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Review: Throwing Heat by Jennifer Seasons

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Throwing Heat
Rowena’s review of Throwing Heat (Diamonds and Dugouts #3) by Jennifer Seasons.

The sexy baseball players of Jennifer Seasons’ Diamonds and Dugouts series slide into home with a final fiery romance worthy of a World Series win.

Nightclub manager Leslie Cutter has never been one to back down from a bet. So when Peter Kowalskin, pitcher for the Denver Rush baseball team, bets her that she can’t keep her hands off of him, she’s not about to let the arrogant, gorgeous playboy win. Especially when the prize could put her business on the map. She’s got this in the bag, just so long as she can stay out of his arms … and his bed.

Peter struck out once before with Leslie, but this bet is sure to be the second chance he’s been waiting for. Determined to stoke the passion he knows is there, he’ll do anything to win—even if it means playing a little dirty.

But as things heat up, this combustible pair will have to decide just how much they’re willing to wager on one another … and on a future that just might last forever.

This was a short read, one that didn’t take long at all to dig right into. This story follows the star pitcher for the Denver Rush as he falls head over heels in love with his best friend’s little sister, Leslie. After a disastrous night together that he’s likely to never forget (her either). When she moves into a building that he owns and problems start arising that makes her homeless for a little bit, she ends up moving in with Peter until construction is done at her condo.

Peter and Leslie have chemistry coming out of their asses and the heart knows what it wants but Leslie can’t let herself go there because of the humiliation of their last sexual encounter. But when he bets that she can’t keep her hands off him while she’s living with him, she has every confidence that she can do just that…especially since he’s given her the best incentive. A chance at making her nightclub business take off. She’d be an idiot to let this chance slip by so she agrees and Peter pulls out all of the stops.

This book was short and it was cute but there were a lot of things that happened that made me roll my eyes. Leslie’s attitude towards Peter and Peter’s arrogance with Leslie. Their relationship bordered on childish and immature a lot of the times but at the end, it was all good.

Peter was sexy and he was strong and exactly what a hero should be but even with all of that said, there was still time when I wanted to smack him upside his head. The same can be said for Leslie. I really liked that Leslie picked up the pieces of her life and moved on from the scandal and betrayal she suffered through. She didn’t let that get her down, she picked herself back up and built something new with the help of her brother. I thought she was strong and I was glad to see things turn around for her.

Throughout the book, Peter and Leslie bicker and while I can tell that it was supposed to be cute and funny but for me, it got to be tiresome. I wanted them both to get over themselves and just like each other and be okay with it. All of the bickering came to an end once the feelings started developing and when the book came to an end, I was glad that they finally got their shit together and started making a real run for it…together. While this book wasn’t perfect, it was still a solid story. An entertaining read. I’m not at all mad that I read it.

Grade: 3 out of 5

This book is available from Avon Impulse. You can purchase it here or here in e-format. This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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What I Read Last Week

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Hey Ya’ll!

Sorry this is late. We’ve been having a little boyfriend drama at my house so I’ve been dealing with real life instead of my pretend one here. 😉 My oldest’s boyfriend of 6 weeks broke up with her and after having her cry all weekend (and I do mean all weekend) he’s now saying they were on a break but not broken up. OMG I just can’t stop thinking about Friend with Ross and Rachel! Too funny. Anyway, they’re talking calmly now and we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

Other than that nothing much happened this past week so on to what I read:

I started off with The Wrong Billionaire’s Bed by Jessica Clare. A great book about a woman who thinks herself in love with her childhood friend but when she meets his friend she’s nothing but confused – and more. You can read my full review of the book here. 4 out of 5

Archangel’s Legion by Nalini Singh was up next and Oh. My. God. This was just an amazingly fabulous book that I just couldn’t put down once I picked it up. The story has Raphael and Elena back as the main couple and holy shnykies they are wonderful together. I thought so in book 1 and have continued to think so over the course of the series but this just absolutely cemented it for me. They’re fighting together to keep what they’ve built and I loved it. 5 out of 5 (read for Book Binge)

The Virgin: Revenge by J. Dallas was the first novella in a serial having to do with Shannon seeking revenge against Drake who she fell in love with when she was 17. Now it’s 10 years later and she’s applying for a position as his assistant thinking he won’t recognize her. The story was ok but there were too many things alluded to that were never fleshed out. I understand this is a serial but I needed something to make me want to read the next one and I didn’t feel like I got it. 2.5 out of 5 (read for Book Binge – review will post on the 30th if you’re interested in reading more of my thoughts)

Sweet by Erin McCarthy was a great book in the True Believers series. It has Riley and Jessica living together for a week and finding that they don’t dislike each other half as much as they believed they did. The story was really good and I can’t wait to read book 3. You can read my full review here 4 out of 5

Last for the week was Throwing Heat by Jennifer Seasons. The story is about a baseball player who’s got the hots for a fellow players sister. They almost have a night together but then he stops and she’s rejected. Now it’s 3 years later and he wants another chance and she’s not about to give it to him. I read about 60% of this book and stopped. I think the problem for me was that there was a boatload of introspection but not a ton of dialogue and when I found myself skimming I put the book down. I’m an every word reader 99% of the time so when I start skimming that’s a bad sign. I may go back to this eventually but for now it’s a DNF.

My Book Binge reviews that posted last week:

Happy Reading!

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