Guest Review: Burn by Maya Banks

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Guest Review:  Burn by Maya BanksReviewer: Ames
Burn (Breathless, #3) by Maya Banks
Series: Breathless #3
Also in this series: Rush (Breathless, #1), Fever (Breathless, #2), Rush (Breathless, #1), Fever (Breathless, #2), Burn (Breathless, #3)
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: August 6, 2013
Point-of-View: Alternating Third
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotica
Pages: 353
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Series Rating: three-stars

Ash, Jace, and Gabe: three of the wealthiest, most powerful men in the country. They’re accustomed to getting anything they want. Anything at all. For Ash, it’s the woman who changes everything he’s ever known about dominance and desire...

When it comes to sex, Ash McIntyre has always explored his wilder side — extreme and uncompromising. He demands control. And he prefers women who want it like that. Even the women he’s shared with his best friend, Jace.

But Jace is involved with a woman he has no intention of sharing. And now even Gabe has settled into a relationship with a woman who gives him everything he needs, leaving Ash feeling restless and unfulfilled.

Then Ash meets Josie, who seems immune to his charms and his wealth. Intrigued, he begins a relentless pursuit, determined she won’t be the one who got away. He never imagined the one woman to tell him no would be the only woman who’d ever drive him to the edge of desire.

I debated reading this one after the wreck that was Fever but I wanted to see what kind of woman Ash would end up with. I was hoping it would be someone feisty and who would stand up to him, because he’s a charming guy and used to getting his way. Yeah…I definitely set myself up for disappointment with that expectation.

Ash is in the park one day, when he spies a beautiful woman and her sketchpad. Just by observing her, he can tell that the diamond collar around her neck is not for her. He also knows what that collar signifies: she is a submissive. And her dominant does not understand her if he gave her that collar. When their eyes meet, Ash walks over and introduces himself. And then he tells her that if he was her dom, he would give her a collar that suits her. Definitely arrogant. Josie, the young artiste in the park, is not one to fall at his feet, although she does think he’s beautiful. From that brief meeting, Ash sets men to keep an eye on Josie and buys up all her artwork at a small gallery. When one of his men sees that Josie sold some jewelry, Ash buys it and uses it to meet Josie again. Ash knows he wants Josie, and he wants to give her a chance to get to know him. Not long after, Josie moves in with Ash and they begin to fall in love. But an enemy from Gabe’s past is not done with the three friends and makes his move against Josie…

Burn did not wow me. I didn’t connect with the characters. I wanted Josie to have more of a personality than she did. She was like Bethany 2.0. Except not homeless. She’s just a vessel for Ash to pour all his love into. It’s a bit harsh, but that’s how it comes across. Her job, being an artist, makes it very easy for her to move into Ash’s life and wait around for him. Ash’s takeover of her life rubbed me the wrong way. He meets her and then right away sets about stalking her (via his employees) and taking over her life. She puts up a bit of a fight but then caves when he moves her into his apartment. Fine, she wants someone to take care of her. Part of her being able to do that is her recent success with her paintings. Someone is buying up all her work and that gives her confidence. Of course that comes back to bite her in the ass…and then she shows some spirit. But it felt like too little too late by the time that happened.

Overall, Burn was underwhelming. Ash was almost a carbon copy of Jace and Gabe when it comes to how he treats his woman. The sex scenes were repetitive and the conflict (with Gabe’s enemy from book 1) was weak. Overall, Burn did not wow me nor did it make me angry like Fever did.

3 out of 5



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