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Guest Review: The Sheriff’s Daughter by Kay Stockholm

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Judith’s review of The Sheriff’s Daughter by Kay Stockholm.

Deputy Liam McKenna is dreading the next two weeks. His assignment: watching over the sheriff’s daughter, Carly Taggert. Liam has known Carly—and her knack for getting into trouble—since high school. With her kind heart and optimistic nature, she never intends that trouble, but it sure is attracted to her. He expects to be kept on his toes.  What he doesn’t expect is protecting her from himself.

No one is more surprised by the intense passion between them than Liam. Still, nothing can ever happen. She’s the boss’s daughter and Liam’s responsibility. He needs to be professional. At all times. Too bad Carly isn’t about to make it easy for him.


Wow . . . a cop story and a cowboy/ranching story all rolled into one, and it’s a Super Romance, to boot.  What’s not to like?  I always seem to find something to like–in fact, lots to like in the Super Romances from Harlequin.  They just seem to be stories that give more and allow both writer and reader to enjoy the story a bit longer.

Certainly these characters are fascinating in and of themselves.  Three brothers–the oldest being Liam–who aren’t really blood relatives but who are three young men who were on their way to destructive lives until they were taken in by their foster father, a man whose name they all took when they reached their majority.  With his kindness, respect for them, and his tough work ethic, they have all become men who are productive citizens and who have a much better chance for a good future.  Liam is a sheriff’s deputy, and Carly is the sheriff’s daughter.  She won’t date cops–she has had some significant negative experiences because of her dad’s involvement as a law enforcement officer–and Liam won’t date Carly because she is the boss’s daughter.  Mutual attraction between them seems not to be caring much about their dating rules.  Liam is a man who has gotten this far in life because he has learned to live within an intractable set of boundaries.  Carly makes mincemeat out of anyone’s rules, often in the name of caring.  Liam doesn’t feel he can afford her impulsive, emotion-laden kind of living.  Yet he is drawn inexorably to her will-of-the-wisp personality, to her warmth and genuine caring spirit, and her delicious curves.

This is, in every sense of the word, a romance.  It is filled with the passion, questions, struggles, disappointments and making up that romance involves.  Ms Stockholm has crafted a story that doesn’t feel contrived, that pulls the reader forward from page to page, that keeps the imagination hopping, and tantalizes the mind with enough twists and turns to make for a captivating tale.  This is one of those warm and fuzzy romances that keep the heart satisfied and is the stuff that makes romance fans searching for the next warm and fuzzy story.  There’s enough of the not-so-good stuff in this novel to make the reader wonder if it can ever be a “happily ever after” ending.  Neither Liam or Carly make it easy to form any kind of friendship or relationship.  There’s too much history, both individually and as school pals going back years.  Add in the protective attitude and actions of the sheriff as he treats his 27 year old daughter like she is a 6th grader, and there are moments when the reader experiences many of the frustrations the characters must deal with.

Romance fans will find this to be a very satisfying read.  It is not fluff and nonsense–many romances really are just that.  This is about people with genuine issues, different ways of looking at life and its challenges, and some personal history that seems to get in the way a lot of the time.  It really is a worthwhile read and one that lovers of a good love story really shouldn’t miss.

I give it a rating of 4.25 out of 5

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This book is available from Harlequin. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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