigued by the premise and look forward to diving in.

Resonance Surge (Psy-Changeling Trinity #7) by Nalini Singh

Where are the broken? A propulsive question that unleashes a world of secrets in New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh’s Resonance Surge . . .

StoneWater bears Pavel and Yakov Stepyrev have been a unit since birth, but now Pavel’s life is veering in a new direction, his heart held in the hands of Arwen Mercant, a Psy empath—and the only man who has ever brought Pavel to his knees.

This is it. A point of irrevocable change. For Pavel . . . for Arwen . . . for Yakov . . . and for another pair of twins whose bond has a far darker history.

A low-gradient Psy, Theodora Marshall is considered worthless by everyone but her violently powerful twin, Pax. She is the sole person he trusts in their venomous family to investigate a hidden and terrible part of their family history—an unregistered rehabilitation center established by their grandfather.

Places of unimaginable pain designed to psychically wipe minds, leaving the victims shells of their former selves, the Centers are an ugly vestige of the Psy race’s Silent past. But this Center was worse. Far, far worse. And now Theo must uncover the awful truth—in the company of a scowling bear named Yakov who isn’t about to take a Marshall at face value . . . especially a Marshall who has turned his dreams into chilling nightmares.

Because Yakov is the great-grandson of a foreseer . . . and he has seen Theo die in an unstoppable surge of blood. Night after night after night . . .

Casee: I can’t wait to read this one!

Holly: I really loved the last couple books in the series.

Hunted (Dark in You #9) by Suzanne Wright

Larkin is tired of her friends constantly trying to play Cupid. Just because they are all happily mated doesn’t mean she needs to be. And she definitely doesn’t need the over-protective men in her life vetting potential partners for her. In a bid to get them off her back, the harpy turns to the one person she knows they would never approve of . . .

Teague Sullivan. Explicitly sexy and unquestionably alpha male, the mysterious hellhound is the perfect candidate for a fake relationship. More than happy to spend time with the pretty harpy, Teague agrees. But when a wager is made between them, and things start to heat up, Larkin can’t seem to ignore their explosive chemistry- and neither can her demon.

But when old and new dangers creep up on them, and Teague’s shady past starts to ring alarm bells; he must decide whether to trust Larkin completely or risk losing her forever.

Casee: I am all about Suzanne Wright. I love this series & am really hoping this won’t be the last release.

What books are you looking forward to reading this month? Share in the comments!

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2 responses to “Books to Binge On: July 2023

  1. DiscoDollyDeb

    I have nothing on my tbr for the first part of July, but then the books start arriving fast:

    SNOW PLACE LIKE LA (July 11) is the second book from Julie Murphy & Sierra Simone in their Christmas Notch series. The story features the second-chance romance, and, based on the characters’ names (Angel & Luca), I’m thinking it’s an m/m romance…but I’ve been wrong about these things before. Either way, I’m looking forward to another “hot-com” from this duo.

    RELUCTANT RENEGADE (July 12) is the next book in Garrett Leigh’s Rebel Kings series of m/m motorcycle club romances. The previous books have been gritty but also emphasizing found family. In this entry, one MC is fighting for custody of his daughter and there appears to be a fake relationship element to the plot.

    THE ROUGH RIDER (July 25) is the next book in Maisey Yates’s Four Corners Ranch series of contemporary cowboy romances. In this book, a young woman, pregnant and alone, enters into a marriage of a convenience with a reclusive rancher. I anticipate all sorts of angsty goodness with this one.

    ENTWINED WITH YOU (July 27) is the 11th in J. Kenner’s Stark Security romantic-suspense series. In this outing, the hero is an FBI agent; the heroine is the sister of the hero’s late girlfriend. The heroine is also planning a heist that the hero is charged with stopping. Oh, and there’s a big secret too.

    THE MIDSUMMER BRIDE (July 31) is the fourth book in Kati Wilde’s Dead Lands series of fantasy romances. These books are always fun, with strong, determined heroines and heroes who understand the meaning of ongoing consent. A new book from Kati is always something to look forward to…I can’t wait for this one to drop!

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