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Review: Breaking the Rules by Suzanne Brockmann

Posted March 6, 2014 by Rowena in Reviews | 2 Comments

Genres: Romantic Suspense

Breaking the Rules
Rowena’s review of Breaking the Rules (Troubleshooters #16) by Suzanne Brockmann.

Izzy Zanella wasn’t looking for another reason to butt heads with his Navy SEAL teammate, and nemesis, Danny Gillman. But then he met Danny’s beautiful younger sister, Eden. When she needed it most, he offered her a place to stay, a shoulder to cry on – and more. And when she got pregnant with another man’s child, he offered her marriage. But Eden’s devastating miscarriage shattered their life together – and made the intense bad blood between Izzy and Danny even worse.

Now Eden’s back, and she’s on a mission to rescue her teen brother, Ben, from their abusive step-father. Even if she and Izzy can prove that their broken marriage is still in one piece, winning legal custody of Ben is a long shot. But they’re not alone: Danny and his girlfriend, Jenn, offer to help, and he and Izzy agree to bury the past and fight for Ben’s future.

As they plan their strategy, Izzy and Eden grapple with raw passion that still crackles between them – while Danny and Jenn confront new depths in their own rocky relationship. But events take a terrifying turn after Ben befriends a girl fleeing from a child prostitution ring. When the young runaway seeks refuge with Eden and Izzy, her pursuers kidnap Ben – and a deadly standoff begins. Now they must all pull together like never before and strike back, swift and hard, to protect their unconventional little family and everything they hold most precious.

This was my first read from my TBR jar. I can’t believe that I’ve had this book since the day that it came out and never got around to reading it until now. I started it once before and couldn’t get into it so I put it down, thinking that I’d try again in a week or so…I didn’t know that it’d be longer than two years before I picked it back up again.

I was also surprised that I really liked it. Man, I was trippin’ when I couldn’t get into it before because reading this book, took me back to how much I loved the other books in the Troubleshooters series.

So Izzy and Eden have been married for a while now but they don’t have a normal marriage. They got married because Eden was pregnant and Izzy offered support. He offered her his friendship and a shoulder to lean on so Eden took it. When she lost the baby, she didn’t take the news well because she turned Izzy’s world upside down but leaving him behind. Now she’s back in the states, trying to save her younger brother, Ben from their homophobic stepfather. Ben is being abused and Eden will do whatever it takes to get him out from under their stepdad’s thumb.

It’s not long before Eden realizes that she can’t do this alone. She needs help. She needs her brother Danny’s help but when he’s unable to get to her in time, she accepts Izzy’s help.

So much is going on in this book and I ate everything up. From Danny and Jenn’s dysfunctional relationship, to trying to save Ben and Ben’s new friend Neesha, not to mention Izzy and Eden’s reconnection, there was a lot to carry this story and I thought Brockmann handled it really well. She delivered on keeping things interesting and when I closed the book, I wasn’t in any way disappointed with the story.

Brockmann does what I thought was impossible. She made me like Danny Gillman. My opinion of him dropped considerably in the previous couple of books because of the way that he treated the women in his life. And of the shithead way he treated Izzy at every turn. He was Danny the Dick to me. I couldn’t stand his attitude but seeing him brought to his knees in this book went a long way in fixing my feelings for him. At the beginning of the book, all hope was lost of me ever liking him but I should have had more faith in Brockmann because she made him see the error of his ways and I was glad for it. Seeing him fix things with both Jennilyn and Eden made me happy.

I read reviews of this book a long time ago and there were a lot of people who were disappointed with Eden’s character. They didn’t connect with her as much as the other characters because she was cold and unfeeling but I didn’t see her that way at all. I saw a determined woman do whatever she had to do to take care of the people she loved. The lengths that she went through to help Ben and the people that were important to Ben, I dug it. I liked her. She made mistakes in her past and she owned up to them. She tried to fix them, to make amends and I ended up really admiring her. It wasn’t hard to see why Izzy was so in love with her. Seeing him come around with his heart, for her made me love Izzy all the more. And I loved the hell out of Izzy before this book. I was one of the people who wanted Izzy to end up with Maria but I’m not at mad that he ended up with Eden. I’m total Team Eden now.

This book was action packed and it was filled with all of the things that I love about the Troubleshooters series. I’m sad that this is the end of my Troubleshooters reading adventure but I’m looking forward to reading the new series. I just hope it’s as good as this book/series is.

Grade: 4.75 out of 5

This book is available from Ballantine Books.  You can purchase it here or here in e-format.

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Review: Headed for Trouble by Suzanne Brockmann.

Posted April 29, 2013 by Rowena in Reviews | 2 Comments

Genres: Romantic Suspense

Rowena’s review of Headed for Trouble by Suzanne Brockmann.

New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann, whom USA Today calls “the reigning queen of military suspense,” breaks out a rapid-fire collection of pulse-pounding, heart-tugging stories and novellas featuring the intrepid men and women of Troubleshooters Inc., fiction’s hottest ultimate counterterrorism squad.

• Tough-as-nails Troubleshooters operative Sam Starrett learns the agony of loving someone in danger—and the hell of waiting on the home front—as his wife, Alyssa, hurtles into a foreign hotspot that’s about to boil over.

• Navy SEAL Frank O’Leary’s ill-fated holiday reunion with his older brother takes a turn for the better—when a chance encounter on a rainy New Orleans street gives Frank a reason to be thankful after all.

• In a maze of tunnels deep beneath a military base in Germany, Jules Cassidy, Alyssa Locke, and their comrades in arms match wits with terrorists on a mission with explosive consequences.

Plus more never-before-released adventures featuring Jenk, Izzy, Gillman, Lopez, Kenny, Savannah, and other members of SEAL Team 16—along with Suzanne Brockmann’s exclusive interviews with her beloved characters.

Looking for the best kind of trouble? You’ve found it!

This book is a collection of short stories surrounding the Troubleshooter folks and well, mostly they include short stories featuring Sam, Alyssa, Jules and Robin and the people around them.  It also includes character interviews with Suz herself and a pretty fantastic Troubleshooters timeline that was nice to read and catch up on.

I’m not going to review each story separately but I will talk about what I liked, what I didn’t like and what I could have done without.

What I liked:  I should start this by saying that there were only a couple of short stories that were included in this book that I’d read already so for the most part, all of this was new to me.  I liked seeing what Sam, Alyssa, Jules, Robin and the rest of the folks were doing.  I liked seeing what everyone else was up to now that their stories are done with.

I really liked Jack and Arlene’s story.  I remember Arlene from Jules and Robin’s book as Maggie’s mother who was serving in the military and was overseas all the time.  I remember really liking Will (Arlene’s brother) and Dolphina’s love story in All Through the Night and I remember really liking and caring for Arlene’s daughter, Maggie.  It was really good to see these guys again and the plan that Maggie concocts with Jack to get Arlene to stay in the states was funny.  Their story was fun but at the same time, it was real and the characters were awesome. I think this was my favorite story in the bunch and that’s saying something because there were many short stories featuring my favorite of all heroes, Sam f!@#$%$# Starrett.

I also liked the little chat fests with Izzy, Jenk and Lopez.  Those are always fun.

What I didn’t like:  I can’t say that I was a fan of Frank’s story and that’s mostly because I know what happens to him in, is it Over the Edge?  I remember feeling bad in Over the Edge and him laying in Terri’s arms so to see this story with him alive and well and then knowing what happens later on, I was annoyed.  It was like grieving all over again and I just could have done without that.

What I could have done without: A huge part of this Troubleshooters series is the equal rights movement and I really respect Suz for being very vocal about it and doing things about it.  What I’m finding very frustrating is that this equal rights agenda that she’s got going on in her real life is front and center of the Troubleshooters series.

I started reading this series because I had just watched the movie Tears of the Sun and I wanted to read about those kinds of guys in my romance novels.  I came to love the Troubleshooters because the guys in the books were so flawed, so strong and yet, so very real that they became my favorite people.  They each had a different story and they each tackled their issues like a real person did.  They weren’t perfect but that’s what I loved about them.

Now, I just feel that her agenda is really taking the story away from these characters and on to what she feels is right.  That’s her right as these are her stories and she can tell them however she wants but I really miss reading a story about couples falling in love in the middle of bullets flying and terrorists trying to ruin lives and good guys saving the world.  The romance is still there but the romance is sitting prettily in the back seat, waiting for her turn.  Casee wrote a post about this a while ago and really, she nails my thoughts on this topic so much better.  You can read that post here.

Overall, this was a great book to fall into.  The Troubleshooters (old and new) are all mentioned or in it and it’s enjoyable to see everyone again.  I would have preferred reading a full length novel about one character but it’s a Troubleshooters series and I’m a sucker for them so I’ll always come back, even if I wish for more of things that aren’t there anymore for me.

Grade: 3.5 out of 5

This book is available from Ballantine. You can buy it here or here in e-format. This book was provided by the publisher for an honest review.

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Another Sam and Alyssa Book, YAY!

Posted February 5, 2009 by Rowena in News | 15 Comments

So I just finished Dark of Night and I’ve been looking around to see what we can look forward to from Suzanne Brockmann and I’m so facking happy to see that the next Troubleshooter book will be another Sam and Alyssa story. I have been such a huge Sam fan since I first met him early on in the series and Alyssa hated his guts.

I loved Sam when we first met him in The Unsung Hero and my love for his character has carried over through the rest of this series and Sam Starrett still remains one of my most favorite heroes of all time. I can’t wait for this book and I’m so going to buy this in hard cover.


Look at the synopsis for this book:

Following her sizzling novel of romantic suspense Dark of Night by less than six months, New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann returns to Troubleshooters, Inc., and fan favorites Sam and Alyssa

Troubleshooter Alyssa Locke and her husband, former Navy SEAL Sam Starrett, were brought to center stage in Gone Too Far, the sixth book in Suzanne Brockmann’s sexy, suspenseful New York Times bestselling series. Now these fan favorites are back to continue their story!

Alyssa takes on the extremely public assignment of providing personal protection for Savannah von Hopf, an old friend who is running for office. While high-profile, the bodyguard job seems simple and easy enough—except Alyssa is juggling her stressful leadership position with a new baby and a husband who is her subordinate.

When Alyssa receives several disturbing messages from “the Dentist,” a serial killer she has relentlessly pursued for years, Alyssa must take action to protect those closest to her. No one is safe, even after the FBI—including Sam and Alyssa’s good friend Jules Cassidy—gets involved. But Alyssa knows that as the Dentist’s true target she must use herself as bait to catch the devious killer—before he strikes again.

So what do you guys think about that? Are you excited about reading this book? Are you excited to read another story featuring Sam and Alyssa or do you wish that they would fade away into the sunset?

This book is available from Ballantine. You can pre-order it here.

(Holly says: Gag me with a spoon)

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Review: Into the Fire by Suzanne Brockmann.

Posted July 28, 2008 by Rowena in Reviews | 15 Comments

Hero: Murphy Vinh
Heroine: Hannah Whitfield
Grade: 4.75 out of 5

Suspense doesn’t burn any brighter and desire doesn’t run any deeper than when Suzanne Brockmann takes the helm, opens the throttle, and takes readers along for a breathless ride as she breaks the thrill barrier–again and again. With Into the Fire, Brockmann lights the fuse on her most explosive story yet.

Vinh Murphy–ex-Marine and onetime operative for the elite security firm Troubleshooters Incorporated–has been MIA ever since his wife, Angelina, was caught in a crossfire and killed during what should have been a routine bodyguard assignment. Overcome with grief, Murphy blames the neo-Nazi group known as the Freedom Network for her death. Now, years later, Freedom Network leader Tim Ebersole has been murdered–and the FBI suspects Murphy may have pulled the trigger. To prevent further bloodshed, Murphy’s friends at Troubleshooters scramble to find him and convince him to surrender peacefully.

Murphy himself can’t be sure what he did or didn’t do during the years he spent mourning and lost in an alcohol-induced fog. He does know he occasionally sought solace from Hannah Whitfield, a former police officer and the very friend who’d introduced him to his beloved late wife.

But Hannah, still grappling with the deafness that resulted from an injury sustained while on duty, was fighting her own battles. For years Hannah had feelings for Murphy, and one painful night their suffering brought them together in a way neither expected–and both regretted.

Murphy is ready to rejoin the living. As always, he finds himself knocking on Hannah’s door, and as always, his longtime friend welcomes him back into her home. Yet even as Murphy slowly rebuilds his splintered life, he continues to fight his growing feelings for Hannah.

Then he learns of Ebersole’s murder and comes to believe that the Freedom Network has targeted him–and Hannah–to avenge their leader’s death to violence. Now Murphy must face the terrifying prospect of losing another woman he loves.

As the Troubleshooters desperately search for him, Murphy races toward a deadly confrontation with the Freedom Network and ultimate choice: surrender his life in hopes that Hannah will be spared, or risk everything to salvage whatever future they may have together.

I loved it.

I really did, there wasn’t much about this book that I didn’t love. I loved it so much that I inhaled it after I started it, it was like I started reading and I couldn’t stop until I knew everything that happened and gosh, Suz did it again. She nailed a great storyline and made me fall even more in love with Izzy Zanella.


Such a good book.

This story is supposed to be about Murphy and Hannah but it’s about so much more than just them two. It’s about Izzy Zanella *sigh* and Dave Malkoff and Decker and Sophia and Tracy. Everyone from Troubleshooters is in this book and I enjoyed it all. There were times though when I was dying to read more about Izzy but I really enjoyed Murphy and Hannah’s story as well. I got choked up a few times through their storylines, especially when Murphy asked Hannah, “Why didn’t you fight for me?” I wasn’t expecting him to say it but when he did, my heart hurt for the both of them.

Suz does a great job with getting you involved in this story. It was one of those action packed books that you couldn’t stop reading because there was so much in it and so much to feel and read and know that after you close the book when you finish the book, you’re left feeling emotionally drained but happy for the ride anyway.

Murphy was a great hero, he’s one of those heroes that is broken and you see his road to recovery throughout this book and with each step he takes to make himself better, you fall just a little more in love with him. He was a good guy and his grief was so strong at times that I had to put the book down because I grieved with him but I still really enjoyed his book and his character.

Hannah was a great heroine, she was deaf but she was still an awesome heroine. She was funny and in your face tough and I really liked her for Murphy. She was exactly what Murphy needed by his side and I’m so glad that he had her because she was perfect for him. She never gave up on him and she wouldn’t let him give up on him either. She was just great.

This story opens up a bunch of storylines that we’ll see more of in future books and I’m really excited about all of that, I’m mighty curious to know who’s book is next…does anyone know? It was good to see everyone back in action together, Izzy, Jenkins, Lopez, Gilligan, Sophia, Tess and Nash (awww), Decker and everyone else…I love seeing characters from other books coming back, it’s just good stuff.

Should you guys read this book? Heck to the yes, it was a good addition to an already awesome series and the Suz fans out there will be delighted with it, so yes, go ahead and read it and drool over Izzy with me! =)

This book is available from Ballantine . You can buy it here.

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What I’ve Been Reading This Week

Posted June 30, 2008 by Tracy in Features | 21 Comments

Ok – this will be short, sweet and to the point, unfortunately, since my kids are being hellions angels and seem to not be able to leave me alone long enough to post! Ah the joys of motherhood. (and sorry, I’m not including links either – yeah, I suck)

What do you do when you get an email telling you you’ve won a book and you can’t remember what you’ve won? You write back and ask, of course. Except then you don’t read the entire email so when you get the book you kind of look at it, like, WTF? Then you go back and read the entire email and realize you’re an idiot! lol This, as you can guess, is what happened to me. I thought I was getting Janice Maynard’s soon to be released By Appointment Only. Um, NOT. I got one of her Precious Gem collection books from 1997. Yes, the cover does look like she’s a baby bird accepting worms from her mother. But no, it’s just him with his tongue. (Ok, I’ve obviously not had enough sleep this weekend!) Anyway, the hero drove me up a freakin wall. Every time the heroine told him that she couldn’t see him anymore, which was definitely more than once, he would say mean things to her, i.e. she didn’t have a brain in her head (and my personal favorite) she was going to end up old and alone – niiiiice. And she still wanted to be with this clown? Come on!

I started reading Weddings from Hell with stories from Maggie Shayne, Jeaniene Frost, Terri Garey & Kathryn Smith. I got through the first, Till Death by Maggie Shayne, which was almost painful…and part of Happily Never After by Jeaniene Frost before getting completely distracted by My Fair Captain. I’m sure I’ll go back and read the rest at a later date. Please, someone remind me of that since I may forget! They say the mind is the first to go.

Lisabea reminded me – in a totally and obscure roundabout way, without even knowing she was doing it – that I should read My Fair Captain by J. L. Langley. Oh dear Lord what a fabulous book! I absolutely loved the whole premise of the book, the setting, the characters – all of them – I could go on and on. An absolutely wonderful book!

Then came a novella by Missy Lyons entitled Gold Fever. An ok book. Parts drove me nuts – like when the heroine left the hero to become a whore and he didn’t come looking for her for 2 weeks. Yep, that’s love. Too bad she liked it in the brothel so much! lol

Next was The Broken H by J. L. Langley. It was ok. See review below.

Still reading the Troubleshooters series by Suzanne Brockmann. She’s still whipping out the great books in this series…so I’m still reading them. I love how she usually has 3 different stories going on at the same time – one never gets bored reading them. So I finished Out of Control which was incredible and Into the Night which was also wonderful, but very serious and very sad…but there was also an HEA.

Happy Reading!!!

What did you read this week?

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