Bingeaduckia: What The Book Smugglers Are Thankful For

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I’ve been a big fan of The Book Smugglers since I started reading romance blogs. I’m never much of a commenter, but I love reading what Ana and Thea have to say.

When Sybil and the Bingers started talking about the Bingeaduckia we were quite intrigued and when we were invited to participate on this fantabulous event, we were surprised and …..thankful. So I guess this is the first thing we are thankful for –for being included in this event that could only be organized by members of the romance community. Because one thing that we realized over the course of these few months since we started The Book Smugglers is how the romance community do have this sense of…togetherness. It is an open-minded, heart-warming community and we are thankful for that: thankful that we have been welcomed with open arms when we started our blog, thankful for everyone that leaves comments – even after 11 months, we still celebrate every single one of them – and thankful for you all being so cool and open…we have made some good friends.



*high fives Ana* What Ana said. I began the year totally alien to the romance genre, a skeptical reader that was distrustful of the man-titty covers. And yet, for all my prejudgments of the genre, when Ana and I started The Book Smugglers, the first thing I noticed was how open, awesome, and welcoming the romance community was–even to a non-reader, like myself.

For this, and for opening my eyes to the genre, I am extremely thankful.

Even if I’m not a romance reader per se, I have discovered some gems of books this year in the genre–from Loretta Chase’s Lord of Scoundrels to Lisa Kleypas’ historical and contemporary novels. And we have also made many, many new friends–passionate readers, bloggers, and authors alike.

And, for all that, we owe the Romance Community a big one. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! It’s been a fantastic year.


ETA: Don’t forget – The Book Smugglers are celebrating Smugglivus right now! Go over and check it out. They have awesome stuff going on. – Holly

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47 responses to “Bingeaduckia: What The Book Smugglers Are Thankful For

  1. High five to the boths of you. No, high ten. Ana, I agree so much about the togetherness. And Thea, that is so funny about distrusting the man titty covers. I used to, too!

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