Pigs, Cupcakes and Tight Asses

Posted October 29, 2010 by Tracy in Reviews | 12 Comments

So here I am in San Francisco with Tam, Chris, Kris and Jenre and we’re having a great time. It seems though that pigs, cupcakes and tight asses are appearing wherever I got. Ok, the cupcakes and pigs I don’t mind so much but they do make me hungry, and truly the tight asses aren’t following me, unfortunately, but they are in abundance. Yes, I know, you all want evidence of the tight asses, but I was too shy to ask a cute man in the Castro to pose for a picture. Yes, I know, me? Shy? It’s true. Actually there were just too many to choose from. lol

Here are a few pictures from our travels yesterday. We all went to A Different Light bookstore and then all headed in different directions. Chris and I ended up walking from the Castro to Haight/Ashbury. Let me just say that if I never again leave Chris is charge of the end destination again it will be too soon. We walked up hill FOREVER! OMG my ass, thighs and calves were screaming at me the whole way. Yes, it was downhill on the way back…but then uphill again to get back to the house. Holy shit! lol But honestly it was a lot of fun and we had a great time. Today we’re all headed to Chinatown and then this evening we’ll hit Yaoi-con and make some trouble.

Here’s the place we’re staying in Noe Valley: (and yes, I totally stole it from Kris’s blog since I’m too damned tired from yesterday to get off my ass and go take my own picture!)

Here are a few of the Castro as we walked:

And a pig, a (kindof) cupcake and a tight ass!

I’ll try to get more of all of the above and try to break my “shy” streak and get some cute men of the Castro pictures…but I’m not promising anything!

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12 responses to “Pigs, Cupcakes and Tight Asses

  1. I hope you have a great time at Yaoi-con, Tracy 😛

    and LOL, if the tight asses aren't following, then it means they're in front right 😛 So you're probably getting an eyeful, not bad 😛

  2. Jason – Alas I have failed you. I never made it back to Castro and left SF this morning. There are still women there so maybe they might come through for you. Sorry!

    Hilcia – I'll spill tomorrow!

    Ingrid – A lot of Yaoi-con that Tam took!

    Orannia – I have more but was rushed for time to post. I'll post what I can tomorrow!

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