Throwback Thursday: The Quotes (5)

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I took a break for a few weeks but I’m back at it with my favorite old school quotes from my favorite old school stories.  This week’s quote comes from a book that Holly and I used to fight over ALL THE TIME.  Heart of Fire by Linda Howard.  It was so bad that Ben Lewis was not allowed to be claimed by anyone because he was the one guy that we would not give up. LOL, oh those were the good old days.


This is why we loved him. He was funny and charming and so hot damn flirty spice that you can’t help but love him. Oh, I think I need to do a re-read. What do you say, Holly?

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10 responses to “Throwback Thursday: The Quotes (5)

  1. Kris M.

    Ooh. I have not read that book in a couple years. I definitely need to reread! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

    • You are very welcome. I need to get on my re-read too. Maybe Holly and I will re-read this again and we can buddy review…I’ll ask her. 🙂

  2. Willa

    I knew that quote first time, ah the good old days when LH wrote such a great book that if the house was on fire, the firemen would have to carry me out still reading it! Her books from the last 10 years – I use those to keep the fire going!!

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