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Excerpt (+ Giveaway): Two Nights with a Bride by Kat Latham

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two nights with his brideExcerpt from Two Nights with His Bride by Kat Latham—and giveaway!

Hi everyone! waves Thank you so much for joining me here, and thank you to Book Binge for inviting me to share an excerpt of my latest release, Two Nights With His Bride!

This book is Book 6 in a multiauthor series, Montana Born Brides. The other books are by Scarlet Wilson, Dani Collins, Nicole Helm, Maisey Yates and Rachael Johns. The series focuses on women who are involved in a huge Hollywood wedding that’s happening in a small Montana town. There’s a florist, a bridal shop owner, musicians, a baker…and, of course, the celebrity bride.

My book, Two Nights With His Bride, is all about Nancy Parsons, the actress engaged to marry a Hollywood heartthrob—except her trip down the aisle doesn’t go the way she planned. Her bridesmaids plan a girls’ weekend away rafting and camping, and they hire Nancy’s old friend Wyatt, the owner of an outdoor adventure company, to lead their trip. Nancy and Wyatt have a complicated past and, it turns out, an even more complicated future.

This excerpt takes place a few hours after their rafting trip down the Yellowstone River starts. They’re on a lunch break, and it’s the first time in nearly 15 years they’ve spoken. The last time they saw each other, Nancy was 15 and Wyatt was 21—and he pushed her away when she tried to kiss him, telling her it would never happen, not in a million years.

Now she’s going to make him want to eat those words.


Nancy finished her sandwich in record time, yanked the life jacket off and threw it onto the ground before tugging at the zipper of her wetsuit. The one-piece bathing suit he’d given her clung in all the right places, and he silently cursed himself. As a girl, she’d had a haunting beauty, as if she were never completely present. She’d probably been so damn hungry that she’d struggled to focus, but she’d come off as being distant and otherworldly. People always commented on it, calling her ethereal instead of starving.

She’d filled out a little during her years in Hollywood, but she would probably always carry the lean, malnourished-in-childhood look. Fortunately for her, that look seemed to be in for TV actresses. It wasn’t a look he usually went for—he’d always had a thing for curves and dimples, women who looked like they baked the world’s best apple pie and enjoyed eating it smothered with vanilla ice cream.

She’s getting married, you idiot.

Not that he wanted something with her. He was simply fighting the temptation of the forbidden. She was engaged to someone else—and Wyatt never, ever flirted with women in relationships—and the history between them was too complex for anything casual. He knew things about her he doubted she’d told anyone. Plus, she essentially paid his dad’s salary.

None of that mattered, anyway, he thought as the massive rock on her finger caught a ray of sun and blinded him.


She laid her wetsuit on a flat rock and lowered herself onto it, letting out a deep sigh. Seeing her in the bunny costume had made him half hard. Seeing her spread out in the sun finished that job.

He pretended to be busy checking the raft as the others ate, but the pull of her was too hard to ignore. He should probably see how she was doing. After all, she was the bride, and his company had been hired to make her happy. As the others chatted and ate, he sat down next to her on the rock.

“You’re blocking my sun.”

“I thought you bride types avoided the sun so you didn’t get weird tan lines.”

She gave him a squinty smile under the shade of her hand. “Shows what you know. I have a skin colorist who can help me even out the tone. Plus I’m wearing SPF eight million.”

“A skin what?”

“You probably don’t want to know.”

“Definitely not.” Nearly fifteen years of awkward silence piled up between them. He cleared his throat. “So the big day’s in just a couple of weeks, huh?”


“I hear wedding planning can be stressful.”

She snorted. “If I survive this, it’ll be a miracle.” Crunching up, she glanced at Polly and Ruby as if to make sure they were out of earshot. “Those two have been like the twin spawns of Satan. Seriously, planning this rafting trip is the only good thing they’ve done.”

“I thought bridesmaids are supposed to help the bride.”

“Yeah, me too. But they can’t agree on anything. If we don’t find a bridesmaid dress they agree on, I swear I’m going to make them wear these Farmer Jane things. Actually, no, Polly would probably love that. And I can’t make them go naked because Ruby would love that.”

“Burlap sacks?”

“Not a bad idea. I’ll see if my parents have any extras.” She sat up and crossed her legs. “Okay, you helped me solve that problem. Now what about when the bride and groom have completely different taste in music?”

“Easy. Whoever likes country western wins.”

She grinned. “Good. That’s me.”

“I heard Jake Kohl’s singing at your wedding.”

“Yep. Want his autograph?”

He laughed and shook his head. “I’m not really an autograph collector. I just think it’s pretty amazing how you’ve managed to make this life for yourself.”

She blinked. “Was that a compliment?”

“Yeah, it shocked me, too.” His mouth twisted in a wry smile. “Weirdly, I don’t want to take it back. I guess I must mean it.”

“Well, obviously. I’ve never known you to say things you don’t mean. I’m just confused because I’ve also never known you to say anything complimentary to me.”

His neck warmed. “That can’t be true.” Surely it couldn’t. He thought nice things about her. He just…shit. He just wasn’t good at getting them from his brain to his mouth.

“Anyway, I don’t know that I made my life this way. It just sort of happened.”

“Please don’t feed me that false modesty bullshit. I’m not some women’s magazine that wants to see a humble version of you. I know where you came from, sweetheart. You didn’t grow up in Hollywood, hobnobbing with agents and producers. You worked hard, and it’s paying off. It’s…admirable.”

She clutched her chest. “Two compliments? You’ve changed, Mr. Wilder.”

He wasn’t the only one, a fact his traitorous body reminded him of as she loosened her mocking grip on her chest. He wanted to rub away any pain she’d inflicted on her smooth skin, maybe move from rubbing to kissing to licking—

“What about you?” she asked, interrupting his fantasy. “I saw that store of yours—and what you charge for this bathing suit. You must be doing okay.”

“Not everything in my store is that expensive. I gave you my top-of-the-line stuff.”

She cocked one of her brows. “Wyatt, I’ve walked down the red carpet in dresses that cost less than this suit.”

“I forgot what a bullshitter you are.”

She grinned and lay back on her towel. Her body stayed tense, though, as if she couldn’t fully relax. They sat in a silence that grew more awkward the longer it stretched. He tried to keep his gaze on her face, but it strayed—subtly, he thought, so subtly she wouldn’t notice.

“Never gonna happen, Wyatt. Not in a million years.”

Shit. She’d noticed.


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Two Nights With His Bride


Wedding fever has hit the little town of Marietta…

Soap opera star Nancy Parsons is madly in love with Hollywood’s favorite leading man, and they’re getting married on her parents’ stunning horse ranch just outside Marietta, Montana. Actors, athletes, and politicians will be there to watch Hollywood’s most extravagant couple say I do.

There’s just one problem. The bride’s childhood friend Wyatt Wilder knows Nancy’s making the biggest mistake of her life. Sure, Jared’s got looks, money, fame, and—it seems—Nancy’s heart. But when her bridesmaids hire him to lead them on a girls’-only adventure, Wyatt has two nights in the wilderness along the Yellowstone River to show her what a real man looks and acts like. A rugged, tough, loving man.

But will he be able to do it before she says “I do” to the wrong man?

Kat-Latham-high-resAbout Kat Latham:

Kat Latham is a California girl who moved to Europe the day after graduating from UCLA, ditching her tank tops for raincoats. She taught English in Prague and worked as an editor in London before she and her British husband moved to the Netherlands. Kat’s other career involves writing and editing for charities, and she’s traveled to Kenya, Ethiopia and India to meet heroic people helping their communities survive disasters. Find out more on her website: katlatham.com.

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Five Books Everyone Should Read: Author Kat Latham

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5 Books Project

Kat-Latham-high-resWhen I’m plotting a new book, one of the things that excites me most is choosing a job for my heroine. The first female surgeon I ever encountered was between the pages of a romance novel (this was in the early 90s, and she had the misfortune of falling for a man we would today diagnose as an asshat with major dickhead tendencies, but still, she was a surgeon). By the time I started writing my own books, I got sick of heroines who owned art galleries in Sydney but never had to actually spend time at their stores.

Anyway, I actively seek out books whose heroines have unusual jobs, and those are the women I like to write about. I’ve written about a sanitation engineer in displacement camps, a trader for an investment bank and an airline pilot, and I’m drafting a book now about a train engineer.

Here are my top recommendations of books with heroines who have unusual jobs. I hope you’ll find the books themselves are just as unique and memorable as their heroines are!

inside brenda novakInside by Brenda Novak

Virgil Skinner served fourteen years for a murder he didn’t commit. He’s finally been exonerated, but he can’t escape the gang he joined in order to survive. They’ll do anything to keep him from telling what he knows. And if they can’t get to Virgil they’ll go after his sister and her kids.

The California Department of Corrections needs someone to infiltrate another gang, one that’s taking control of the state’s most notorious supermax. Virgil agrees to do it under an alias—in exchange for his sister’s protection.

Chief Deputy Warden Peyton Adams is opposed to having Virgil in her prison. How will she protect him if things go bad? Besides, she’s far too attracted to him; she might even be falling in love with him. That makes her all the more desperate to keep him safe—and it gives him someone else to lose.

Peyton Adams is the deputy warden in a California prison, where she meets prisoner-turned-spy Virgil Skinner. The stakes in their romance couldn’t be higher, and the prison setting is so incredibly well researched and detailed that my stomach was clenched the whole time I was reading (which had to be great for my abs). Hmm…I think it’s time for me to get this one down from my keeper shelf and reread. My abs could use the workout.

start me up victoria dahlStart Me Up by Victoria Dahl

Lori had always planned to get out of tiny Tumble Creek, Colorado, but when her late dad left her his beloved auto body shop, she’d stayed. Now, according to her crazy best friend, Molly, what Lori needs is some excitement, in the form of hot, no-strings-attached sex…and lots of it.

Quinn Jennings has buildings on the brain–not love and romance. A serious architect, he’s delighted to discover that Lori is willing to skip dating protocols and head straight for the sheets. And aided by the steamy books on Lori’s bedside table, he’s busy indulging both of their wildest fantasies. But when life in Tumble Creek takes a dangerous turn for Lori, Quinn’s protective instincts kick in.

Suddenly he cares. More than either of them ever expected…

Lori Love is a car mechanic who owns her own auto-body shop and drives a tow truck in Colorado. She falls for her best friend’s brother, Quinn Jennings, an architect. I love how Lori has a career that requires strength, mechanical knowledge and courage–especially as Lori has to take the tow truck out in some dangerous situations–and she’s good at it. She struggles with the fact that her expectations of her life haven’t become reality (she’d always wanted to leave town and see the world, but her dad was seriously injured and she stayed home to take care of him instead), but she doesn’t struggle with the actual work. When Quinn gets worried about her safety, she puts him in his place and really shows her strength. Plus, this book is really freakin’ HOT.


after hours cara mckennaAfter Hours by Cara McKenna

A dangerous infatuation with a rough and ready man…

Erin Coffey has been a nurse for years, but nothing’s prepared her for the physical and emotional demands of her new position. Needing to move closer to her dysfunctional family, she takes a dangerous job at Larkhaven Psychiatric Hospital, where she quickly learns that she needs protection—and she meets the strong, over-confident coworker who’s more than willing to provide it.

Kelly Robak is the type of guy that Erin has sworn she’d never get involved with. She’s seen firsthand, via her mess of a sister, what chaos guys like him can bring into a woman’s life. But she finds herself drawn to him anyway, even when he shows up at her door, not eager to take no for an answer.

What Erin finds even more shocking than Kelly’s indecent proposal is how much she enjoys submitting to his every command. But he can’t play the tough guy indefinitely. If they want to have more than just an affair, both will have to open up and reveal what they truly need.

I think this book melted my ereader. Erin Coffey is a nurse in a psychiatric hospital, where she meets uber-hot orderly Kelly Robak. As the title suggests, they start up a liaison after hours, and it’s one of the sexiest things I’ve ever read. Erin is new to this job but she’s clearly good at it, and Kelly helps her through some of the challenges she faces–just as she helps him when one of his favorite patients harms himself. The conflict between wanting to be strong and independent, and knowing when you need help, works wonderfully in this book.


flowers from the stormFlowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale

The Duke of Jervaulx was brilliant – and dangerous. Considered dissolute, reckless, and extravagant, he was transparently referred to as the “D of J” in scandal sheets. But sometimes the most womanizing rakehell can be irresistible, and even his most causal attentions fascinated the sheltered Maddy Timms.

Then one fateful day she receives the shocking news – the duke is lost to the world. And Maddy knows it is her destiny to help him and her only chance to find the true man behind the wicked facade.

But she never dreamed her gentle, healing touch would alter his life and her own so completely – and bind them together in need, desire…and love.

There are no words for how much I love this book. Maddie Timms is a Quaker who’s an asylum nurse. She looks after the Duke of Jervaulx, who today we would recognize as having suffered a stroke but in the early 19th century was diagnosed as mad. He’s not only imprisoned in a horrible asylum but in his own body. Maddie is the only person who braves his temper to help him communicate, but they belong to completely different worlds and she struggles to determine which of her community’s values are essential to her own identity and which are worth sacrificing for her imperfect love. What a beautiful, beautiful story.


anticipation sarah mayberryAnticipation by Sarah Mayberry

The eagerly awaited next instalment in New York Times bestseller Sarah Mayberry’s Brothers Ink Series!
Blue Sullivan knows a player when she sees one. And Eddie Oliveira—charm and sex personified—was born to play. She never wanted him to say goodbye, so for the last ten years she’s ignored the sizzling attraction between them and focused on being the best sidekick a guy could have. Smart girl, right?

Then Blue has a serious accident, and overnight Eddie changes. Suddenly he’s more intense and singularly devoted…to her. With all this sexy attention, it’s hard to stay within the boundaries she’s scrupulously drawn. The temptation, the anticipation builds and, finally, she has to have what he’s offering. Of course Eddie proves to be brilliant. Now, she worries he’s ruined her forever, as well as the friendship that is so important to her….

This book came out very recently, but I already know it’s one I’ll come back to over and over. Blue Sullivan is a tattoo artist working for Eddie Oliveira’s tattoo parlor in Melbourne. Even though she works for him, she clearly taught him a thing or two early in his career. She even let him give her the first tattoo he ever did. You know you trust someone if you let them practice their tattoo skills on you! She and Eddie are best friends and she’s always wanted more, but she knows Eddie isn’t capable of giving more. At least, she thinks she knows that, until she has a bad accident and Eddie suddenly realizes how much she means to him. Their chemistry is explosive, and their commitment to each other is just as permanent as the ink they needle into each other. A definite must-read!
That’s it! Five absolute keepers featuring heroines with unusual jobs. Do you have any to recommend so I can add them to my TBR pile?

taming the legendAbout Kat Latham:

Kat Latham is a California girl who moved to Europe the day after graduating from UCLA, ditching her tank tops for raincoats. She taught English in Prague and worked as an editor in London before she and her British husband moved to the Netherlands, where they are surrounded by miles and miles of green pasture, canals and Shetland ponies. Kat’s slowly adjusting to life in a place where bicycles and cows seem to outnumber people.

With degrees in English lit and human rights, she loves stories that reflect the humor and emotion of real life. Kat’s other career involves writing and editing for charities, and she’s had the privilege of traveling to Kenya, Ethiopia and India to write about the heroic people helping their communities survive disasters.

You can usually find Kat on her blog (katlatham.com), Twitter (@KatrinaLatham), Facebook (facebook.com/KatLathamRomance) and Goodreads. She hopes you’ll hang out with her there!

Check out Kat’s latest release: Taming the Legend (HOT RUGBY PLAYERS!)

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Review: Tempting the Player by Kat Latham

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Review: Tempting the Player by Kat LathamReviewer: Holly
Tempting the Player by Kat Latham
Series: London Legends #3
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication Date: November 10th 2014
Genres: Fiction
Pages: 166
Add It: Goodreads
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | The Ripped Bodice | Google Play Books
Series Rating: five-stars

Libby Hart and Matt Ogden are perfect for each other—as friends. They've known each other for ages. They act as each other's plus-ones. They even share custody of a dog. And if there's always been a little spark between them, so what? It's never been worth jeopardizing their friendship.
Professional rugby player Matt is fighting for a starter position with the London Legends—and that's not the only thing he's fighting. A crippling fear of flying means he's struggling to get his career off the ground. He has no time for a relationship, even if Libby does make him ache. As an airline pilot, Libby's looking for a stay-at-home husband so she can have a family without sacrificing her high-flying career. Matt's certainly not that man.
But just because they don't have a future together doesn't mean they can't have a right now. When Matt asks Libby for help overcoming his fear, they agree to take a vacation from their platonic relationship—whenever they fly together, they can have sex. It's the perfect way to resolve all that built-up tension. As long as they can avoid getting a little too comfortable…

I’m really loving this series. 1) Hot professional rugby players. 2) Independent, career-minded women. 3) Hot Rugby players. Did I mention the rugby players? 

I’m a big fan of friends-to-lovers stories. Especially when the friends in question are really close friends. Matt and Libby are the best of friends. They’re neighbors and they often share their thoughts and feelings, along with joint custody of a dog. Matt didn’t realize how important Libby was to him until he has a panic attack on an airplane during some particularly rough turbulence and the team doctor tells him to picture his happy place, and that turns out to be Princess, the dog, and Libby.

His career was on a fast track upward until he got divorced and a breakdown ruined his chances of staying with his team. He traded to the London Legends, a move everyone expected to be mutually beneficial. But for five years he’s done nothing to standout. He occasionally shows flashes of brilliance on the pitch, but more often than not he’s unremarkable in every way. Until his chief rival for a starting position has to take an unexpected leave and Matt finally gets his chance to prove he’s worthy to start. Unfortunately his fear of flying is really putting a damper on his career. How can he be a starting player when he can’t even fly with the team to the games?

Libby didn’t know about Matt’s fear of flying until one of his teammates mentions it in her presence. When he asks her for help overcoming his fear, she’s happy to help. Except, she’s been dealing with an uncomfortable attraction to Matt for some time. One that’s been escalating at a rapid pace since Matt saw her naked. Being alone with him in a small aircraft doesn’t seem like such a good idea. Especially since Matt’s a career man and Libby is looking for a mate who will be willing to stay home and look after their family, so she can focus on her career. Until they decide to use their mutual attraction as a way to relieve Matt’s tension about flying. While they’re home, it’ll be business as usual – no inappropriate touching or couple-like activities. But after they fly together, all bets are off. Except, keeping things separate is never easy, especially since they had a mutual caring for one another to begin with.

I thought Libby was great. She’s a pilot who isn’t afraid to go after what she wants professionally. She’s strong and independent, but also kind and caring. Her feelings for Matt were complicated. She truly thought of him as a dear friend and she wanted the best for him. While she was attracted to him, she realized he wasn’t looking for the same things she was in life and didn’t push the issue or build castles in the sky about him. I did think it was rather shortsighted of her to expect a man to give up a career for her so she could focus on hers. Not that I didn’t applaud her for having ambition, but the expectations she had were a bit ridiculous. Nothing in her life would change, yet she’d have a husband and children? I’m glad Matt pointed this out to her and made her face exactly what that would mean for her in terms of her relationship with her spouse and future children. I definitely empathized with her need to start a family soon, however, since she was 35.

I have to be honest and say it was Matt who made this story for me. He loves a toy Chihuahua, is afraid to fly and has insecurities that made him seem cute and sweet. Plus, he was a badass rugby player. Such a winning combination. Though he’s several years younger than Libby (6, I think, though I can’t remember for sure) he was more self-aware about a lot of things. It wasn’t surprising that he didn’t want to face his fears and insecurities, but I admired the way he rallied when he could no longer keep his head in the sand. I also liked how honest he was with Libby. Not just about himself, but in his feelings about her and their situation. He didn’t pretend they had nothing, or scoff at her dreams. Instead he put it out there that he cared about her but wasn’t looking for the same things she was at that point in time. That he was vulnerable and in need of direction only added to his appeal. 

The role reversal, friends-to-lovers theme, strong characters and open and honest development of the relationship really drew me in. It isn’t often I read a book and close it with such a deep sense of satisfaction. Definitely a winning read.

4.5 out of 5


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