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Our LH Battle of the Heroes: The Standings. Update: 4/29/08

Posted April 29, 2008 by Rowena in Features | 86 Comments

Hey ya’ll!

Today’s a new day with a new battle on our hands. But before I get into the new contestants in today’s battle, here are the standings so far:

Round 1:

Battle 1: Lucas Swain (1) vs. Wyatt Bloodsworth (3)
Battle 2: Wolf MacKenzie (10) vs. Niall of Scotland (2)
Battle 3: Webb Tallant (4) vs. Grey Rouillard (12)
Battle 4: Richard Worth (8) vs. Max Conroy (2)
Battle 5: Lucas Stone (8) vs. John Rafferty (2)
Battle 6: Grant Sullivan (2) vs. Kell Sabin (6)
Battle 7: Joe MacKenzie (5) vs. Alex MacNeil (2)
Battle 8: Jake Sarratt (4) vs. Reese Duncan (7)
Battle 9: Sam Donovan (12) vs. Thompson Cahill (1)
Battle 10: Robert Cannon (9) vs. Rome Matthews (7)
Battle 11: Cord Blackstone (1) vs. Zane MacKenzie (14)
Battle 12: Rhydon Baines (11) vs. Nikolas Constantinos (2)
Battle 13: Brett Rutland (8) vs. Blake Remington (7)
Battle 14: Jack Russo (16) vs. Ben Lewis (21)
Battle 15: James Diaz (15) vs. John Medina (12)
Battle 16: Marc Chastain (9) vs. Dane Hollister (11)
Battle 17: Calvin Harris (11) vs. Knox Davis (10)
Battle 18: Chance MacKenzie (8) vs. Rafe McKay (3)
Battle 19: Richard Chance (5) vs. Price Tanner (8)
Battle 20: Saxon Malone (4) vs. Jackson Brody (9) vs. Tom Quinlan (6)
Battle 21: Lucas Cochran vs. Luis Fontera vs. Derek Talifero

Round Two:

Battle 22: Wyatt Bloodsworth (6) vs. Wolf MacKenzie (13) vs. Grey Rouillard (7) vs. Richard Worth (1) vs. Lucas Stone (2).
Battle 23: Kell Sabin (7) vs. Joe MacKenzie (2) vs. Reese Duncan (2) vs. Sam Donovan (15) vs. Robert Cannon (1)
Battle 24: Zane MacKenzie (10) vs. Rhydon Baines (0) vs. Brett Rutland (0) vs. Ben Lewis (8) vs. James Diaz (7).
Battle 25: Dane Hollister (17) vs. Calvin Harris (4) vs. Chance MacKenzie (7) vs. Price Tanner (3)
Battle 26: Jackson Brody (5) vs. Lucas Cochran (3) vs. Luis Fonteras (8)

Round 3:

Battle 27: Wolf MacKenzie (9) vs. Sam Donovan (11) vs. Zane MacKenzie (4)
Battle 28: Sam Donovan vs. Dane Hollister

And the final battle of the month is between:

Sam Donovan vs. Dane Hollister


So today’s battle is the final battle, it’s the battle that shows who is Linda Howard’s last man standing. So many votes have come in and I’d like to thank all of you who have participated in the polls, we really appreciate it guys. So who’s the last hero standing?

…it’s up to you guys….so please vote to the left and I’ll post the results tomorrow with the WINNER!

Thanks everyone!

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Author Spotlight: Linda Howard – Ben Lewis (reduex)

Posted April 28, 2008 by Holly in Features | 5 Comments

Holly says: Way back when, Rowena used to do a “Hero of the Week” series to spotlight her favorite heroes, but she stopped doing it (it’s a lot of work!). I was trolling through some old posts, though, and found the spotlight she did for Ben Lewis. Since we’re spotlighting Linda Howard this month, I thought I’d repost this.


Have you ever crushed on a guy who oozes sex appeal, even when he’s not at his best? How much do you love a guy who can look so utterly sexy right after rolling out of bed in the morning? You know, the guys that stretch up in bed, and scratches their tummy while yawning, a big loud like yawn that totally makes your toes curl? You can’t figure out why his messy hair that’s matted to his head and his scruffy face and whiskers that scratch your face when you get close turns you on, all you know that it does…and you like it.

That’s exactly how I picture Ben Lewis from Linda Howard’s Heart of Fire to be, rough around the edges and sloppy but still Oh.So.Sexy.

He’s the kind of guy that will crack jokes to ease the tension in a room, the kind of guy that will flirt his way into your heart without trying, he just is and women fall for him, at every turn. But all joking aside, you know that this man is not a man to mess with, there’s an intensity about him that draws women to him, like a moth to a flame. I mean check out his description:

…where a lone man lazed as if half asleep, an open bottle of whiskey in front of him. Even from beneath those half-lowered lids she could see intensity gleaming in his eyes. As they approached, he shoved out a chair with his foot and gave Jillian a look that had about as much in common with the looks from the men at the bar as a shark had in common with a trout. The men at the bar might have speculated, but they kept their thoughts to themselves. This man, in his mind, already had her stripped, spread-eagled, and penetrated, and didn’t care if she knew it.

He oozes sex appeal, an appeal that not anyone can get away with, he’s confident, more than that, he’s arrogant and doesn’t give a damn. He knows that if one woman won’t take him, another one will…but if you capture his attention, nothing or no one is going to get in his way because he’s got his eye on the prize, and this guy always wins.

Ben Lewis is a pleasant mixture of a fun loving guy who doesn’t give a flying flip about what you want or what you need, because he’s looking out for his number one and the mysterious guy with shady secrets and a dangerous past. He’s intense and thorough and hot damn the man is the biggest horn dog in the world and he don’t give a hootin’ heck who knows it. He’s actually proud of that fact. He makes no effort to hide who he is, what you see is what you get and you really can’t ask for more than that, because you know it will always be an adventure with Ben around.

With a guy like this you would think that you could trust him, but you can’t. The guy is a sneaky bastard but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s one sexy ass sneak. He’s the kind of guy you’d have to hide the silver from because he’ll grin wide for you while he’s robbing you blind, see how sexy he is? LOL.

Some of my favorite scenes are:

Sometimes, such as when he’d massaged her sore back, he could actually be considerate.

…Considerate my foot, Jillian thought five minutes later. Diabolical was more like it. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him and he knew it.

He stripped down to the skin with an utter lack of modesty that told her he was accustomed to being naked with a woman. Why would any woman in her right mind want him to wear clothes anyway? He was tall and lean and superbly muscled, and his buttocks were so round and taut that her hands instinctively curled into fists in an effort to resist patting them. He had the shoulders of a stevesdore and the legs of an athlete, long and powerful. She had never enjoyed looking at a man more.

He stepped under the waterfall and let the water splash over him while he tiled his head back and shook his hair. Sunlight dappled on the flexing muscles of that marvelously strong body, and the water droplets spraying through the air glittered like diamonds. His genitals hung heavily between his thighs and he was so perfectly, utterly male that her chest constricted, making it difficult for her to breathe.

Then he looked straight at her, the blue of his eyes so intense that she could see it even across the forty feet that separated them. He stepped forward a little, so that the main force of the water was hitting his back, he was right on the edge of the rock shelf above the pool of water. He was totally exposed to her, without the stream of water to blur the powerful lines of his body. As he stared at her, his shaft began to stir, to grow thick and long, to rise fiercely toward his belly.

Damn him, she thought feverishly. A more graphic demonstration of desire wasn’t possible. Nothing was so seductive as knowing that you’re wanted, and he knew it. The potent reaction of his body to simply looking at her did ten times more damage to her resistance than any of his slick, playfully profane cajoling, or even those bone melting kisses.

…She dragged her gaze back up and met his, bright and expectant. Oh, yes, he knew exactly what he was doing to her. The man was so diabolical that she had another almost irresistible urge to throw rocks at him.

Humming, he finished his bath and even scrubbed his clothes, taking his time about it. Jillian’s hands tightened on the shotgun that lay across her lap and she forced herself to scan the path that led back up to the camp.

…”You aren’t a very good guard,” he charged, a smile lurking around his mouth. “You spent more time looking at me than at the surroundings.”

“Well you were doing everything but waving a flag at me to attract my attention, she replied. “I didn’t want to disappoint you.”

“A flag wasn’t what I was waving,” he pointed out. “Now, if you said flagpole, I’d have to agree, but—,“

…he gave the area a thorough survey before leaning down to kiss her. ”Okay, it’s your turn.”

Her mouth throbbed from even that light touch, “Do you swear you’ll stay here and keep guard?”

His blue eyes turned cool. “This is something I take seriously, sweetcakes.”

…Ben settled back and got comfortable, ready to enjoy the show, though he gave the area another intense survey before returning his attention to Jillian. His heart began pounding heavily at the prospect of seeing her naked.

…Ben watched the blur of her body in an agony of anticipation. Turn, he kept thinking, as if he could bend her to his will with his thoughts. Turn. He wanted to see her; he needed to see her. Not that he didn’t enjoy looking at her ass, what he could see of it, through the water, but he wanted more. He wanted to see her breasts, to have an image of reality to replace his fevered imagination.

His hands were sweating, and he wiped them off on his pants. His chest was heaving with the harshness of his breathing. Damn this perverse little witch, she wasn’t showing him anything. Didn’t she know how much he needed to see her?

Holy hot damn, this guy is something else, sorry that was a bit long but I just absolutely love this scene, I love how Jillian stole Ben’s thunder and I just love how everything is between these two, he bites she bites back and he grins…love it when a guy grins…Ben Lewis is one of the most sexiest guys ever written and by the length of this post, can you tell how much I love him? Hehe.

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Review: White Lies by Linda Howard

Posted April 28, 2008 by Casee in Features, Reviews | 3 Comments

Genres: Romantic Suspense

Book description:

Nothing could have prepared Jay Granger for the arrival of two FBI agents at her door — or for the news they brought. Her ex-husband, Steve, had been in a terrible accident that had left him gravely injured. The FBI needed Jay to confirm his identity.

The man Jay finds lying in the hospital bed is almost unrecognizable. Almost. Exhausted and afraid, Jay tentatively declares that he is Steve Crossfield. But the man who awakens from the coma is not at all as Jay remembers her husband. And he remembers nothing of their life together. Suddenly nothing is familiar. Not his appearance, not the intensity of his nature, not the desire that flashes between them. Who is this man? And will the discovery of his identity shatter the passion they share?

When Jay Granger divorced Steve Crossfield, she never thought she would see him again. So when two FBI Agents arrive on her doorstep to discuss Steve, Jay is beyond surprised. When they ask her to fly to Bethesda Naval Hospital, she’s almost speechless. Jay can’t refuse, however, especially when she’s told that her ex-husband was severely injured. All they need Jay to do is to positively ID the man they believe is Steve. Then she can go back to her life.

All that changes when she arrives at Bethesda. Quite suddenly, Jay feels a connection with Steve that she never felt when they were married. Which may not necessarily be a good thing considering the man in unconscious. She can’t help but be drawn to this man, who is fighting so hard for his life. Soon, she finds herself reluctant to leave his side.

The unconscious man has no idea who is talking to him, all he knows is that the voice soothes him. When she’s talking, the pain isn’t as sharp and his mind feels a calm that only she can bring. When he finally wakes up, he wants nothing more than to see the woman that brought him out of a coma, which the doctor’s said was virtually impossible. One small problem, his eyes are injured.

As the weeks pass, Jay and Steve reaffirm their connection to each other. While Steve has amnesia (a story line that worked in this case), he has no reason to believe that Jay is anyone other than his ex-wife. For Jay, it comes as quite a surprise when she first realizes that the man in the bed is not her ex-husband. What she does realize is that if she reveals her secret, this man that she has fallen in love with may be in danger. Which isn’t much of a stretch when you take how he was injured into consideration.

Lucas Stone (the real name of the hero) is another prime example of an alpha hero that only Linda Howard can write. Even bedridden, with two broken legs and no sight to speak of, the man still manages to be alpha. He’s still a hero that will protect his heroine. It’s really quite amazing how Howard can write a hero like that in a situation like this one.

I really enjoyed the whole book, though I didn’t like how Lucas reacted when he found out that Jay knew he wasn’t Steve. He redeems himself in the end when he thinks about how it must have been to be in her position. In love with a man that would have been immediately whisked away from her if his true identity was revealed.

There’s also a nice Kell Sabin cameo, which readers should enjoy.

4.5 out of 5.

This OOP book is published by Mira Books. You can buy it used here or here.

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Review: Diamond Bay by Linda Howard

Posted April 28, 2008 by Casee in Features, Reviews | 5 Comments

Genres: Romantic Suspense

Book description:

He was barely alive. Someone had shot him twice. Trusting her instincts, Rachel didn’t call the police. Her sixth sense told her that she was his only hope. With him lying unconscious before her, Rachel had to decide his future, as well as her own.

This is the only synopsis that I could find. It’s not a very good one, is it?

Only a handful of people know that Kell Sabin even exists. A shadowy figure within the CIA, keeping his identity secret is paramount to what he does. While he’s on a much needed vacation, Kell is attacked and almost killed. Only two people within the organization know his exact location. Now all Kell has to do is somehow stay alive so he can flush out the traitor. That’s hard to do when you’re in the ocean with a gunshot wound. It’s not in Kell’s nature to give up, so he strikes out for shore, all the while trying to avoid the very people that shot him.

When Rachel Jones finds a man floating in the bay by her house, her investigative instincts kick in. Having no idea whether this man is good or bad, Rachel trusts the instincts that have guided her so well in the past. Dragging the almost dead man to her house, Rachel decides against calling the police, though she can’t even explain to herself why.

Taking care of her patient for days with only the help of her veterinarian friend, Rachel tries not to lose hope that he will wake up. When he does finally wake up, she immediately realizes that this man is even stronger than she first thought. Kell has never had anyone take care of him. The novelty of Rachel is something that he has a hard time comprehending. His attraction to her and his need to protect makes those feelings even stronger. All he knows is that he has to recover enough to go after those who betrayed him.

I think Rachel is one of my favorite Howard heroines. She was so strong willed and she refused to let Kell walk all over her. With an alpha personality like Kell’s, it takes a special woman to be his equal. Though he has a strong personality, a woman that would allow Kell to constantly dominate her wouldn’t work for him. Rachel stood toe-to-toe with him. She wouldn’t accept his excuses why she couldn’t be in his life after he left. I just loved how she refused to give up on him, even after he left.

Kell is the alpha hero type that I miss. Howard used to write these heroes (or some variation) in every book she wrote. As a reader, you come to expect it. Every new book she releases, I hope that she writes the alpha hero that her fans know and love.

5 out of 5.

This OOP book is published by Mira Books. You can buy used here or here.

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Author Spotlight: Hero Showdown.

Posted April 2, 2008 by Rowena in Features | 7 Comments

Hey guys!
So I thought it would be really cool if during the Author Spotlight, we’d do a fun little hero showdown of each author’s heroes…mainly because you all know how hero addicted I am and all.  So I’m going to be putting up a daily “Hero Battle” each day and then we’re going to weed out the heroes that win each battle until at the end of the month, there is that last hero standing…and then we’ll pit all the heroes against each other to see who’s the ultimate hero of the year and all that, so if ya’ll could check the site everyday and vote, I’d surely appreciate it!

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