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Review: Heart of Danger by Lisa Marie Rice

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Review: Heart of Danger by Lisa Marie RiceReviewer: Holly
Heart of Danger by Lisa Marie Rice
Series: Ghost Ops #1

Publication Date: November 6th 2012
Genres: Fiction, Erotica
Pages: 304
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Series Rating: three-stars

Ghost Ops. A small unit of super-elite soldiers so secret only two men know of their existence. Betrayed by their commanding officer while on an antiterrorist mission, the team is massacred. Only three survive—and find themselves framed and disgraced. But en route to the court martial, they escape . . . and disappear.

Beautiful, brilliant, and determined, Dr. Catherine Young is on a mission to find a man who has vanished into thin air. Walking into a high-tech hideaway bearing an essential message to Tom "Mac" McEnroe, Team Leader of the betrayed Ghost Ops force, is the most dangerous thing she has ever done. The soldier she encounters is frightening and suspicious, but her senses reveal the man underneath: tough, honorable, and so breathtakingly masculine Catherine feels weak in his presence . . . But to surrender to Mac's passionate desires would put her life in dire jeopardy. Catherine has a gift that enables her to see into the heart of others—and looking into Mac's is like staring into the very heart of danger itself.

This book is so full of crazy. I’ve read Lisa Marie Rice and enjoyed her (though I freely admit the romance works better for me than the suspense), but this is

It starts off with SEAL Team 6 going rogue about 10 years in the future and taking out a pharmaceutical company on American soil, then being charged with treason for it. Only they escape and disappear.  They think they were betrayed by their commanding officer. They’ve retreated to a hideaway in the hills where they’ve created a community of sorts..with Tom ‘Mac’ McEnroe as their leader. Only it turns out they weren’t really betrayed. Their Captain was captured and has been experimented on by a bad guy who wants to bring China back to power and is looking to create a race of super-warriors to do it.

Too bad for him his lead researcher is Dr. Catherine Young, and super genius who also happens to be a little bit psychic.  She can “read” people through touch…like the good Captain who wants to warn his team. She sets out to find Mac and his team, determined to make sense of what’s happening with her former company and inside her own mind.

Right from the beginning, when it’s mentioned the team carries pin’s made from the bullet that killed Osama bin Laden, I knew this was going to be a crazy read. I was right. It was way out there. I’m honestly a bit surprised Rice went as far as she did, especially with the treason of the team that killed bin Laden.

I didn’t feel the strong connection between the hero and heroine in this book. Normally I fall right into the relationships Rice writes, but I think the strangeness of the plot took me away from it.

I was WTF’ing through the whole thing. And…I kind of can’t wait to read the next one. clearly I need help.

2.75 out of 5

This book is available from Avon. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

This book was provided by the publisher for an honest review.


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Review: Heart of Danger by Lisa Marie Rice

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Publisher: Avon, Harper Collins

Ghost Ops. A small unit of super-elite soldiers so secret only two men know of their existence. Betrayed by their commanding officer while on an antiterrorist mission, the team is massacred. Only three survive—and find themselves framed and disgraced. But en route to the court martial, they escape . . . and disappear.

Beautiful, brilliant, and determined, Dr. Catherine Young is on a mission to find a man who has vanished into thin air. Walking into a high-tech hideaway bearing an essential message to Tom “Mac” McEnroe, Team Leader of the betrayed Ghost Ops force, is the most dangerous thing she has ever done. The soldier she encounters is frightening and suspicious, but her senses reveal the man underneath: tough, honorable, and so breathtakingly masculine Catherine feels weak in his presence . . . But to surrender to Mac’s passionate desires would put her life in dire jeopardy. Catherine has a gift that enables her to see into the heart of others—and looking into Mac’s is like staring into the very heart of danger itself.

Catherine Young is a scientist. She does research on patients with dementia and she loves her work. She thinks she’s getting extremely close to finding a cure – which would be incredible. One of her patients, however, isn’t a typical dementia patient. She takes his function MRI and finds that what’s making him “demented” doesn’t actually seem biological. Catherine decides to “read” him. Catherine has the ability to touch someone and read their emotions but when she touches this patient she see images and what she finds is quite disturbing. The man is actually a soldier and wants Catherine to find one of the other men in his unit to let him know he’s there and alive and that he needs to be rescued.

Tom McEnroe is the man Catherine is to find but he’s in hiding. Despite that Catherine receives images from her patient as to how she might find him and she does. Tom can’t quite figure out how Catherine found him and he wants to know who sent her because he’s pretty sure that she’s not on his side. It’s important to Tom, who goes by “Mac”, to protect not only the surviving members of his team but also others. Eventually Mac decides that Catherine is trustworthy enough to the others in his ragtag group but there’s still something strange about her – he’s attracted to her but it goes way farther than just attraction and it’s freaking him out. Catherine feels the same way and when they let themselves explore that attraction they find that it’s much more than that.

This story is set in the unspecified future. They have eCars and there are few gas stations. They have hologram card and lots of other cool stuff. Apparently, however, having a pychic ability is seen as being a freak. Because of this Catherine Young has always kept her “gift”, something she feels is more a curse, under wraps. When her dementia patient grabbed her her gift practically explodes in her brain and is more intense than ever. She has this strange compulsion to do as the patient bids and goes to find Mac and just from the patients info on Mac is practically in love with him. I found this, almost immediately a bit much. The patient is sending images and feelings but it made me think she. When she finds Mac she’s scared but more intrigued and attracted. She feels so much for him based on what her patient mentally shared with her. Now Mac is not an attractive man but she seems to see what’s on the inside. He describes himself as born ugly and it just got worse with a knife scar and burn marks. I do love a scarred hero but in this story once they have sex it’s the best sex they’d ever had are in love almost from moment one. – I just need a little bit more romance in my stories than insta-love. When it came down to it these two people knew virtually nothing about the other yet they plan, in 3 days, to spend forever together. Wow, I need to think longer and harder when purchasing a new ereader. Both characters showed great qualities throughout the book. But it all just happened too fast for me.

While the story was entertaining I just that it was too much. As I said, the characters had great qualities but it seemed they could do no wrong and that’s just not human to me. They weren’t robots but flesh and blood and a lot of the scenes in the book didn’t sit right in my brain. Despite that I enjoyed the book enough to keep reading and that’s always a good thing. I may have to pick the next one up when it comes out to see what happens next.

Rating: 3 out of 5 

Lisa Marie Rice 

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What I Read Last Week

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Hey there,

Another week has gone by and wow – they’re going so fast.  Yesterday the fam headed down to Anaheim to have an early family Thanksgiving dinner with my hubby’s family which was really fun.  The girls were apparently having fun with mom’s phone in the back seat while on the way down there.  Here’s just 2 of the MANY photos that were on it lol  Who would know that just 2 hours earlier they were at each others throats?  Ah, the joy of childhood. lol

So on to what I read last week:

I started off the week with The Sergeant’s Lady by Susanna Fraser.  This story was about Anna who was following the drum with her soldier husband but he was a complete ass.  She is on her own and trying to get home when her convoy is detained by the French.  When one of the French commanding officers decides that Anna would make a tasty treat in bed.  She’s saved by Sergeant Will Atkins.  They escape and while traveling start a sexual relationship that turns into so much more.  But they can’t be together because she’s a lady and was an officer’s wife and he’s just a  sergeant.  This was a really great book of love and trying to maintain that love while trying to deal with class differences.  It was emotionally charge and oh so good. 4.25 out of 5

Next up was An Infamous Marriage by Susanna Fraser.  The story follows Elizabeth and Jack’s marriage after he’s been gone in Canada for 5 years and been cheating on her.  But now he’s back and wants to make a go of the marriage.  You can read my full review here. 3 out of 5

My next read was All He Ever Desired by Shannon Stacey.  This is the 5th book in the Kowalski series and it was the story of Ryan Kowalski and Lauren who was once the wife of his best friend. They finally get together after many years but it’s not an easy road  You can read my full review here.  4.25 out of 5

Under the Mistletoe by Jill Shalvis is a short story in the Lucky Harbor series that comes out next month.  This story is one about Tara and Ford’s daughter Mia and her relationship with Nick who hasn’t known love his entire life.  It was a good one and definitely one that shouldn’t be missed.  4 out of 5

Wolfishly Yours by Lydia Dare was the story of a girl, Livi, who is sent by her father from New Orleans to England to her grandfather to learn how to be a lady.  She’s pissed off and wants nothing more than to be home running wild with her brothers in the swamps.  She meets Grayson who is besotted with her and ends up offering for her hand. When he doesn’t show up for his own wedding though things get a bit hairy.  Cute story but there certainly wasn’t enough shapeshifting with the shapeshifters for my liking.  lol  3.75 out of 5

Heart of Danger by Lisa Marie Rice was my next read.  Fugitive soldiers, psychic scientists and hidden fortresses.  You can read my review on Wednesday.

What Binds Us by Larry Benjamin was an m/m story about friends who meet at college, become lovers but then just friends again.  Dondi is a total playboy and sleeps with any and every man.  He’s definitely in it for the fun.  Thomas-Edward is a black student who loves Dondi but after a year of a relationship Dondi breaks it off in their sophomore year.  Still friends T spends a summer at Dondi’s family home and ends up falling in love with Dondi’s brother, Matthew, but neither make a move.  The story is about friendship, love, the horror of AIDS and the strange ties that bind people together.  It was a really good book and highly emotional especially at the end.  I cried more in this book than any other that I can remember.  The epilogue threw me off a bit and some things throughout the story did as well but overall very good.  4.25 out of 5

Last for the week was Mr. Real by Carolyn Crane.  The story is about a woman who brings a man to life through a spell on her computer and things are not exactly how she expects them to be.  You can read my review on Thursday.

My Book Binge reviews that posted last week:
Charmed by His Love by Janet Chapman
Rescue My Heart by Jill Shalvis

Happy Reading!

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What I Read Last Week

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Happy New Year! I know I’ve said that before I just needed to say it again! lol
To say that I’m behind this week is a bit of an understatement. I was almost completely incommunicado yesterday as I promised my girls that I would try and not be on my phone or my laptop all day and just spend the day watching movies and playing games with them. I got a bit done before they woke up yesterday and sent a few emails from my phone while in hiding 🙂 but for the most part it was a day with the girls and it was a good day.
I had a lot of time off last week and read a whole heck of a lot – I’m not kidding. lol A lot of them were shorts and novellas but ones I’ve been wanting to read.

First up was Handyman by Claire Thompson. Now this one I started…I think near when it came out and could not get into it. It has languished in the pile for quite a while and I finally decided to give it another go. The story is about Will who is a stock broker who took a leave of absence after his boss died right in front of him of a heart attack. He’s purchased a house on the outskirts of the city and is refurbishing it. He hires Jack who is a widower with two grown sons and according to him – very straight. Except…there was the one experience in high school with his best friend Luke. This is a great story about Will coming to terms with a slower lifestyle as well as Jack taking a hard look at who he is and what he wants when it comes to his sexuality. 3.75 out of 5

Next was How the Marquess Was Won by Julie Anne Long. Book 6 in the Pennyroyal Green series and it was wonderful. I really loved so very many things about this story of a school teacher and the man they term “Lord Ice”. You can read my review of the book here. 5 out of 5

Next up was Bachelor Number Four by Megan Hart. This was the story of Arden who is a widow and is finally ready to head out on to the dating scene once again. She tries a couple of blind dates that are pretty amusing because the guys are just such losers! What she wants – well yes and no – is to meet up with an old flame who she had feelings for before she got married. She contacts him on a social networking site and they even have cybersex but she’s not sure she wants to take it any further. I liked the book – it was a cute HFN story with the possibility of it turning into a HEA but the heroine, Arden, drove me a bit nuts when it came to her contact with Shane. She ran really hot and cold and I think, hurt his feelings a bit. I realize that she was scared a bit of what could be but the way she handled it wasn’t great. 3 out of 5

My next read was The Bracelet by Mary Jane Clark. This is a short story and it looks like a prequel to the Piper Donovan mystery series. The story is about Piper who is home helping her mother in her bakery. Piper helps by taking some goodies upstairs to a little old man, a friend of her mom’s. When she gets there she finds him unconscious with the very valuable bracelet missing that he had just been showing Piper, her mother and her sister-in-law. Piper finds clues that leads her to believe that her sister-in-law had a hand in the missing bracelet but she doesn’t want to think badly of her – even though she doesn’t like her very much. The story was ok but it was mostly internal struggle and thoughts of Piper’s as she tried to figure out what to do about the missing bracelet. 2.5 out of 5

The Jock and the Wallflower by Lisa Marie Davis was the story of a wallflower, Decker, who is talked into going to a frat party with his best friend. He is almost on his way out when the man he is half in love with helps him out when a beer is spilled on him. The man is Avery and his is a jock and Decker’s thrilled beyond belief that Avery is even talking to him. He’s even more surprised when Avery makes his move. It was a very cute erotic m/m. 3 out of 5

The Santa Problem by Tam Ames was next. Gavin is in a bind. He needs someone to play Santa to his elf for his company on Christmas Eve and he wants his boyfriend Lane to play the part. Lane is NOT thrilled at all to say the least and frankly the gig doesn’t go all that well to say the least. But Lane and Gavin make a turn in their relationship during it all and it makes it all worth it. A very cute story. I just love Tam’s humor…well, all the time and I love that it translates to her books so well. The characters are very real and I love that. 3.5 out of 5

Hot Secrets by Lisa Marie Rice was next on the list. This was another short story that was kind of an “incident in the life of” her characters from her book Dangerous Lover. Jack, an ex-army ranger, is very protective of his wife and he trains her for any eventuality. She goes along with Jack but really her heart isn’t in it. Little does she know that she’ll need that training when her book store is taken over by a drunken madman. She puts into effect her training and her calm demeanor and silently thanks Jack. The story was pretty short but very good. There were a couple of things that were brought up but not mentioned again – I assume we’ll hear more in a future book? IDK. 4 out of 5

A Chip in His Shoulder by LA Witt is a fantasy about a world where technology is king (so much more than what we live in now) and vampire Liam has a ton of them. He is an assassin and is hired to kill his old lover – and he has no problem with that. Except when he gets to the location he finds himself trapped with Daniel and it gives them time to talk about what went wrong in their relationship while they try to find a way out of their highly volatile situation. I really liked the world in this story and hope there will be more set in this interesting world in the future. 3.5 out of 5

Next up was Trouble at the Wedding by Laura Lee Guhrke. This story is book 3 in the Abandoned at the Altar series and it was a good one. We had a duke sworn not to marry again trying to earn some cash by talking an American heiress out of marrying someone her family hates. The Duke, Christian, goes to pretty great extremes to get the job done but it ends up smacking him back in the face. It was a good book and my review will post tomorrow. 4.25 out of 5

All’s Fair by Suzie Quint is a short story in between books 1 & 2 of her McKnight series. This had Sol taking his daughter Eden to the Carnival knowing full well that his ex-wife, and the woman he’s still in love with, there while on a date. Sol ends up discouraging the date from seeing Georgia again by telling him some fantastical lies. Georgia is pissed and goes seeking retribution from Sol and but after Sol gets injured in a bull ride they end up in bed together. This is a very short story and really has no conclusion but it worked for me. I think it was a nice prequel to their eventual HEA…at least I hope they’ll get their HEA. 3 out of 5

Forever and a Day by Delilah Marvelle is the story of a woman who boards a British aristo in her very lowly tenement after he is hit on the street and suffers amnesia. The pair fall in love but how can a Viscount and a laundress ever be together? You can read my full review here at The Book Binge. 4 out of 5

The Viking’s Sacrifice by Julia Knight was a wonderful surprise. The story is about Viking raids, family betrayal, love and lots of danger. I really liked it and will post my review on Thursday. 4.25 out of 5

I’m a lucky, lucky girl and won a copy of Dating the Delaney’s by Anne Brooke over at Brief Encounters when they ran their Boxing Day Extravaganza. I got it and then gobbled it up as I love Liam and the Delaney’s. If you haven’t read this story about a man who works in a gallery and his twin crime boss lovers I suggest you do. They’re all short stories but all worth reading. This was book 4 and the trio has decided that they’re going to date for 6 weeks. On their first date in the movie theatre they can’t keep their hands off each other – just like when they’re on a picnic together. The dynamic is a bit odd with Liam being so submissive and the two brothers being so opposite from each other but I think it’s just great. 4 out of 5

Next was Slow Ride by Erin McCarthy – book 5 in the Fast Track series. This book was about a retired race car driver and a racing journalist and blogger that is grieving the death of her father. They kind of hook up at the wedding reception of Kendall and Evan (of The Chase #3) and start seeing each other. Parts of this book I really liked but others not so much. Tuesday had a stress and drinking problem, along with the fact that she hadn’t properly grieved for her father when she started dating Diesel. Then there’s Diesel who in no way had emotionally dealt with the racing accident that put him into forced retirement. I loved Diesel and Tuesday together when there were no issues but they each needed to handle their own lives before they could handle a relationship. It was good but not great for me. 3 out of 5 Read for The Book Binge

Next up was True Colors by Thea Harrison and is a novella in the Elder Races series. This is the story of Alice Clark who finds her best friend murdered in her apartment and hides when she sees the huge man come in. She runs from him not knowing if he’s the killer but it turns out he’s an investigator and a part of the Wyr division of the police. Gideon is immediately drawn to Alice who is also a wyr and finds he needs to be with her almost as much as he needs info from her to try to catch the killer of her friend. It was a good story about destined mates meeting and had a decent suspense element involved. 3 out of 5

Last on the list…yes there actually was a LAST…was Striker by KyAnn Waters. This is about two men, one a well known professional soccer player and a sportswriter who moves in next door. I’ll be reviewing it this week so keep your eye out. 4 out of 5

OK – so it may look like I read a lot but really, of the 16 listed 6 of them were shorts, 4 novella’s and one a short novel and those take no time at all, right? lol

My Book Binge reviews that posted this week:

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Guest Review: Reckless Night by Lisa Marie Rice

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Genres: Romantic Suspense

Judith’s review of Reckless Night by Lisa Marie Rice.

What do you give your beautiful wife when you have all the money in the world and can’t spend any of it?

Victor ‘Drake’ Drakovitch used to run a criminal empire, but he gave it all up for the woman he loves. Grace, an accomplished artist, abandoned the life she knew in order to be with the one man she could never live without.

Exiled to an island far from their former lives, the stay safe from the watchful eye of Drake’s many enemies. This Christmas, Drake wants to show Grace how much her sacrifice means. But what can he give a woman who shuns gold jewelry and diamonds, furs and expensive cars? Grace doesn’t want fancy things; she wants what Drake can give her—unquestioning devotion, fierce protection… and the best sex a woman has ever had. Until danger strikes and Grace realizes that the best gift of all is a dangerous husband.

Novellas are not my “thing” and I don’t think I noticed that this was a novella when I got the advanced copy from Net Galleys. That being said, the author is one whose work I had not previously read and now I am glad I got this short work. I have even gone back and purchased the preceding book in order to get the original story of Drake and Grace.

Grace is an artist, one who takes notice of the seemingly insignificant things we all take for granted: the look of a hand on a table, the droop of a flower, the contrast between animate and inanimate objects. Living secluded and private lives as they do, these two people know that their very lives rest on keeping “under the radar” of Drake’s old enemies. And the love that binds these two is so strong that Drake has essentially given up his lucrative criminal livelihood in order to protect the woman who has come to mean everything to him.

Now we could all get hung up on the fact that this guy is one of the bad ones, or we can look beyond what he was to what he is now–a careful, caring, loving, protective husband whose wife is the center of his world. The home and environment they have created together is marked indelibly with Grace’s flare for art and beauty, and is an expression of their love for one another. She has accepted that rather than live in a “normal” world with its hustle and bustle, she has chosen to love and live with the man who has stolen her heart.

This love story is just that . . . set in a small and private world that few of us can even imagine. Yet this is a man who wants to give freely to express his love but knows that even if he could give Grace her weight in precious gems, it would mean almost nothing to her. It seems to me that the gist of this very short tale is the spirit of giving, the expression of love that is most telling, the fact that spending time together rather than material “stuff” can well be the most wonderful gift. There’s lots to learn from these two–the author doesn’t take a whole lot of time developing the characters since that has been done in their original story, Dangerous Passion. Rather, the bulk of the story is about the gift exchange between these two and what lies behind it.

I found the story fascinating and felt as if I had a glimpse of this man and woman’s souls, of the passion that never seemed to grow old, and the fearless protectiveness that they felt for each other. And while I seldom give novellas a very high rating–they are just so short–I am going to hopefully reflect my conviction that the writing and the intensity of this short work are worthy of a better rating than I would normally give: 4 out of 5.

You can read more from Judith at Dr J’s Book Place.

This book is available from Avon Impulse. You can buy it here and here in e-format.

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