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Greetings and Salutations!

I’ve discovered that trying to get your kids in bed/asleep and working on blog posts is not something I should do at the same time. Yeah, I know…it seems so apparent that it can’t work, but I thought I’d give it try anyway. Nope, not working. So – another post with no links – sorry! 🙂

The first book I finished this week…not necessarily the one I started first…was Heart of the Hunter by Tina St. John. I started another book but remembered the TBR challenge and read this one really quickly. It was ok. You can see the review a couple of posts back.

Read Jet Mykles’ Tech Support. Really liked this novella. I hadn’t read her before but I like the way she writes very much and am looking forward to reading more of her work.

Charlie’s Bargan by Evangeline Anderson was next. Strangely enough the man in this story was considered “alien” but since it was sci-fi and they were already on another planet, did it bother me like the book below? Not at all. huh. Pretty good short erotica story. The wording on a few things was odd, but hey – it’s sci fi.

Finished Season of Strangers by Kat Martin (the first book I started…see above). Review below this one. Alien Abductions – all I’m sayin.

Dangerous Ground by Josh Lanyon was next. Great little novella – enjoyed it a lot. Want to read more about these characters.

My love affair with Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooters continued with Breaking Point. Oh my lord I loved this one! Just so good. I really love how she follows up with characters from previous books and there’s always 3 or more stories going on at the same time. Loved it.

Mistress to the Beast by Eve Vaughn…funny name. Modern day beauty and the beast. It was ok. Not great, not horrible. Silly trivia…my grandma’s maiden name was Vaughn and I always thought if I ever wrote books (which will never happen) that I’d want my pen name to be Vaughn. Now do I have to think of a catchy first name that starts with a J? 🙂

Lastly…Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward. Ok, I know this is like the 3rd time I’ve read it but it was calling to me! lol I just love this story – so stinking good. Simple parts of the book just get to me. Rhage in Mary’s house after their date and she tells him he’s really good friend material and he’s so floored…in a good way. Or when John Matthew’s having dinner with Wellsie and Tohr for the first time and Wellsie automatically gives JM the bowl of rice with the ginger. He’s so moved that they understand him, and his stomach is full for the first time in his life. I won’t even mention the end that tears me up every time. Yeah, I’m a sap. Love this book!

Happy Reading!

What have you been reading this week?

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16 responses to “What I’ve Been Reading This Week

  1. I LOVE “Lover Eternal!” It’s my favourite BDB book. I think I read it 3 or maybe even 4 times – skipping the Lesser parts, of course. 🙂 Mary and Rhage have some scenes which get to me no matter how often I read them.

  2. I know – it’s just sooooo good. Of course now I’m itching to read Lover Awakened after reading LE so I’m sure I’ll do that this week as well! *sigh*
    I think it’s sad though that we hardly see Mary in later books and we hardly hear about her as well. I like her a lot!

  3. Wow. You read so much! LEternal is my fav too. I heart Rhage. I haven’t read any of the other books on your list. This week I read CRY WOLF by Briggs and DEMON BOUND by MJBrook. mmmmmmmm goood!

  4. OMG Ciara you read Demon Bound??? You lucky girl, you!

    Except for Heart of a Hunter which was just ok and Season of Strangers that was um, weird and unfeeling, I really liked all the others.

  5. Okay, I gotta jump on the Rhage wagon. That too is my favorite. I remember I cried so bad in that one. My mom was still living with me and she thought there was something seriously wrong with me!! It was a great experience. One I have only relived one other time. I’d like to reread them. Maybe soon. One day I need to try a Suzanne Brockmann book too.

  6. LE is da bomb! I knew I wasn’t the only one out there but it’s nice to see my peeps backin me up. 🙂
    Amy – def need to read Brockmann. I don’t know about her other books – I’ve only read the Troubleshooters so far – but I can only imagine they’re as good.

  7. Oh, Tracy,
    So funny reading LE for the third time!! People who love that book LOVE it. I like the first the best. And LOL on blogging while getting your kids to bed.

  8. Tracy~Max/Gina are my FAVs (and Jules/Robin). Suze signed my battered much read copy : To lisab~ Max says “Hi”~Suzanne Brockmann

    Ok. Yes. I got a little fangirlie. I did.


    Wow you read some good stuff!

  9. CJ – I reread Dark Lover a few months ago for yes, the 4th time. Like I don’t have enough new stuff to read? I’m tellin ya – they call to me!

    LB – yes, I LOVED Gina and Max. The whole story throughout the books has been great. I can’t wait to read Jules and Robin. I’m totally jealous that SB signed your book from Max and honey I would have gone fangirlie on her too!

  10. OMG wow you read a lot in a week. Just once I want to see how much you read in a month. Seriously.
    Loved Tech Support and Dangerous Ground.

    I am going to read my first Brockman this weekend. Or at least start it. Right now I am reading Linda Howard’s Mr. Perfect (as always a day late dollar short)

  11. Oh I think you’ll really like the Brockmann novels. I love them!

    I don’t really read that many novels…as you can see 3 or 4 of those were novellas, shorts, novellettes, whatever you want to call them! lol

  12. Love Rhage. Love Mary. Great book… my favorite BDB book flip flops between DL, LE, and LA. Depends on the day. 😉

    I second the LOL re: trying to blog while getting the kids ready for bed. I usually get the urge to blog right when I need to be cooking dinner. Then by the time the latter part of the night rolls around, I’ve lost my creative mojo. I need to work on that.

  13. My favs flip between those 3 too Christine!

    haha – I know what you mean about the creative mojo…I’m thinking mine has completely dried up this week. Never a good thing! 🙂

  14. I went to her book signing and was such a smiling weenie.

    She’s quite nice, fyi.

    And Dangerous Ground? Did you splish splash?

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