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Posted April 28, 2009 by Tracy in Reviews | 6 Comments

Media Statement from:

Since the issue was first hinted at last week, the blogging community has been literally awash in rumours about will they or won’t they.

Bombarded by messages (not to mention the threat of a #booksluts_fail), we are pleased to be able to put your minds at ease (for God’s sake stop emailing us!) and proudly announce the opening of nominations for the whenever-we’re-in-the-mood-to-give-it-to-someone-nual…


We don’t care who nominates who (in fact preference may be given to those who self-nominate because of the sheer and utter sluttery of the action), but all entries must demonstrate one or more of the following:

-> huge tbr pile (extra points go to those who continue to buy books regardless of the size of this tbr)
-> overextended 2009 book buying budget
-> more than five review blogs on daily reading list
-> blatant book and/or author pimpage
-> unrepentant crowing when said pimpage has an effect on someone else’s tbr

The person selected by our esteemed judging panel (Kris and Tracy) will not only receive the Book Sluts ‘r’ Us inaugural Blogger Award, but will be the first inducted to what is sure to become the very prestigious Book Sluts Honour Board. Oh, and we’re going to throw in an ebook of your choice up to $8. (It’s true. We so rock.)

Nominations should be sent by email (redneyrae AT ca DOT rr DOT com) and received no later than next Tuesday 5/4/09 (11:59pm pacific).


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6 responses to “Exciting News from BS HQ!!

  1. CJ – I KNOW! After all of the self-confessed book sluts it’s a difficult choice!

    KB – I know you would! lol 🙂 (me too!)

    Renee – awww – I love you too! lol So glad I can assist with the humor on the grey Tuesday!

  2. IDK Kris…maybe the thought of a Book Slut blogger award is humorous. Like we don’t have something better to do with our time. Maybe. Or we’re trying to make people laugh – can you imagine they would think that? I certainly can’t.

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