Review and Book Giveaway: Love Bites by Adrienne Barbeau

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It’s only two weeks since Peter and Ovsanna faced off with the Cinema Slayer, and already life is getting complicated.

First there’s the werewolf attack. Then a mutilated body at the Sportsmen’s Lodge turns up. Not to mention the fact that several of Ovsanna’s clan members, including Orson Welles and Mary Pickford, are vying for attention. All of this makes it hard for Peter and Ovsanna to get together. And it doesn’t help that Ovsanna’s personal assistant and sometimes lover, Maral, will do anything to get Peter out of the picture.

Peter and Ovsanna have to fight for their relationship and their lives. Ovsanna enlists her clan, the Vampyres of Hollywood, to help battle a menagerie of supernatural beasts straight out of Alien vs. Predator. This isn’t a box-office ratings war, it’s a fight to the death.

Peter has asked Ovsanna out on a date. Well, not really a date, but having Christmas dinner with his family counts as something pretty personal. But before Ovsanna can even be picked up for the night she’s attacked in her front yard by a horrible werebeast. The beast takes off when it hears sirens and Ovsanna is A-ok. Keeping this information to herself she heads off and has a wonderful time with Peter. It seems like the beginning of…something, though neither of them are sure what exactly. Peter isn’t thrilled though when he eventually finds out about the attack and wants to protect her.

But there are other happenings going on in Hollywood. First there is Ovsanna’s assistant/lover/house mate who brings a drug dealer back from her family visit in Louisiana in order to keep him away from her brother. Next is Maral’s attempts at hoodoo and spells. Then there are the Vampyres of Hollywood – among others, Orson Wells, Mary Pickford and Pola Negri, who want to take over as Ovsanna’s business partner. Then there’s the boxenwolves – humans who use magic to change into wolves – who are attacking Ovsanna and Peter. Ovsanna and Peter now need to find out exactly what’s after Ovsanna and why. Unfortunately they each take their lives into their hands when they figure it out.

This was a great second book in the Vampyres of Hollywood series. I thought the book had just the right mixture of Hollywood and paranormal, along with romance and grit to give it a truly engaging story. And there was the humor that we saw in book 1 as well and had me laughing out loud in several parts of the book.

We got to see a bit more into the lives of the main characters, Ovsanna and Peter, but the story with the wolves really took precedence. Love Bites certainly wasn’t as gory as the first book, Vampyres of Hollywood, but beware, it did have it’s blood-soaked moments. 

Overall a very good book that kept my attention from beginning to end.

Rating: 4.25 out of 5

Love Bites came out in HC on 8/31/10

I have one copy of Love Bites to give away to one lucky winner (Intl. OK). Just leave a comment on this post by 11:59pm (pacific) on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 and I’ll announce the winner on Thursday, October 14. 

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25 responses to “Review and Book Giveaway: Love Bites by Adrienne Barbeau

  1. Tam

    Don't count me in for the contest but is that Adrienne Barbeau the actress the author, or just a coincidence because it caught my attention.

  2. Hey you caught me online. You are correct…and no, no coincidence – this is the actress. This is her 3rd book. The first was a memoir and then the 2nd was the first in this series called Vampyres of Hollywood. 🙂

  3. Oh how interesting! Definitely count me in for the contest, I'd like to try this series. 🙂 Thanks for the great review and the giveaway, Tracy.

  4. Lea

    Hi Tracy:

    Sounds like a really good story and I'm always looking for a good paranormal so, sure throw my name in the hat!

    Thanks for hosting and for sharing your thoughts, nice review..

  5. Hilcia – Will do.

    Lea – It was good – I think you'll enjoy it.

    SVZ – So you read book 1? I take it you liked it?

    Chris – You da bomb. 🙂 Thanks!

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