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DNF Review: Soul’s Blade by Eva Chase

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DNF Review: Soul’s Blade by Eva ChaseReviewer: Holly
Soul's Blade (Legends Reborn, #2) by Eva Chase
Series: Legends Reborn #2
Also in this series: Magic Waking (Legends Reborn, #1)
Publisher: Ink Spark Press
Publication Date: August 16th 2017
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 275
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Find the magic sword or die. Just another day in a reincarnated wizard's life...

After being chased across the country by a faerie mercenary, reborn wizard Emma Hale is shocked she's still alive. But victory doesn't mean she can slack off on her mission to protect the current incarnation of her liege and sometimes lover, the legendary King Arthur.

Now that Arthur's soul is awakening, every creature of darkness in a thousand-mile radius is slavering for a taste. Worse, a merciless adversary from Emma's past has reappeared, leaving Emma scrambling to save not only her king but all their loved ones as well.

Surviving the week may depend on a blade only Arthur can wield. Too bad Emma lost it centuries ago on the other side of an ocean. And any quest to retrieve it will unearth secrets Emma isn't yet prepared to face—secrets that could destroy her and her king before their enemies even have the chance.

Soul’s Blade picks up right where Magic Waking left off. Emma Hale (the current reincarnation of the great wizard Merlin) was able to defeat the dark fae mercenary who was after her leige, the reincarnation of King Arthur, but just barely. Now, with Arthur’s soul waking up, creatures of darkness are swarming, ready to steal his soul for themselves (though why they’re so eager for it Emma still hasn’t figured out). Plus, one of her greatest enemies seems to be waking. Trying to protect Arthur turns out to be an even worse job than usual, since it seems this time he’s determined to save her….which normally wouldn’t be a problem except she wields magic and he doesn’t. Something he’ll need to defeat the dark creatures who keep popping up after him. If only she hadn’t lost his magically imbued sword some 1000 years past.

I started this right after finishing the first book in the series, hoping the story would take off. Sadly, that didn’t happen. If anything, Soul’s Blade seemed to move even slower than Magic Waking. For a wizard who’s been reborn every few decades for 1500 years, Emma isn’t very sharp. She keeps making the same mistakes again and again. She doesn’t seem to have grown or changed at all from the first time she lived as the great wizard Merlin. If there’d been some discussion about things she’d tried in the past that hadn’t worked, or her quest to find answers to why dark forces are after Arthur, I probably would have enjoyed this more.

As it is, it’s mostly filled with Emma’s internal angst over Arthur not wanting a sexual relationship with her when she’s reborn as a man (something she has no control over and seems to happen at least half the time). If that had been a central theme in the first book, I could have overlooked it here, but it seems to crop up out of nowhere.

It’s explained that Emma always wakes knowing who she is and what her purpose is, but Arthur is oblivious until he comes into direct skin-to-skin contact with Emma. Then, as his soul starts to reawaken, he regains his memories of their previous lives. That being the case, I would have thought both Emma and Art would deal better with each other. Instead they’re secretive and don’t communicate with each other. As they’re both in their early twenties I guess I could understand their lack of maturity..if not for the fact that they’re supposedly both 1500+ years in the making.

All that aside, I really like the flashbacks to their first life together as Arthur and Merlin. I would probably have continued reading just for that, but I can see the writing on the wall that this will end in another cliffhanger. Since book 3 isn’t out yet, I’m going to set this aside for now. I’ll come back to the series when the next book is available (Dragon of Destiny, coming November 2017). Hopefully both Emma and Art will grow up a little in the meantime.


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Review: Magic Waking by Eva Chase

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Review: Magic Waking by Eva ChaseReviewer: Holly
Magic Waking (Legends Reborn, #1) by Eva Chase
Series: Legends Reborn #1
Also in this series: Soul's Blade (Legends Reborn, #2)
Publisher: Ink Spark Press
Publication Date: May 27, 2017
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 288
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Die, reincarnate, repeat. It's been a long fifteen hundred years...

Reborn wizard Emma Hale has three goals in life, or rather lives: Track down the present incarnation of the legendary King Arthur, fend off the shadow creatures that hound him for as long as she can, and break the spell that binds their souls in this morbid cycle.

If only she had a better idea how she'd cast that spell in the first place. And if only Arthur’s current host wasn't so cocky yet distractingly good-looking. Because Emma is falling even harder for the man she can't have.

When a fae mercenary with power to rival Emma's puts her king in his sights, Emma burns through all her tricks just to stay one step ahead. Now her only chance is to find some way to destroy the mercenary before he and his army of dark forces destroy Arthur.

No human Emma's ever known has managed to kill a fae. But if she can't, and quickly, this death might be their last.

Looking for a story full of sarcastic wizardry, cruel fae, and a star-crossed love centuries in the making? Scroll up and grab this Arthurian-flavored urban fantasy today!

The Legends Reborn series: Magic Walking (May 2017) Soul's Blade (August 2017) Dragon of Destiny (November 2017)

Magic Waking is the first book in the Legends Reborn series from Eva Chase.

1500 years ago, Merlin cast a spell to save the life of his liege, the legendary King Arthur, and cursed them both to living life over and over again. For 1500 years Merlin has been searching for a way to break the spell and finally save Arthur for good. In this latest reincarnation, Merlin is reborn as Emmaline and Arthur as Darton. Emma retains the knowledge of her past reincarnations, but Arthur doesn’t remember until he has skin-to-skin contact with Emma, something she tries to avoid at all costs. Because the more Arthur remembers, the easier it is for their enemies to track him.

Only they seem to be facing a new enemy, one more skilled than the ones they faced in the past. Emma is going to need all her strength and knowledge to beat this one…or this may be the last time they’re reborn.

I really like the premise of this series. I’ve been craving Arthurian romances and I thought this would fit the bill perfectly. While I really enjoyed the flashbacks to their first life as Merlin and King Arthur, the modern day stuff fell a little flat. The pacing was slow and involved a lot of Emma laying protection spells throughout the college campus. I would have liked to know more about their foes, Emma’s magic, their past reincarnations, etc. There were times I had to really force myself to keep reading.

The action scenes were pretty good and I enjoyed Arthur, but overall this was just an okay read for me. The story ends on a cliffhanger. I hope the action picks up in the next book.

2.75 out of 5

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