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Oh so many things are going on in Tracyland but you would all be bored to tears to hear it all so I’ll give you a a couple of good tidbits.

My youngest had an eye appt. since she was having problems seeing the board at school.  Though the prescription will be weak she will still need glasses. She, being the stylin 8 year old that she is, picked out some adorable glasses.  As soon as we pick them up I will pass pictures along.

Then when I went to visit and have lunch with my parents on Saturday it snowed!  I know for a lot of you this is not exciting but since that’s an unusual occurrence I thought I’d share. 🙂  This is what the road leading to their house looked like from the storm the night before  

and this is what it looked like when we got out of lunch.  It was actually coming down pretty steadily while we were eating lunch and this was just 45 min. worth. By the time I left their house my youngest was having a great time throwing snowballs at her grandpa! 

So what did I read this week:

First I started off with yaoi.  I’ve had this since Kris was here (yes, back in Nov!) and I was sucking at reading it and getting it to Chris who was next in the swap.  So these became my Tracy’s TBR challenge reads for the week as well since I’ve had them so damned long.  So I first I read I Can’t Stop Loving You vol 2 by Row Takakura.  Kyouji is at a mountain retreat doing his monk training when he’s accused of murder. Yu comes to see him and gets involved.  It was cute but odd at times. 3 out of 5 

Next was Thunderbolt Boys Excite vols. 1 &2 by Asami Tojo.  These were stories about models and frankly I thought they were a bit ridiculous and it was all I could do to keep reading.  They were drawn well, though. 2 out of 5 for both.

Then I read Incubus vols. 1, 2 & 3 by Yayoi Neko.  This was an interesting story about Lenniel who is half human and half demon who lived with Judas in the demon world but then Judas had to leave and lost all of his memories.  Lenniel has finally found him again but Judas is madly in love with his professor.  Judas also has serious self-esteem issues which he comes by after everyone, including his parents, constantly putting him down.  There’s also a second story with a demon who is a butler for a rich family and the young master who he loves and loves him back.  It’s quite good at times and others, not so much. 🙂  Vols.1 & 3: 3.5 out of 5, vol. 2: 4 out of 5

After that it was The Swing by Lissa Matthews – a book I read for The Book Binge.  This was a decent story about a man and a woman who are deeply in love but haven’t been together because she was once married to his now dead twin.  Sounds creepy but it was actually a very good short story that was quite emotional.  4 out of 5. My review is here.

River Marked by Patricia Briggs – another Book Binge Book – and so damned good.  I really loved Briggs’ writing and all of the wonderful scenarios she comes up with for Mercy and Adam to get involved in.  This followed Mercy and Adam on their honeymoon (no, not a spoiler!) and they have to end up fighting beasts and meeting others that they never expected to meet.  No, I’m not telling any more.  I don’t want to spoil things.  Suffice it to say that it’s great.  I loved every bit of it and am sad that I’m done reading it. 5 out of 5
So has anyone read any of her other series and if so which did you read and what did you think?

I finally picked up How To Woo A Reluctant Lady by Sabrina Jeffries.  This is book 3 in the Hellions of Halstead Hall series and it was good.  This was Minerva’s story and she is still pissed that her grandmother is making her grandchildren get married so she decides to advertise in a ladies magazine for a husband.  Giles Masters, a friend of the family, shows up to try to win her hand but she thinks it’s all pretend and he really wants to marry her.  Great romance and of course humor and intrigue as well.  Good stuff. 4 out of 5

Last on the list for the week was All or Nothing by James Buchanan. This was book 3 in the Taking the Odds series and it was a good one. Buchanan writes so well that I get drawn into the story and next thing you know it’s over!  How the heck did that happen? lol  Brandon is visiting Nick in Vegas the week between Christmas and New Year and he’s brought his daughter, Shayna, along.  She’s not thrilled to be at Nick’s, nor with Brandon and she’s got the attitude to prove it.  When Shayna is taken life goes on the emotional roller coaster from hell.  Such a great story and I certainly hope there are more books about Nicky and Brandon in the future.  5 out of 5

My Book Binge review that posted since last week:
The Swing by Lissa Matthews

Happy Reading

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12 responses to “What I Read Last Week

  1. Tam

    I think James said no more Nicky and Brandon. That they are kind of settled and as happy as two guys like that can be. LOL I adore them greatly.

    I have a bunch of yaoi I have to get reading and move on as well. Sometimes I'd hard to struggle through a 2-3 star comic book, even with quasi-graphic sex.

  2. I've got some Yaoi to buckle down with as well.. a few of them I lost steam half way through but it has been so long I have no idea which ones they were. Guess I really wasn't paying attention. LOL

  3. I hope you didn't send Incubus to me – I'm not on the list for it, because I have it!

    *sigh* Love Nicky & Brandon…

    It's good you got to enjoy the snow! Not so exciting here and we're so far past enjoying it…

  4. All or Nothing is one of those I bought ages ago, it's loaded on my nook, I know I'll love when I read it (❤ Nicky and Brandon), but I haven't yet read it! I've got no excuse!

    Oh, I'm jealous about River Marked! So glad to hear you enjoyed it so much.

    I've tried a couple of her fantasy series, but honestly, haven't been able to get into them. Think I'll just stick with Mercy and Alpha & Omega. 😉

    The snow looks like fun!

  5. Looks like a good week! I can't wait to read River Marked…even though I still need to read Silver Borne. LOL

    And James Buchanan, I read the first book out of that little series and I've been biding my time making it around to book 2. But I really enjoyed the characters and the writing. Glad you liked book 3!

    Can't wait to see your daughter's glasses. She's so cute and I bet she'll look adorable with them. I had to get glasses in Gr 1 b/c I couldn't see the board. But first everyone thought I couldn't read. LOL

  6. Tam – Maybe we can talk her in to more Nicky and Brandon. 🙂
    It is hard to get through it when you're not loving it. And sometimes the story's hard to follow when the writer isn't clear on who is talking when. I hated that.

    SVZ – Well, maybe when you pick them up again you'll like them better? I find I really have to be in a certain mood to read the yaoi manga or I just find my mind wandering off. 🙂

    Barbara – LOL It is! We thought it would snow at our house but it didn't. I'm glad my youngest got to throw her first snowball though.

    Lori – I'm really liking the Jeffries series. I can't wait for the next one.
    Did it snow at your place?

    Renee – The whole Taking the Odds series was just so good! I think you'll really enjoy them all when you read them.
    I was afraid of that – that Briggs's other books were too fantasy for me. I guess I'll stick with the MT and the A & O series as well. 🙂

    Ames – Silver Borne was so good! RM as well.
    The James Buchanan books are really great. If you liked the first in the TtO series then you'll love the other two as well.
    The glasses look adorable on her, you're right. She's got really good taste. After trying on a million pair she kept going back to these and they are so cute. Picture will definitely follow. 🙂

  7. Ohhhh, snow! (Seems weird to think about snow when it's so warm here 🙂

    Gosh, I haven't read any yaoi for a while…

    I think James said no more Nicky and Brandon.

    *sob sob*

    I hope things settle down a bit in Tracyland, and I look forward to seeing your youngest's glasses 🙂

  8. My youngest got glasses 1 1/2 yrs ago and thankfully there are a lot of styles for kids to choose from. It took him awhile to get use to but now he wears them w/o being reminded.

    The snow is so pretty! I wish we had some, sadly, we must head north to the mountains for snow.

    I love Patty Briggs – so happy to see the 5/5! I've read her Alpha & Omega series. I like it but prefer Mercy.

  9. LOL, it's funny to see you ladies from California be excited by snow 😛

    I'm looking forward to River Marked. I read the Alpha and Omega and love that series. Otherwise, her earlier books are more fantasy, so the feel is different.

    Glad you enjoyed the Jeffries better than I did 🙂

  10. Orannia – I'm sure it is weird for you to think about snow right now. Of course I can't imagine it being blazing hot during Christmas either! lol
    No more Nicky and Brandon? I hope that's wrong! Maybe if we beg and plead to James she'll write another. 🙂

    Leslie – I started the Alpha & Omega before I started the MT series. I like them both but we need to get her to write faster, don't you think? lol
    My youngest did well with the glasses – thanks.

    Nath – I know you all get lots of snow but for us it's so unusual! 🙂

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