Review: Sinful Temptation by Cassidy McKay.

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Hero: Nicholas Germaine
Heroine: Jennifer Amante
Grade: 2.75 out of 5

Old habits die hard, no matter how much time has passed. Twenty-eight year old real estate receptionist Jennifer Amante calls a phone sex line on a dare from her childhood friend, and encounters “Naughty Nick”, the self-made man who runs Sinful Temptations.

As passion tempts them both beyond their previous boundaries, Nick and Jenn must confront the deceit, jealousy, and death that stalks them.

Can they survive their Sinful Temptations?

It is official, I’ve fallen back in love with my ebook reader. I haven’t used my ebook reader in a few months but now that I’ve got new books loaded on there, it seems that ebooks are the only kind of books that I want to read right now.

This is a book that you’ll probably finish in one sitting because on my ebook reader, the book was only 197 pages so I zipped right through this one with ease. It wasn’t a very hard story to follow with the storyline being very simple. It’s a very short story and the book left me wanting more, I guess I wanted more to make the story believable.

The story goes like this, Heroines best friend makes heroine call one of those naughty phone sex lines and heroine makes the call, meets the hero and they have all sorts of hot steamy phone sex, then hero goes into heroines work and wants to buy a house and comes face to face with heroine and finds out that she’s his steamy phone sex partner from the other night. He asks heroine out and she declines, stating that she doesn’t date clients and then she goes home and calls Naughty Nick because the guy that came into her work reminded her of him and since she couldn’t go out with him, she wants to masterbate to Naughty Nick’s voice and pretend that hottie guy from work is the person she’s talking to.

*rolls eyes*

I couldn’t care for Jenn after that because of course, the shit hits the fan when they finally do end up going out and Jen is all in love with Nick and she finds out from the office bitch that Nick from the office owns a phone sex company and she puts two and two together making her Naughty Nick and Nick she went on a date the same person, she gets all pissed off and throws this big ol’ tantrum that made me want to slap her silly but what really got me is that Nick is supposed to be this laid back kind of guy and this macho guy with a 9 inch schlong and then we see him get all panicked and start pleading with Jennifer to take him back.

I guess my issue with that whole thing was I didn’t see what the big deal was about his name being kept a secret, he tried to tell Jen before they slept together but she wasn’t trying to hear it and just seeing the way she blew up just made me sigh and roll my eyes a little more.

If there was more to the story, if I could have gotten to know both Nick and Jen more, I think I would have enjoyed this book a lot more but because I couldn’t really connect or relate to the characters and because I thought Jen was a dummy, this story fell short for me. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t really love it either, oh and if you could believe this coming from me, I wanted more sex too.

But because I’m cool like that, I’m going to offer three copies of this story in ebook for anyone who wants to give this book a try and see if they like it more than me, so who wants a free ebook? I’ll announce the winners for the giveaway in two days, on January 20th at noon.

This book is available from Resplendence. You can buy it here.

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    Alright, I will buy each of you guys a copy of this book, thanks for stopping by. =)

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