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What I Read Last Week

Posted October 31, 2011 by Tracy in Features | 5 Comments

How are you? If you’re in America are you ready for tonight? Do you hand out candy? Go trick or treating with the kids? Turn off the lights in the house and pretend you’re not home? What do you do on Halloween?

Normally my husband and I switch off duties each year. One of us goes with the kids and carries a backpack to carry extra candy when their buckets get full and one of us stays home to hand out candy. This year, however, it will all change. Both of our kids want to go with their friends to trick or treat and since we get very few kids that come to our house (we live on a hill and no one wants to climb that damned thing to get candy) we think we might just go out for dinner! lol The rule of thumb is, if there’s no porch light on then you don’t go to the house. I’m thinking we turn off the light and go get Mexican food! lol Sounds good to me!

Uh…let’s see…I’m over at DIK for the next couple of days. Today I’m looking for Halloween romances and/or books with costume parties involved. Got any recs? Head on over and let me know.

Damn. I think that’s all I really have to talk about. That’s so sad. After a few weeks of fun I’m back to my boring normal life. What have you been up to? Anything fun?

This week I tried to catch up on my reading commitments because I was hella behind. I mean, really behind. I made a dent but I’m still trying to play catch up. Unfortunately this meant no m/m reads for me which made me sad. I need to work on that this week.

First up was Lord of the Wolfyn by Jessica Andersen. This is book 3 in the Royal House of Shadows. This one was my favorite of the 3 so far. This was Dayn’s book. He is a vampire like his father was but when his parents enact their spell and send him away from Elden they end up sending him to the land of the Wolfyn. He is accepted there for the most part but only because they have no idea who or what he is. After 20 years the woman he’s waited for appears from the human realm and she is to guide him to the portal back to Elden. Both Dayn and Reda, his guide, do a ton of growing in this book and I loved seeing that growth as well as the relationship that begins – first as just sex then as something more. I’m looking forward to reading the last book in the series, Lord of the Abyss by Nalini Singh. 4 out of 5

Next up was When Harriet Came Home by Coleen Kwan. This was a coming home story as well as a bit of an ugly duckling book. Harriet has come home after 10 years to be with her father who has had a car accident. She stayed away because she never felt welcome in her home town as she was heavy and wore glasses, but also because she had blown the whistle on the mayor of the town and created a huge scandal. She runs into her high school crush, Adam, who also happens to be the son of the former mayor who isn’t too happy to see her to say the least. But Adam soon gets over his bad feelings for Harriet and wants to try to start a relationship with her. Harriet still has self-esteem issues and is a hard nut to crack. I liked Adam and the whole coming home part of the story but I didn’t really care for Harriet in this story. She had her moments when I really started liking her but then she’d act like she was in high school and act incredibly immature and it just didn’t do her justice. Overall a cute story though. 3.25 out of 5

My next read was Telling Tales by Charlotte Stein. This was one I read for The Book Binge and it while it had a relationship in it I wouldn’t exactly call it a romance. It was about 4 friends in a writing group who used to hang out at their professors house in college. Now the professor is dead and he has left the house to the 4 friends but they must live in the house for a month in order to inherit. The four friends explore their writing and even act out some of the sexual parts of the stories. It was a highly erotic and sexual story that I honestly couldn’t figure out how to rate…so I didn’t. I wrote a review for The Book Binge so if you’re interested I’ll let you know when the review posts.

My next read was The Black Hawk by Joanna Bourne. This is book 4 in her Spymaster’s Lady series and it was really, really great. It’s Adrian’s book and it was about how he fell in love with a French spy – of course he’s a British spy so that makes things difficult doesn’t it? Yes, it does! I read this one for The Book Binge as well so I’ll let you know when my review posts. 4.5 out of 5

Next was Destined Mate by Katie Reus. A great shifter story! I wrote a review and it will post on Thursday so keep your eyes open.

I hadn’t read a good mystery in a while so I was looking forward to reading Unfinished Business by W. Soliman. It did not disappoint. I’ll post my review of this on Wednesday so stay tuned.

My Book Binge reviews that posted last week:
Sage Creek by Jill Gregory
Animal Attraction by Jill Shalvis

Happy Reading!

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Guest Anthology Review: On the Hunt with Gena Showalter, Shannon K. Butcher, Jessica Anderson and Deidre Knight

Posted April 28, 2011 by Book Binge Guest Blogger in Reviews | 0 Comments

Genres: Paranormal Romance

Mary’s review of ON THE HUNT by Gena Showalter, Shannon K. Butcher, Jessica Anderson, and Deidre Knight

New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter, Shannon K. Butcher, Jessica Anderson, and Deidre Knight present a steamy collection of all-new novellas featuring sexy paranormal hunters. With shadowy creatures, intoxicating magic, vividly imagined worlds, and sizzling passion, this is an anthology no fan of paranormal romance will want to miss.

EVER NIGHT by Gena Showalter: Rose Pascal is swept into a dark, haunting world every year on her birthday—a world ruled by a warrior king who hunts her kind. Neither of them can deny the passion that soon consumes them both…

In this story, Showalter introduces a new and very dark world (both literally and figuratively). I think this world has potential, with its dark, demonic aspects juxtaposed against the everyday human world and I was intrigued. But the couple in this story just didn’t pull me in quite enough. I felt Rose (who started crossing over when she was 18) was just too immature, innocent, and lost compared to Vasili, the warrior king who ties her to him. There’s a serious dominance vibe to Vasili but Rose, for all her naïveté, isn’t really very submissive or dominant enough so it didn’t quite gel for me. 

Rating: 3.0/5.0

THE COLLECTOR by Shannon K. Butcher: Demon hunter Neal Etan sets out to acquire a powerful artifact, but finds much more in beautiful Viviana Rowan, The antique dealer’s touch strengthens his magic—and her life may be in Neal’s hands if they don’t recover the artifact in time…

This was by far my favorite story in this collection. It’s set in the world of Butcher’s Sentinels, where every warrior must find their mate or turn evil, a world that I was already familiar with. Neal and Viviana are a great pair and remind me why I like this series so much. I’m definitely going to read more of the Sentinels.

Rating: 4.5/5.0

CRYSTAL SKULL by Jessica Anderson: Archeologist Natalie Albright’s dig gets shut down amid rumors she has awakened the local demons. But when the terrifying underworld creatures attack, Natalie must team up with her ex to survive. As they fight the ancient menace, they discover a destiny that binds them together—and threatens to tear them apart…

I loved the Tomb Raider aspect of it and the trouble that found Natalie. Lucky for her, her ex is nearby, still has feelings for her, and knows how to hunt what’s attacking. Great action, fun plot and excellent chemistry between the characters.

Rating: 4.0/5.0

RED ANGEL by Deidre Knight: Jamie Angel, leader of the deadly Nightshades, has tracked every kind of monster and demon that roams the darkness, but none of his experiences can prepare him for falling in love with one of the reatures he’s trained to destroy…

While I really liked Sunny and the whole Southern setting (I’m a sucker for a good Southern setting, what can I say), Jamie Angel is another story. A totally player, he gives off a bit of a slimy feel which only gets worse when he decides to seduce Sunny to find out what she is. Not who—what. Sunny can do better.

Rating: 2.5/5.0

This book is available from Signet. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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What I’ve Been Reading This Week

Posted August 4, 2008 by Tracy in Features | 15 Comments

What a fantastic week!!! Started it off really well by going to San Francisco (adventures & pictures posted below) continued it by going to a dear friends’ daughters wedding which was a blast! Ended it with spending the day with my wonderful children. We headed to Borders and B & N where we went a little crazy…so glad I can pass the book addiction on to my kids!

I bought
Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
The Rest Falls Away by Colleen Gleason
Kiss of Fury by Deborah Cooke
Just One Bite by Kimberly Raye
First Blood Anthology
Dangerous Secrets by Lisa Marie Rice
(between my 2 girls…5 other books – yikes)

I actually forgot to buy Cry Wolf that I’ve been looking forward to reading – tragic! Oh darn, now I’ll have to go back.

We then had lunch at Johnny Rockets where were served by a very cute man whom my kids insisted looked like Elvis. When my oldest told him that he said, “I actually get that a lot!” Too funny!

Then we went to Ben and Jerry’s, got ice cream and saw an afternoon show of Mamma Mia which was great. I saw the stage show a long time ago and have the soundtrack which my kids listen to all the time so it was fun for them to see the movie.

So I didn’t think I had read that much since there was so much going on…but I was wrong. I mean, I did have Wednesday off work while trying to recover from SF, with no kids, so I read!

First I read Nightkeepers by Jessica Andersen. I had some mixed feelings (I felt that about a lot of books this week!) about this book. It was good, but I never had a problem putting it down. The “love” was one of those that was pre-destined so there wasn’t really a romance at all. I am glad that the author actually put that in the book herself so it wasn’t like she was trying to pass it off as something it wasn’t, which I appreciated. I am curious to see what happens next so I’ll be reading the next one when it comes out.

Next I read Into the Flame by Christina Dodd. This was the fourth and final book in the Darkness Chosen series. It was ok but let’s just say that I’m glad the series is over. I like her contemporaries much better than her paranormals.

Truth or Dare by Lori Foster was an impulse buy last week. This was 3 related shorts about a dare between 3 female friends relating to a porn shop. Interesting concept…don’t think it really worked out. I liked the men a lot and I have to say that when they got involved with the women they were already mostly in love with them…but the women fell really fast and that just was soooo no believable to me. Cute, but, eh.

Secrets of Surrender by Madeline Hunter has been on my shelf for a while so I finally decided to read it. I liked this book, but there were soooo many secrets it was ridiculous. I know that’s the title of the book but I expected a couple…maybe a trio…there were many more and it was a little much. Good though.

Colleen Gleason will be a guest author on the DIK blog this week and I’ve never read her work before so I wanted to read at least one book before she got there. So I got The Rest Falls Away and read it. I have extremely mixed feelings about this book. I liked it, yet, I didn’t. I liked the whole idea of it but I found Max incredibly annoying (but a DIK girl actually picked him for one of her heroes so I’m thinking he gets better in the series?), the trio of Victoria’s mom and her friends…annoying, Sebastian…I wanted to punch. Phillip, oh Phillip. I loved Phillip and Victoria both. They were great. The end? That had me throwing the book after I finished it and growling for about an hour afterward! Lol My oldest daughter finally said, “Mom? Stop. Go start another book and it will get that one out of your head!” Kids, very smart. I can’t decide if I’ll read the rest of the series! Mixed. Feelings.

I only read Meljean Brook’s novella out of the First Blood Anthology, Thicker Than Blood. Meljean? I love you! lol I truly love every story this woman puts out! She got so much said and done in 107 pages it was amazing. Loved the story. Great! Loved it.

Happy Reading!

So what have you been reading this week?

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New Release Tuesday – June 3, 2008

Posted June 4, 2008 by Holly in Promotions | 5 Comments

There are a ton of awesome books out this month! Here are a few I’m excited for.

Nightkeepers by Jessica Andersen
Book Cover

The exciting debut of a new paranormal romance series

As a Miami narcotics detective, Leah Daniels never knows how her day will turn out. But she certainly never expected to be strapped to a stone altar, the human sacrifice in an ancient Mayan ritual meant to coax up a demon from the underworld. Or that she’d be saved by a handsome warrior-priest king who claims to recognize her from his visions…

Jaguar Strike wishes he hadn’t made the mistake of reuniting his fellow warrior priests, or broken the law by saving their chosen human sacrifice. Now, he has no choice but to join forces with Leah and invoke dangerous magic in a death-defying race against the end of time.

Through the Veil by Shiloh Walker
Book Cover

A thrilling new sensual paranormal from the author of Hunter’s Salvation.

Lee Ross always knew she was not entirely human. But when the man who has plagued her dreams her entire life appears in the flesh, can she give up everything she knows to follow him to another realm?

Lover Enshrined by J.R. Ward
Book Cover

As Primale of the Chosen, the fiercely loyal Phury has sacrificed himself for the good of his race. But his first mate, the Chosen Cormia, wants not only his body but his heart for herself. As tragedy looms over the Brotherhood’s mansion, Phury must decide between duty and love…

The Art of Desire by Cherie Feather
Book Cover

In this engaging anthology of never-beforepublished stories, twelve authors are united by their unique visions of the female experience… A young woman is torn between the security of her fiancé and the excitement of an old flame…a desperate wife is forced into the workplace for the first time in her life…an ambitious professional woman finally finds the courage to take control of her career—and her man…an emotionally fragile divorcee finds resolve in the ethereal visitations of an archangel…

These are just some of the women who discover and rediscover their own wonderfully fallible but ultimately strong selves in the shadow of love— romantic love, platonic love, new love, and lost love. Readers will be touched, inspired, charmed, and entertained by these original stories of disparate longings, unsettled lives, and the power of love.

Damien by Jacqueline Frank
Book Cover

They are the Nightwalkers, mysterious beings who dwell in the shadows of our world, and Damien, the Vampire Prince, is among the most powerful of them all. But one woman will tempt him with a desire unlike anything he has known, and together they will face a terrifying and relentless foe.



As reigning Vampire Prince, Damien has tasted every pleasure the world has to offer-consorting with kings and queens and delighting in sensual adventure. Now, tired of such pursuits, he devotes his energies to protecting his people. The war between human necromancers and Nightwalkers has escalated, and when the enemy makes a daring move, kidnapping Syreena, a Lycanthrope Princess, Damien boldly follows. He succeeds in rescuing her, but is unprepared for the erotic longing her lush sensuality awakens in him.

Gifted with rare abilities, Syreena grew up in a cloistered setting and was forbidden to form attachments to others, yet the connection Damien feels with her is immediate, intoxicating, and impossible for either to resist. But claiming Syreena as his mate could have shattering repercussions for every Nightwalker-and leave their enemies more dangerous than ever before.

Temptation tastes sweetest at night.

Running Wild by Sarah McCarty
Book Cover

Three stories of sensual erotic romance. Three werewolves who feed a wild hunger…

Donovan must bring the Pack Alpha home and nothing more. But when he catches the sexy scent of Lisa Delaney, he’s hers, body and soul—and ready to risk both on an erotic desire that will shatter all boundaries.

Kelon intends to return to his pack after helping Donovan, but he never counted on the voluptuous distraction of Robin Delaney. She’s the one woman who can make him contemplate a choice no werewolf should have to make.

Wyatt can’t afford to be attracted to the practical, completely human Heather Delaney. But she isn’t a woman a man ignores—no matter what the cost.

Superb and Sexy by Jill Shalvis
Book Cover

When you want to fly the best, you fly Sky High Air. And when you want spectacular adventure and scorching seduction, Jill Shalvis’s tantalizing, talented pilots Noah, Shayne, and Brody will get you there-fast, slow, or any way you want it.


Despite his brooding bad-boy attitude, Brody knows life has treated him pretty well. His luxury charter airline, Sky High, has given him financial security and the means to take to the skies whenever things on the ground get complicated. And lately, things have become very complicated, thanks to the insanely passionate, or perhaps just insane, kiss he shared with Sky High’s gorgeous, wisecracking concierge, Maddie. He’s tried to keep his distance, but now Maddie desperately needs help, and it’s triggering protective alpha-male urges Brody didn’t even know he had.

For months, Maddie hid her crush on sexy, exasperating Brody behind a cool, kick-ass exterior and then blew that to smithereens by jumping him in the lobby. Yeah, real smooth. She’s tried to break her ties with Sky High, but Brody won’t let her walk away-especially now that he knows that Maddie and her twin sister Leena are in big-time trouble. To save Leena, Maddie and Brody must pose as husband and wife, and Maddie is amazed that the man she thought was oblivious to her existence knows her very well indeed. But that’s nothing compared to the way she’s about to get to know him-intimately, in depth, and over and over again.

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Nightkeepers Contest Winners!

Posted May 31, 2008 by Holly in Giveaway Winners | 6 Comments

Thanks to everyone who entered our Pimp Nightkeepers Contest. I really can’t wait for all of you to read the book and let me know what you think.

Book Cover

With the help of random.org, we selected two winners. I’ll need you both to email me your mailing information to thebookbinge at gmail dot com (no spaces) as soon as possible.

Jill D

Congrats ladies! Your prizes will be mailed out on Tuesday.

We have a lot more coming up next week, so be sure to check back!

Happy Reading,

Holly, Rowena and Casee

Nightkeepers (Novels of the Final Prophecy, Book 1)
by Jessica Andersen will be available June 3, 2008. Check out Holly’s review here and our interview with the author here.

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