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Miscellaneous Friday Post

Posted March 13, 2009 by Tracy in Reviews | 10 Comments

It’s been a strange week. Work has been all kinds of busy and since I’ve been doing so much computer work it’s put me off getting onto the computer at night – which sucks. There have actually been a couple of nights this week that I haven’t even gotten on to check my email. gasp

So not wanting to spend too much time on the computer puts a huge cabosh onto writing reviews. I’ve read some really good books this week but I’ve just not been motivated to review them. I did hop on last night and went on a tiny little shopping spree for ebooks. As. If. I. Don’t. Have. Enough. Seriously people, I have issues. But I think got some great books:

Shaken and Stirred by Kathleen O’Reilly – I read Christine’s review on this in January and have wanted to read it.

Triple Threat by Jennifer LaBrecque – it was free on the eharlequin.com site so I went for it. What the heck.

Diary of Cozette by Amanda McIntyre – I read Barbara’s review and Amy’s reveiw and couldn’t resist.

It Happend One Autumn by Lisa Kleypas – this was the only one in the series I didn’t already have and I couldn’t go any further without it so that’s excuse enough for me.

Angels’ Pawn by Nalini Singh – I should have gotten this before I read Angels’ Blood since it was released first but I just didn’t. I can’t wait to read this prequel.

Amber Eyes by Maya Banks – I love shifter stories and this sounds pretty darned good. Hope it is.

Polar Reaction by Claire Thompson – after reading the blurb on DIK recently I added it to the pile. How could I pass up m/m/m? Ok I could have, but I chose not to. So sue me. 🙂

Just One of the Guys by Kristan Higgins – I loved Too Good To Be True so wanted to read more of her books. This one seems to be a fan favorite.

Addicted by Charlotte Featherstone. I picked this one up at the last Blogger Get-Together and then put the darned thing down again. Then I read a great review and kicked myself for not buying it. That being said I do have some reservations about the story. I’m not big on 2 people in love finding solace in another person’s bed. However, if it’s written well I can deal with it so hopefully this is one that will prove to be worth the purchase.

So my biggest problem now is figuring out what to read first. It’s not like I don’t have 200 other books to read but still. What? Stop laughing!

Oh, and my review for A Toy for Two by Jennifer Cole went up on The Book Binge on Wednesday. You can check it out here if you’re interested.

Happy Friday and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Guest Review: A Toy For Two by Jennifer Cole

Posted March 11, 2009 by Book Binge Guest Blogger in Reviews | 1 Comment

Guest Review: A Toy For Two by Jennifer ColeReviewer: Tracy
A Toy for Two by Jennifer Cole
Series: Le Club d'Esclavage #2
Also in this series: At the Dungeon Master's Hand
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Publication Date: March 16, 2009
Format: eARC
Genres: Erotica
Add It: Goodreads
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | The Ripped Bodice | Google Play Books
Series Rating: three-stars


Will Megan play it safe, or follow her heart and become a toy for two?

Megan Washington is the perfect daughter…as long as she keeps her wild streak hidden. Only after a trip to the Le Club d’Esclavage does she give free reign to her sexually adventurous spirit.

Troy Simon and Ransom Seager need the ideal partner, and not just any submissive will do. Their third must match their passions and indulge in the roleplay both men find so arousing. With trust building and temperatures rising, will Megan’s powerful politician father destroy the growing bond between these three hearts?

Megan goes to Le Club d’Esclavage with 2 friends. She’d never been there before and knowing it’s a BDSM club she’s interested but still a little leery about what she might find inside. Walking into the club pretty much means that you have agreed to do…whatever goes on inside. Yikes! Talk about a scary prospect. But not long after arriving she sees Ransom and she sashays over to meet him and all of his fine gloriousness.Megan agrees to go with Ransom to a private room and that’s where the fun begins. There’s some tying up and there’s some extremely hot sex going on it that room…oh and there’s also Troy who has joined the party. With Troy and Simon trying to find a 3rd to their partnership they are thrilled with Megan, her natural submissiveness and her eagerness. Unfortunately Megan’s father is a Senator and he shows up to make sure Megan comes to heel.

This was a short, pleasurable read. The entire story takes place at the club, with the sexual antics of Troy, Megan and Ransom taking up most of the book. There was some conflict at the end of the story with Megan’s father but it was rapidly taken care of. I enjoyed reading about the trio getting together even though I’m not a fan of the “falling in love in 1 night” scenario. The author gave us enough of the characters personalities that you felt that even though they were claiming their love quickly that they would make it work in the end.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


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What I’ve Been Reading This Week

Posted March 9, 2009 by Tracy in Features | 14 Comments

Hey there! How are you? I’m totally exhausted from kid school projects, kids having friends over and friggin Chuck E. Cheese. Who invented that place? I need to go beat them up. lol Yes, the kids had fun but damn! Loud, exhausting and expensive!

So, that being said I’m going to do an abbreviated version of my weekly post and not do pictures or links. I know, it’s horrible but I just don’t have the energy. Sorry. Ok – I posted 1 picture for your enjoyment cuz it was alread on my computer!

First up was Honeymoon Castaways by Dawn Halliday. Cheese with a little wine. lol A couple gets stranded on a deserted island on the way to their honeymoon and the pilot of the plane, the grooms best friend, is also obviously stranded. Menage follows. Not a bad book but I just can’t see it happening in a million years. Maybe I live in a cave. Not sure. Novella

Next was The Wolf’s Sister by R.F. Long. Also a novella (I read a lot of those this week) about a princess running from her psycho brother and the warrior she runs into. This was great. I read this on Amy C.’s recommendation and I’m looking forward to reading more of Long’s work.
Then I read A Toy For Two by Jennifer Cole for The Book Binge. Another novella – I’ll let you know when my review posts. (It was apparently menage week at my house…for books – get your minds out of the gutter!)

On Lori’s rec I read What Mattered Most by Linda Winfree. This was a book about a man who was living with his pregnant girlfriend but believed he was in love with his ex-partner (he’s a cop). Wow – what an emotional rollercoaster. Good story but I felt at some points that the antagonism that the heroine had for the hero was going on a little too long.

Next was Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh. Loved it. It was fabulous. See review below. I loved all the characters in this book – the vamps, the humans and the angels. She’s just hands down one of my favorite authors.

Next novella was Sweet Dreams by Jenny Penn. This was an odd little story but not bad. This is book 1 in The Cowboys’ Curse. The oldest brother in a family of 6 boys sleeps around on his girlfriend. The girlfriends sister puts a curse on the brothers. Apparently the books will go on where the curse will be handed down, or really up in this case, so that all the bros. get it. This story was the story of the youngest brothers, twins, Shawn and Trent. Trent is a complete ass and needs no woman according to him. Shawn’s slightly better but not a ton. They get cursed and need to have their soul mate fall in love with them in order to break it. It was a funny/strange story but it did have it’s good parts. (again, menage) There was one scene toward the end that pissed me off to no end and the book didn’t really have a actual conclusion which kind of sucked – but I’ll probably still see what the next has to offer.

The Devil Wears Tartan by Karen Ranney I read for The Book Binge. I’ll let you know when the review posts.

And last but not least…Secrets of A Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas. I did it. I’ve been saying that I would start the Wallflower series for I don’t know how long and I finally did it. And it was wonderful which I knew it would be. I loved this book. I liked Annabelle and Simon and sigh it was great. The ankle boots – omg. And the chess game. Such simple parts of the book but so significant in the long run. Makes my heart go all squishy. lol I’ll be reading book 2 soon.

Ok – that’s it. Sorry for the non colorful post but what can I say? It happens from time to time. 🙂

Happy reading!

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Guest Review: Passions by Jennifer Cole

Posted November 18, 2008 by Book Binge Guest Blogger in Reviews | 3 Comments

Guest Review: Passions by Jennifer ColeReviewer: Tracy
Passions by Jennifer Cole
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Publication Date: November 3, 2008
Genres: Erotica
Add It: Goodreads
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | The Ripped Bodice | Google Play Books


The only thing more persuasive than a man pursuing the woman he wants? Two men.

Jana Michaels escapes an abusive past by taking on a housekeeping position at a resort where fraternization isn’t allowed. Tristan and Travis, however, came in search of the only woman to complete their trio, and nothing will keep them from her.

Jana is working at a Caribbean resort called Passions. Anything goes at this resort. You want to do it in the hall, go right ahead. In the pool? Be my guest. The only thing that is not allowed is socializing with the staff.

Tristan and Travis have come to Passions for the 3rd time to try and find the “one”, that one woman that will complete their family. They see Jana and they just know that she’s their woman. Problem is, they can’t get her to go out with them because she’s staff.

Tristan and Travis request that Jana be given their penthouse suite as her house keeping assignment. Once there they blindfold her and have a little hot sex (obviously policy is being ignored by all) – though Jana really has no clue who she’s having sex with. This continues for a couple of days while at the same time Tristan and Travis are courting her on her time off. The men need to get her to agree to be with them forever but Jana has serious insecurities and doesn’t feel that she is worthy to be with them.

Now, Tristan and Travis are from a different universe that doesn’t have many women so the men pair up and then find their human mate to bond with.

While Tristan and Travis are wooing Jana there are other illegal things going on in the resort that end up involving the trio and everyone ends up getting involved.

This was an interesting story. Very early in the book there were some things that happened and they were so out there that I just started laughing…one being right after T & T (I’ll abbreviate the men’s names) see Jana in a restaurant in the resort they activate their invisibility cloaking shields. What – we didn’t even know they were from a different universe at this point? Omg it was just so Star Trek I couldn’t stand it! T & T were very stiff and I just kept thinking of them as alien robots rather than men. They just weren’t comfortable in their own skin even though it was their own skin. I have to say they did seem a little more normal toward the end of the story. They knew that Jana had had a rough time with a previous boyfriend and wanted to make sure that she knew they would never hurt her. It was very nice that they wanted Jana to decide her fate rather than telling her (although Travis did a lot of that during the story).

Jana, for all her insecurities, was a likeable girl. She went about her work and was quite happy to be starting a new life. It wasn’t as difficult for her to believe that T & T were from a different universe as I felt it should be, but she felt the “pull” of her mates and fell in love so was willing to go with the flow.

Although I had some issues with the story it was entertaining overall. There was some great Ménage à trois sexorin going on, which is always enjoyable.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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What I’ve Been Reading This Week

Posted November 17, 2008 by Tracy in Features | 19 Comments

Hey folks! Happy Sunday!

Things around these parts were quiet this week – I like it that way more often than not.

I did get to Rancho Cucamonga yesterday where there was a Southern California Get Together. Not everyone from So Cal was there but there were a few of us and it was great getting to finally meet some of these folks! We shopped at Borders for a while then went and had some lunch then had a book swap (17 more books to add to my collection). Fun! Unfortunately there were a ton of fires going on in So Cal yesterday and lots of freeway closures so Nikki and I had to take a long roundabout way of getting to the get together but we made it. Alice got to the GT but then due to a closure couldn’t get home. She ended up going home with Rosie. Then Wendy and her Man got evacuated because there was a fire practically in their backyard. They met us all and then went home with Rosie as well. I was kind of jealous of the fun slumber party they were having! 🙂 (btw – Wendy and her Man are home now and their apartment is safe! YAY!) Here we all are in all our glory:

Alice, Nikki, Rosie, Wendy, Me & Lori
Ok – On to the books I read this week. I read a lot this week. A lot of the stories were novellas or shorts (some uber short). And, I want to be a nice, kind person and post book covers for you…but I just don’t have it in me tonight, sorry. Hopefully you’ll survive!

Up first was Moon Madness by Mina Carter. A short novella about a werewolf woman running from her pack alpha and having lots of hot sex! lol You can read my review on The Book Binge.Next up was Demon Bound by Meljean Brook. Holy demons Batman! Just an awesome, awesome read. You can read my thoughts a couple of posts back. Meljean is just an incredible story teller and I love reading her books.

Riding Temptation by Jaci Burton was next. The second book in the Wild Riders series. This was a great story about Diaz and Jesse and I loved it. Burton’s such a fun author to read.

Sugar Shack by Paisley Scott was next. Cute little novella about a man and woman who hadn’t seen each other in 10 years. She’d broken up with him because he wanted to stay put in Vermont and she wanted adventure. She’s back in Vermont now and seeing the error of her ways. I thought our hero accepted her a little too quickly for what she’d put him through but overall it was a good story.

Next up were 3 short stories: Mischief in the Garage by Liza James (7 pages) this was a small continuation story of one she’d previously written. Sex on a riding lawn mower – I haven’t tried that one yet. Cute story. (this is actually a free read from Wilder Rose Press)
Then there was Cowboy by Delilah Devlin. Great little erotic short (about 10 pages) of a woman and a cowboy stuck in a storm. This was my fav of the 3.
Then there was One Sinful Night by Jalena Burke (22 pages and I couldn’t find a site for her to link to). I did not like this story at all. Sorry. Woman at a party kissing a guy – suddenly transported to a different house – wakes up and has had sex and been turned into a vampire. Vampire guy nowhere in sight. The woman was just TSTL let’s put it that way.

Another novella: Passions by Jennifer Cole. Woman working at Caribbean resort and meets 2 men from a different universe who say she’s their mate. Review will be up sometime soon on TBB.

Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase. Just a great, well written book. I loved the h/h and their banter throughout the book. Dain was a great ass but redeemable. Jessica was a little like a Mack truck in some parts of the book but I loved them when they were together. Loved this one.

A Delicious Taboo by Jennifer Cole. After reading Passions I was a little curious about her other work. I got this book and I basically misunderstood the premise. I thought there would be 2 different menage’s involved. Actually it was a 4 man 1 woman group romp. Huh. 2 male bi couples each want the woman to be their 3rd. They basically try to see who she’ll pick. Things get uh, heated.

Heaven by Jet Mykles. I’ve been meaning to read this forever and finally did it. It was an interesting m/m story about Johnnie Heaven and his obsession with a straight hotel manager. As much as I liked the story I thought there wasn’t as many getting to know each other parts. It’s probably the girl in me since the story was about men, but still. I’ll definitely be reading the other books in the series.

And last but not least…Wild by Lori Foster. As Nikki and I were in the car for a few hours yesterday we of course were talking about books. She recommended this one that I hadn’t read and lent it to me. I really liked the story – and having not read the previous books in the series it was fine as a stand alone.
Happy Reading!

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