Best of 2023: The Authors

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Suzanne Wright: Suzanne Wright was a new-to-me author in 2023. Her books are so engaging that I had difficulty finding books to read after I glommed her backlist. I was just pulled in every single time. I’m generally not someone that re-reads books, but I’ve re-read almost all her books.

J.T. Geissinger: J.T. Geissinger was also a new-to-me author this year. I’m not a fan of mafia stories and didn’t know that I had picked one up. Her writing is so good that I decided I had to have more. I love her.

Sherilee Gray: Yet another new-to-me author. Sherilee Gray writes in almost every genre and I couldn’t get enough.

Lucy Score: Lucy Score has been a favorite of mine for years, but I really feel like this year, she really shined.

Georgia Lynn Hunter: And my last new-to-me author on this list. Her books reminded me of Sherilee Gray and I was thrilled to find another author that I loved.

Honorable Mentions: Nalini Singh and Victoria Ashley.


Ilona Andrews: The GOAT. I adore this duo. There’s nothing they’ve written that I don’t love. Sigh.

Suzanne Wright: I’ve read Wright for years, but I really binged her books this year. I love her blend of strong female leads, supportive (yet alpha) males and humor/drama. These aren’t light books, per se, but they leave me feeling happy every time.

Michelle Manus: I don’t love all the books I’ve read by Manus, but I can’t deny that I always finish them wanting more. The Nyx Fortuna series in particular is addicting and beloved.

Lucy Score: Another author I binge-read in 2023. I absolutely adored several of her books. While I didn’t love every single title, I know what to expect when I pick up one of her books.

Kenley Davidson: This was a new-to-me author in 2024. She has a giant backlist and I found it easy to fall into her books. The fairytale feel hit just right with me this year. Fair warning, the spice level is nil, but I found I didn’t mind since the stories were engaging.

Honorable Mentions: Dianne Duvall and Rachel Bach.

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  1. Kareni

    A couple of authors I discovered in 2023 were Gigi DeGraham and Moniquill Blackgoose. I look forward to reading more by each of them.

    Authors whose books I enjoyed rereading include Karan K Anders/Andrea K Höst; Michelle Diener; Nathan Lowell; S. K. Dunstall; Katherine Addison; and more.

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