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Another busy week here at the homestead. With both kids having projects due it’s been nutty around here. Then I had both of my sisters fly in from different states for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary party, which I’ll blog about later this week. Needless to say there was a lot of running around.

This was apparently the week for my kids to say cute/funny things – this one was from my oldest daughter and just shows you how the 11 year old brain works. The 2 of us were driving home from the anniversary party on Friday which was held in Pasadena, which is about 45 minutes from home. It was about 10:45pm and we were getting on the freeway.

Oldest: Wow, there’s a lot of people out people out and it’s really late.

Me: Well, it’s late for you but in this city there are a lot of people who don’t even leave their houses to go out until 9 or 10 at night.

She thought about this for a moment
Oldest: I guess that makes sense since McDonald’s is open all night. (which it’s not)

I, of course, burst out laughing

Oldest: What? McFlurry’s!!

Omg is that hilarious? I couldn’t stop laughing it was too cute.

Before I get on to the books I’ve read let me announce the winner of the Highland Warrior book giveaway:


Congratulations! Please send your snail mail address to redneyrae at ca dot rr dot com and I’ll get that out to you asap.

So my books for the week:

Highland Warrior by Monica McCarty was my first read. My uber mini review is below. This was my first read of this author and I really enjoyed it. The first part of the book was better in my opinion than the second…but still pretty darned good.

Next was The Diary of Cozette by Amanda McIntyre. Wow – really good book. There were a couple of aspects of the book that weren’t really my thing but it was written so well that I enjoyed it anyway. You can read Barbara’s review here and Amy’s review here if you want more about the book.

Next I tried to read Casual Hex by Vicki Lewis Thompson and couldn’t get past about 70 pages. Not that the book was bad it just wasn’t my type of book. I think it was a little too chick-lit”y” for me – a little too cute for my tastes.

For my TBR book (that’s what I’m calling the book that I read 1x per week from my tbr that’s older than 3 months) this week I read Insatiable Desire by Rita Herron. This is the first book in her Demonborn series. While I liked the book there was something about it that didn’t gel right for me. I’m not sure if I can explain it but it was just a feeling of my skin prickling while I read. Maybe it was the fact that the evil demon in the book was killing women by using their worst fear against them. If they had a fear of heights he’d push them off of a cliff. If they had a fear of suffocation he’d wrap them in cellophane from head to toe. IDK that I can put my finger on it but I’m not sure if I could sit through that again so I’m debating whether I want to read the rest of the series.

After that I read Bound and Determined by Shayla Black (writing as Shelley Bradley) for The Book Binge. I’ll let you know when my review is posted.

I read a novella by Joanne Wylde called Catherine’s Awakening next. About a widow and her brother-in-law coming together after his brother dies. about Catherine learning that she can trust a man and still maintain some independence. Pretty cute. Love cowboys.

Last but not least I read Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James and it was….you’ll just have to wait and see. lol I’ll post a review this week.

Happy Reading
(And my pictures are wonked out and I can’t seem to fix it – I really need to learn html! lol)

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13 responses to “What I’ve Been Reading This Week

  1. What? McFlurry’s!!

    My quote of the week. I’m so not kidding. After hanging with the under-10 set this weekend I can so relate.

    So cute.

  2. Hey Tracy, So glad you read and liked Diary of Cozette :). I’m interested to read your thoughts on the Shayla Black book. I wasn’t too thrilled with Decadent.

  3. YAY! You liked The Diary of Cozette!!

    Practice Makes Perfect and the Shayla Black book are two I want to look into. I’ll be looking forward to your review.

  4. ::crosses fingers::

    I hope you enjoyed Practice Makes Perfect.

    And, your daughter does have a point about McFlurries! They are delicious. Especially after a night out. ;o)

  5. Why else would anyone go out after 10 p.m. except for a McFlurry? Makes perfect sense to me. 🙂

    I’m soooooooo behind on my reading. I’m down to a book a week these days and it’s killing me.

    I bought that Rita Herron book a while back and still haven’t been able to get to it. I’ve read several DNF reviews, several negative reviews, and several positive reviews. Sounds like people have very mixed feelings about this book! Interesting.

  6. Rosie – lol It’s just so funny to hear their logic.

    Amy – This is different than Decadent. I thought it would be similar but I liked it better.
    It’s funny that you mentioned the 2006 pub. I noticed on goodreads that it had a different cover when I added it but didn’t pay much attention other than that. I wonder if it’s an exact re-release or if something was changed.

    Barbara – yes indeedy The Diary of Cozette was a good one. Not like my typical reads so it was nice to break out of the mold on that one. Good stuff.

    Kati – I’ll have to write my review soon so I won’t keep you in too much suspense about PMP. 🙂
    McFlurry’s (sp?) are fab. She’s only had 1 in her life I think so it was funny that she mentioned them.

    Jenb – I know – can you think of another reason that people would want to go out late at night? I certainly can’t. 🙂
    Is your editing taking up all of your time? Is that why you’re not reading? I’m sorry – that sucks for you.
    I haven’t read anything about the Herron book but I haven’t really looked either. It was an ok book though.

  7. What is it about the damn McFlurrys? Jeff’s all over them, too. Except he discovered Shamrock shakes this year. Ugh.

    I read both Julie James books this week. Loved ’em. Maybe I’ll even review them, LOL!

  8. Well, McFlurry’s are good LOL 🙂

    YOu can totally see the priorities of kids 😀

    Ugh, I’m still waiting to get my hand on Practice Makes Perfect, sigh. So sad. Very good week you had. Much better than mine. I’m jealous.

  9. Yeah, editing mostly. And Twitter. Damn Twitter. Every time I get online I end up there.

    So maybe it’s actually a lack of self-discipline that’s keeping me from reading. LOL

  10. I now want to read Diary of Cozette after so many of you liked it. I’m also super curious to know your thoughts on the Shayla book. I liked “Ties that Bind” but not so much “Decadent”. Not so much at all.

    Barbara, I have 3 copies of Julie James’ book, and I’m thinking I’ll have a contest later this week for it. Interested?

    I’ve never had a McFlurry. I feel like I missed out on an important part of growing up *g*

  11. Jo

    Hey, thanks for mentioning my book! Glad you like the cowboys, I’m thinking I might write more of them…

    Joanna Wylde 🙂

  12. ok I just realized from a long time ago that a comment I made didn’t make it on here. How “duh” can a girl be? Don’t answer!
    So if anyone’s following…

    Lori – omg I used to LOVE Shamrock shakes and then I had one last month and bout puked. ugh it was horrid!

    Nath – did you ever read PMP?

    Jenb – Be strong my friend, you can do it! 🙂

    Stacy – don’t feel bad – they didn’t even have mcflurry’s when I was a kid…how sad.

    Jo – Hey thanks for popping by! Yes, please. More cowboys. Gotta love em. Well, at least I do! 🙂

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