Book Watch: Seduced by the Storm by Sydney Croft

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Book Cover

Sydney Croft gets the best covers evah. I lurve the covers for this series.

Seduced by the Storm is the third book in Croft’s (Larissa Ione & Stephanie Tyler) ACRO series. I’ve been a fan of this series since I read the first book, Seduced by the Storm.

Anyone else read this series?

They met in a steamy Florida bar—then spent a night of mind-bending passion. Two secret agents who each possess unique telekinetic gifts—and whose combined sexual powers leave neither of them unscathed. For ex–Navy SEAL Wyatt Kennedy, assigned by the Agency for Covert Rare Operatives to the most treacherous mission of his career, the woman in black leather and lace has just become more than a one-night stand. Because Faith Black is the sole barrier to the success of his mission—and not even Wyatt’s legendary seduction skills can penetrate her deep cover.

Faith’s psychic gifts make her one of the world’s most dangerous women—but she hides a secret pain she shares with no one. Until Wyatt. And Faith has an agenda of her own: using her unique powers to save someone close to her—a move that pits her against a man she thought she’d never see again. For as a deadly hurricane is unleashed across the eastern seaboard, desire reignites between Faith and Wyatt, exposing secrets that thrust them both into harm’s way. With the hurricane sweeping closer—and their erotic hunger for each other growing—these two wary hearts must come together to heal, to trust . . . and to harness the power of a storm that could consume everything in its path.

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Unleashing the Storm by Sydney Croft

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Genres: Paranormal Romance

Book description:

There’s a storm rising. Electricity crackles in the air. For Kira Donovan, it’s that time of year again: when the need floods her flesh, when almost any man—the bigger and the stronger the better—will do. For Kira, an animal psychic, the heat is a matter of life and death, and this year it has come at just the right time. Tom Knight, a natural born predator, has arrived at her isolated Idaho farm—for reasons all his own…

At first Kira isn’t interested in Knight’s motives. She only needs him—his body, his hands, his scent. But soon, through a daze of desire and distrust, Kira discovers Knight’s world—the world of a covert operative, one man among dozens of secret agents waging an astonishing global war. Knight’s mission is to bring Kira–kicking and screaming if necessary–into the Agency for Covert Rare Operatives and harness her extraordinary gift. He never expected the powerful emotions she would ignite in him, or the fierce desire to keep her safe from harm. For as darkness gathers around them, Kira is feeling the heat once again, leading them both on a wild ride of delicious thrills…and terror beyond imagining.

Kira Donovan has long since accepted the overwhelming urge to mate that comes once a year. Having decided that being pro-active is best, Kira makes sure she has men available to see to her needs. Working on an isolated farm in Idaho (seriously), Kira has found a measure of peace in taking care of animals that no one wants but her. As an animal psychic, Kira is able to bond with animals in ways that few other people can. When Tom Knight shows up at her doorstep looking for work, Kira can’t afford to let him leave. Not only does she need the help, but the more men around means the easier things will be for Kira.

Tom “Ender” Knight has a very simple mission. Bring Kira onboard with ACRO within 48 hours or kill her. Ender knows that the reason he was brought in was because he is just about the only agent that would kill an innocent woman if necessary. Soon after arriving, Ender learns that he’s not the only one after Kira. What he does know is that he has to get into Kira’s confidence, and fast. When her “heat” begins, Ender is more than happy to see to her needs…for the first 24 hours. It’s not until he finds himself having feelings for Kira that he wonders what he has gotten himself into.

Soon Ender and Kira are on the run from Itor, the other agency that wants Kira. The difference between ACRO and Itor is that ACRO will teach her to help where Itor will force her to hurt. Even with his growing feelings for Kira, Ender still knows that he would have to kill Kira before letting her fall into Itor’s greedy hands.

This was the second installment in the ACRO series by Sydney Croft. I really enjoyed the first book, Riding the Storm. I think the world that Croft has built with this series is an interesting one. As paranormal readers know, there is so much out there to choose from, if you come in as a new author you really have to stand out. Croft definitely does that. Though I was a little turned off with how Kira needed sex from someone, no matter who it was, it wasn’t long before I found myself really sympathizing with her. She is a character that has been beaten down so many times, but she keeps getting back up. She protects animals even though her ability to communicate with them has basically ruined her life. She’s a strong character who looks at her gift as exactly that. A gift. After finally finding one man that can satisfy her during her heat, Kira doesn’t want to let him go.

Croft also has some intriguing secondary stories going on. There’s Devlin O’Malley, the man that runs ACRO. A big bomb was dropped on him in this book. There’s also Annika and Creed, the hot couple from Book 1.

I really think this series is going places. I highly recommend paranormal lovers give it a try.

4 out of 5.

This book will be released on Feb 26th. You can pre-order it here.

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Riding the Storm by Sydney Croft

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Genres: Paranormal Romance

Book description:

A storm’s rage. A woman’s desire.

A man with the power to set them both free.

He can summon lightning at will. Emerge unscathed from the center of a tornado. Strip a woman down to her barest defenses through the sheer force of his sexuality. He’s gorgeous, dangerous, and the target of parameteorologist Haley Holmes’s latest mission. Haley has been dispatched to the Louisiana bayous to investigate the phenomenon known as Remy Begnaud–a man with a gift he never wanted: the ability to control a storm’s fury. But even a woman trained in bizarre weather phenomena has no defense against the electrifying power of the ex—Navy SEAL…a power his enemies would kill to control.

With her agency monitoring their every move, Haley’s job is to seduce Remy, gain his trust–and help him harness his extraordinary gift. But who will protect her from this voracious lover who’s introducing her to a new world of erotic thrills—a man who grows increasingly insatiable with each new weather event? Haley knows a big storm is approaching—and with it will come unexpected delights. But so, too, will the storm unleash her greatest fears: an enemy bent on destroying Remy. And her worst fear of all—falling in love with this magnificent man, then having to betray him.

Okay, how freaking hot is that description?

Haley is a parameterologist. She explains weather than seems unexplainable. After intensive training, Haley (and her equipment) was sent to New Orleans to find out if Remy Begnaud really could control the weather. They already knew that Mother Nature seemed to release her fury anytime Remy was in the area. What Haley has been sent to find out is if Remy can control the storm(s). Either way, she was sent to bring him into ARCO before their evil counterpart (an agency I can’t remember the name of) take him whether he wants to go or not.

Though Haley was prepared to seduce Remy, she was unprepared for her instant attraction to him. It only takes two days for Haley to fall in love with Remy, something she won’t admit to herself. For Remy, this is the first time he’s ever met a woman who can accept and even enjoy his intensity in bed. While Remy wants to believe that Haley is the real thing, there are certain things that point to her not being who she says she is.

When the evil agents from the evil agency show up in New Orleans, it’s the first time that Remy is actually glad for the “gift” he has. Remy soon has to decide where his loyalty lies. With the agency he doesn’t know and the woman he’s fallen in love with, or himself. Accepting that Haley’s feelings are real, Remy will have to accept that there are other people like him out there.

I thought this was a great start to Croft’s new series. There were several secondary characters that I can’t wait to read more about.

4 out of 5.

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