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Guest Review: Final Lap by Erin McCarthy

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Guest Review: Final Lap by Erin McCarthyReviewer: Tracy
Final Lap by Erin McCarthy
Series: Fast Track #8
Publisher: Berkley, Penguin
Publication Date: October 7th 2014
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Series Rating: four-stars

At a friend’s lavish wedding, Harley McLain and her twin sister, Charity, meet sexy stock-car driver Cooper Brickman. The more reserved Harley is immediately smitten—until he hits on her twin. But Harley has had enough of being the “nice” girl, and after trading dresses with Charity, she seduces Cooper for a night of wild sex.

What was supposed to be a one-night fling gets complicated when Cooper needs a nanny to look after his kid sister—and is convinced sweet, dependable Harley would be perfect for the job. She can’t resist the money—or Cooper’s hot bod. But when her deception is revealed, will it destroy her dependable image—or will he finally realize how sexy sweet can be?

Harley McLain has always had a crush on driver Cooper Brickman so when she meets him at a friend’s wedding she’s so excited. I mean every girl dreams of meeting their prince charming, right? Why couldn’t it happen to her? Unfortunately when Harley tells Cooper that she’s a nanny all he’s interested in telling her is about his little sister who has been living with him and how he has no idea what to do with her. He doesn’t have kids of his own so having a 12 year old around the house is confusing. Harley’s a bit disgusted when her twin sister, Charity, walks by and she sees lust in Cooper’s eyes. WTH? I mean they’re identical twins so why would he look at Harley as a mother figure and Charity as someone he’s interested in having sex with? Talk about confusing.

Charity is a bit put out with Cooper and everyone else who doesn’t see beyond her boobs. She has a brain, ya know? Charity and Harley decide to switch dresses and therefore switch identities. Harley wants to see what will happen with Cooper if she acts like Charity. Well, a lot, it turns out. Cooper has had a lot to drink but when Charity starts coming on to him he’s all in and they end up in her room spending the night together. Harley wants to tell Cooper the truth but after he falls asleep she just doesn’t know how. She doesn’t know how to tell her sister either and ends up leaving her in the dark. Not a good decision, that one.

Cut to two months later and Harley is now working as a nanny for Cooper and his sister (who’s actually 13). She finds she really likes his sister, Mary Jane, but has a hard time thinking of Cooper as her boss. She really likes him a lot and the more time they spend together the more she likes HIM and not the driver persona she’s had a crush on for a while. Cooper is sending signals that he likes her as well but when Cooper finds out about the switch he may not want her around any longer.

This was a great final book in the Fast Track series. We only get one romance, but both Harley and Charity finding their HEA’s.

Harley and Cooper were so cute together. I did have a bit of an issue with Cooper at first when he kept thinking of Harley as more maternal. Maybe she was, but she was a woman as well. The fact he could lust after Charity and not Harley confused me and we find out later in the book that it confused the hell out of him too. How can he like Harley when he slept with Charity? He shouldn’t, but he does.

When he finally comes clean to Harley about how he slept with her sister, Harley is so relieved because now she can tell him it was actually her that he slept with. Only…he then tells her how horrible of an experience it was to sleep with Charity and Harley is so embarrassed! How can she come clean about her feelings and tell him the truth when he thought sleeping with her was so awful? I wouldn’t have wanted to either!

Despite the deception they manage to work out their issues. There was another zinger right at the end of the book that I thought was a bit too overly dramatic but I got over it. 🙂

The other couple was Charity and Jeff Sterling. Though there’s not a lot of them in the book together but what was there was very sweet and I wish we could have gotten more of their interactions.

Overall a really good book. I’ve enjoyed the Fast Track series and will miss reading about all of the lively characters that we’ve come to know and love.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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