WTF Cover Saturday (320)

Posted July 13, 2019 by Casee in Features | 3 Comments

We love you, Sarina Bowen. We really do. But we would really like to know how this one get through the art department? Why doesn’t he have a shirt on? Why is he pulling down his jeans? Why is his hip so hairy when the rest of him isn’t? Tell us, please.

Superfan by Sarina Bowen Book Cover

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3 responses to “WTF Cover Saturday (320)

  1. DiscoDollyDeb

    I agree. That’s an all-round awful cover. Cover model looks confrontational, if not downright threatening, and the pose is not attractive at all. Also, iirc, the previous Brooklyn Bruisers covers at least referenced in some way that they were hockey/sports-related romances, I get no such vibe from this cover. Back to the drawing board, cover design department.

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