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Review: The Naked Truth by Lilly Cain

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Holly‘s review of The Naked Truth by Lilly Cain.

Captain Susan Branscombe was the victim of brutal torture at the hands of terrorists. Though rescued, she’s now facing an equally brutal accusation: treason.

The only way she can prove her innocence is to allow Asler Kiis, a Confederacy Examiner, to delve into the depths of her mind. Asler is Inarri, the alien race that made contact with Earth just months before. His duty is to find the truth, but when he explores Susan’s mind he can’t resist drawing her into a more intimate experience.

Susan takes comfort in Asler’s heated sensuality. Their erotic sensory exploration chases away the darkness and her body aches for more. But as their desire reaches new limits Susan finds it difficult to suppress the memories she is desperate to forget.
Is the passion they share enough to let Susan push aside her fear and trust Asler, not only with her mind and body but with her ever-opening heart?

I kind of like these futuristic sci-fi novels. I might have to look up more of them. This is the second book of the series. I didn’t read the first one and I think I missed some key information regarding the alien invasion and some other major plot points. I wasn’t totally lost, but I would recommend reading Alien Revealed first.

Susan was a strong woman. She was held hostage and tortured for information, but that didn’t break her. Once she was rescued she did what she could to aid their investigation. She had a hard time with the idea of reliving the memories of her torture and rescue, which was to be expected. Under the circumstances I think she held up very well.

Asler is an Examiner, which means he can go in and see her memories. The problem is that unless he shares what he saw she may not be cleared..but if he does share what he sees, it’s considered a breech for an Examiner and he loses his position. Though he was conflicted, I liked that his main priority was Susan. He wasn’t willing to compromise her for the cause, though he did want to do everything in his power to save her.

I liked the way the romance developed. It happened over a short period of time, but it was believable. The characters were well developed considering the timeline and the story was interesting.

4 out of 5

This book is available from Carina Press. You can buy it here in e-format.

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DFRAT Mini Review: Undercover Alliance by Lilly Cain

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Sarina is scarred. Her L’inar, the curving nerve lines that enable Inarrii to experience their full sexuality, were severed in battle and she can no longer reach completion. Until she accepts a job as bodyguard to the human ambassador John Bennings, and is astonished to discover that they share a mental bond—a mirrored pathway of thoughts that will allow Sarina to climax.

When John’s the target of an attack and they are forced into hiding, he’s not sorry to be in close quarters with the compelling Sarina. They explore their erotic connection, and John is happy to demonstrate that humans have more sexual skills than Sarina thought.

To prove that she is whole and rejoin her Inarrii clan, Sarina needs John to bring her to climax in public in accordance with tradition. With a roomful of Inarrii and humans watching, will John be willing to perform as Sarina needs—and will their public display make John vulnerable to another attack?
Sarina who is an alien to Earth called Inarii was wounded (in a previous book) and her L’inar, lines/receptors that are all over her body, no longer function properly. Because of this Sarina can no longer reach orgasm. In her world they use sex as stress relief and believe that if an Inarii cannot reach completion they will slowly go insane. Sarina has been demoted and exiled from her family clan because of her “lack” and has now been ordered to guard John Bennings who is a lawyer that is helping with the treaty between Earth and all its human political parties and the Inarii. The treaty would then open a confederacy that would include other alien life forms in the future. Sarina knows that this assignment will be boring but she can do nothing but agree. She’s not prepared to find John Bennings so very attractive.
John Norton is a Starforce warrior who is undercover as lawyer John Bennings. He is trying to uncover traitors that might stop the treaty from going through. He is so very attracted t Sarina but tries to hold himself back from acting on that lust. She finally makes the decision for him and they start to play. Unfortunately they’re interrupted when their spaceship is attacked. They find that John is the one being targeted and try to get him to an Inarii spaceship so that the treaty can be signed. Unfortunately they run into even more trouble. This doesn’t stop Sarina and John from exploring their attraction for each other in their down time.
This was a fast and fun novella. I hadn’t read the previous two books in this series but I never felt like I was lost in any way as the author did a great job of explaining the Inarii, the treaty and the different alien treaty opposers.
I really liked both Sarina and John even though we didn’t get to know too, too much about either of them. What I did find out and the actions between the two of them they were easily likable and quite enjoyable to read about.
Rating: 3 out of 5

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DFRAT: A Family EReading Affair with Lilly Cain

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It’s hard to believe that a few years agog – not very many – there were no e-readers, except eBookwise, or reading on your computer. I actually had one – an eBookwise reader that weighed a ton compared to today’s lightweight readers. Demonstrated to me by Angela James (now of Carina Press). I didn’t know Angela very well then, at the 2009 RT convention, barely knew who she was. But I really liked what she had to say and how she said it. She talked about ebooks and ereaders becoming the wave of the future. I believed her, and I went on to buy one just like the one she had in Florida and then to write ebooks myself.
Now I prefer my Kindle. It’s amazing what a few years and a bit of competition will do for technology. I love my Kindle—I must have ordered a dozen books on it three months ago when I came down with pneumonia. It was a godsend. At 2AM, when I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t lay flat at all, actually, I sat propped up on my coach and read, ordering a new book as soon as the last was finished.
It was a thrill when my mother wanted one too, even though technology isn’t her friend. I helped her order a Kindle and then she promptly uploaded my books. That was nice, although I secretly cringed over the thought of her reading my erotic stories. She just laughed me off and said that reading my work increased her vocabulary. Okay.
My dad and my siblings aren’t readers (we haven’t figured out why, but it must be a missing bit of DNA), but my brother-in-law has a Kindle too. He reads mostly fantasy, and to be honest, he wasn’t keen on my books. But he did thank me for showing him the Kindle – and the money he saved and the trees he rescued by reading electronically. Plus I think he was happy that he no longer had to purchase tomes that were heavy enough to bruise if you fell asleep reading them in bed.:)
My daughters (I have two voracious readers) both have Kobo’s. I bought them because you can use them to borrow books at out local library. Unfortunately the libraries haven’t been keeping pace with the changing technology, but they do have a growing number of ebooks available. I can only think that s going to continue. That Angela was right.
Now Angela James leads the editorial team at Carina. I still find her awesome, even though I actually work with another wonderful editor on my sci-fi erotic romance series with Carina. I’m so glad that I met her that day in Florida. My eBookwise no longer turns on, but sits as a heavy paperweight, and testament to the way things change, and the speed of the evolution.
At a Chapters signing with Kelly Boyce
They say that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Well, my family loves to read, and that isn’t likely to change. It’s just the delivery. And I wonder what will develop next. I’m favoring holobooks. What do you think?
Undercover Alliance
Sarina is scarred. Her L’inar, the curving nerve lines that enable Inarrii to experience their full sexuality, were severed in battle and she can no longer reach completion. Until she accepts a job as bodyguard to the human ambassador John Bennings, and is astonished to discover that they share a mental bond—a mirrored pathway of thoughts that will allow Sarina to climax.
When John’s the target of an attack and they are forced into hiding, he’s not sorry to be in close quarters with the compelling Sarina. They explore their erotic connection, and John is happy to demonstrate that humans have more sexual skills than Sarina thought.
To prove that she is whole and rejoin her Inarrii clan, Sarina needs John to bring her to climax in public in accordance with tradition. With a roomful of Inarrii and humans watching, will John be willing to perform as Sarina needs—and will their public display make John vulnerable to another attack.


First impressions could say a lot about a person, but observation of a subject when he was at ease, following a routine he was familiar with, told far more. Sarina studied her charge carefully as he worked. The meeting had been in session for an hour since the last intermission. She’d been introduced briefly to John Bennings by the captain of the Osprey during their meal break. Benning’s handshake had been firm, and his height and muscular frame belied a life of facts and figures. With his powerful, lean muscles, his body spoke more of the strength brought on by hard exercise, perhaps even some human form of hand-to-hand combat. It also spoke softly, seductively of sex.
His hands were long-fingered. He wore a well-tailored white shirt and dark pants, but he’d turned back the cuffs on his sleeves almost to his elbows. Fine, light brown hairs along his exposed forearms caught her attention and held it as she considered where else he might have such silken decoration. He wore the hair on his head short, not like the long locks of a male Inarrii warrior. But there was something about the way he carried himself. He reminded her of someone.
“And that’s enough for today. Thank you everyone. We’ll meet again tomorrow.” The human chairman stood up from the meeting table. “I’ll remind you that we have two weeks until the next meeting of the Treaty negotiation boards. We’ve been making good progress, but there is still a long way to go to finalize the agreements on Earth before the signing of the first Intergalactic Treaty.” He smiled, but clearly the rest of the team had been dismissed.
The lawyers and legal aids began shuffling about, most packing up their datapads and styluses or tapping shut their coms. Not Bennings. He sat still as the rest moved on as a pack, the humans and their unobtrusive Inarrii guards. She watched him watching them until her gaze caught his attention.
He studied her and she returned the look. His eyes were a soft gray, not blue or brown like the few humans she’d met so far, and no where near her own verdant green, the most common Inarrii color. His eyes were beautiful. And it didn’t matter.
She broke the connection and looked around the room, scanning the exits and the few people still within the area.
“Sergeant Tariim.” He used the human equivalent of her Inarrii rank of Soryen and he spoke softly, but she caught the deep timbre of his voice beyond its hushed tones. “I’m beat. I’m going back to my quarters. I won’t be going anywhere, so you can stand down. Get settled in. I’m sure they’ve quartered you somewhere near my rooms.”
He’d gotten close to her without making a sound. She’d been aware of his movements, but if she hadn’t been paying attention, would she have even noticed that he’d stepped closer, let alone come within striking distance of her? Interesting. Even the spongy shoes most humans wore on board ship usually made some noise. Their height was close; she looked directly into his eyes without shifting her stance. A quick flicker of awareness passed over her. For an instant she wondered if he could have some form of m’ittar; it was common knowledge that some humans had proven their ability to share thoughts and emotions, at least to some degree. This is what made them such attractive possible members for the Confederacy.
“Actually, I have had our rooms reassigned. Our quarters are now on the third deck, sector two.” She stated the fact and ignored the flash of attraction that raced through her as she inhaled his muted scent. He smelled of fresh rain along the beach line of her home world. Like an ocean breeze.
“Reassigned.” His eyes took on a steely note. “You’ve had our rooms reassigned together? As in, sharing the rooms?”
“We have adjoining quarters. I cannot guard you from the opposite end of the ship. I will not be…settling in. My shift doesn’t end until the Treaty is compete and I am transferred.”
For a moment she thought he might argue with her. A tiny line of tension formed along the corner of his full mouth. She took a quick breath as the old excitement flickered through her muscles. A fight would be good. A little excitement on a surely boring tour of duty. Perhaps if it became physical they would send her back to the Horneu. And what would you do there? a silent voice whispered within her.
But he broke off eye contact, lowered his gaze to flicker briefly over her body before he nodded. “Fine. I’m sure you know what you’re doing.”
He’d deferred to her. A strange feeling of disappointment settled into her stomach. She shook her head and led the way out of the conference room and through the corridor to the ship’s central lift. What did she think a data-shuffling tech would do, challenge her for dominance? Maybe she was already beginning to lose her mind. She needed his compliance if she expected to protect him. In a dangerous situation, she had to know he would follow her lead. She considered the slight hesitation, the line of tension beside his mouth before he’d accepted the room change. Perhaps he would follow her. Perhaps not. As long as it didn’t get to that point it didn’t matter, and after the mind-numbingly boring meeting she’d just observed, surely no one would be interested in attacking this level of tedious bureaucracy.
Lilly Cain
The Confederacy Treaty Series – Alien Revealed, The Naked Truth, and coming June 25th, Undercover Alliance – www.carinapress.com

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What I Read Last Week

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Happy Memorial Day!

I hope you all had the day off and enjoyed it! I’ve been reading, watching movies with the kids and doing laundry. Yep, I really know how to live it up. Lol

I did get to go to work every day this past week which was good. My back still hurts but not nearly as bad. Still taking drugs but at least I can live a fairly normal life – yay. 🙂

So on to what I read this past week:

First on the list was Necessity’s Door by Fiona Glass. This is another book in the Riptide Rentboys series. I’ll be posting my review this week.

Next up was A Night Like This by Julia Quinn. The second book in the Smythe-Smith series about Daniel Smythe-Smith and how he fell in love with a Governess. You can read my review here. 4.25 out of 5

Tyler by Christianna Spencer was my next read. This was a short about two guys who are on a college road trip and have a discussion about how Aiden feels that Chase is a bit vanilla in the sex department. Aiden heads out to a bar to find a guy (with Chase’s permission) and he meets Tyler. Fun ensues. This was so cute. You definitely have to keep an open mind about the whole situation to truly appreciate it all. 4 out of 5

Next up was Experimental Repeatability by Elinor Gray was a short story about 2 gay men who are best friends. One has had the hots for the other for years but has never acted on it. One night when they’re drunk they…do. I thought this was a really good story. I didn’t actually realize that Eric was gay at first so I was a bit confused by his actions but once I figured that out it all fell into place. 3.75 out of 5

Tangle of Need by Nalini Singh was next and it was a good one! This was Adria and Riaz’s romance but there was quite a bit of Sienna and Hawke as well as other previous characters in the book. The overall story arc continues and ramps things up. I really wanted more of Adria and Riaz who were dealing with some serious issues but I was satisfied in the end. 4.5 out of 5

Ninetten by AJ Mars was the story of Ezra who meets Nick while at an outdoor party in a parking lot. They take off to be alone together and one thing leads to another. Ezra is just nineteen and is a virgin. This story involves a lot of internal thought on Ezra’s part and not a whole lot of dialogue between the two men. I loved that the internal thoughts fit Ezra and his age and didn’t actually seem like an older man was stuck in a nineteen year old’s body. Good stuff. 4 out of 5

Undercover Alliance by Lilly Cain is the story of Sarina who is an humanoid alien and was scarred in a somehow. Her L’inar was damaged and she can no longer reach orgasm. This is an issue as her people use sex as stress relief and without it go insane. She is a warrior and if she can’t fight she WILL go insane. She is instructed to cover a human who is a lawyer working on the treaty between Earth and Sarina’s planet. Someone is after John but that doesn’t stop them from having a little fun in their down time. A good story that was entertaining. 3 out of 5

Lord Atwood’s Lovers by Eva Clancy was the story of Charles and Imogen who have been married for 4 months. They have a very different type of relationship but are totally in love. Charles is still in love with his previous lover though. I’ll review this this week so stay posted.

The Wary Widow by Jerrica Knight-Catania was the story about Chloe who heads to London from Essex to chaperone her cousin in her season. Even though Chloe is only 19 she is a widow. Chloe, unfortunately finds herself falling in love with her cousin’s betrothed, Andrew, and he falls in love with her as well. Parts of this story are so very sweet and a bit heartbreaking but there were others that I just couldn’t go for. Like Andrew and his identical twin Michael trading places to fool the cousin, Elizabeth, so that Andrew can spend time with Chloe. Andrew doesn’t want to break it off with Elizabeth because he doesn’t want to ruin her reputation but will sleep with Chloe. IDK, I was very torn with the story. 3 out of 5

Ambush by Clare London was a very cute short story about the characters from True Colors. Zeke heads to Miles’s office and ambushes him with a little sex. It’s very hot and a great little story. 3.5 out of 5

Angels and Airhead by Anne Brooke was a short about Ricky who has had feelings for his friend Jez for forever but felt that Jez was out of his league and too high class for Ricky. Ricky is visited by his guardian angel and shown that maybe Ricky should look things a little differently. Very short but cute. 3 out of 5

Last for the week was Payback by Clare London – yet another story involving the True Colors characters. Miles is getting a little payback with Zeke for Zeke’s little ambush in his office. Another hot little short that was worth the read. 3.5 out of 5

My Book Binge reviews that posted this week:
A Gentleman Says “I Do” by Amelia Grey
My Lady Rival by Ashley March

Happy Reading!!

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