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Worst of 2009: The Books.

There were some books read throughout the year that we couldn’t believe we’d read and didn’t like at all. We thought we’d list them in an effort to you know, help a sister out. Here’s our list of books we were just not that into. Rowena’s List: Loves Me, Loves Me Knot by Heidi Betts […]

Worst of 2008: The Books

Since we’ve already brought you the Best of 2008: The Books, it’s only fair that we bring you the worst. These could be books that were so awful that they were DNF or books that were a disappointment to us. Casee’s List: My biggest disappointment was Promises Revealed. I’ve loved this series from the beginning […]

Worst Reads of 2007

While working on our Best Of lists for 2007, we started talking about the worst books we’d read as well. It’s not very often you see Worst of lists around, mostly it’s just the Best of this and the Best of that. But we said we’d be honest when we started this blog and honestly? […]