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Lightning Reviews: J.W. McKenna

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Office Slave
1 out of 5

Book description:

The beautiful but haughty Ellen Sanchez thought she could get away with embezzling from Jack Sawyer, the powerful CEO of Sawyer Metalworking. When she was caught, she said she’d do “anything” to avoid going to jail. Anything turned out to be a new position for Ellen: Company love slave. After months of pleasing everyone on command, Ellen discovered a side of herself he had never suspected; she enjoyed being an “Office Slave.”

Office Slave II
1 out of 5

Book description:

J. W. McKenna continues the arousing story of Jack Sawyer and his sex slave, Ellen. Two years after agreeing to pay off her embezzlement debt with sex, El remains at Sawyer Manufacturing, servicing clients and employees. The debt has been paid in full–but by now, she’s come to enjoy the constant attention and stimulation. But an angry co-worker blows the whistle on Jack. He is arrested and Ellen is set to be the start witness for the prosecution. Soon the whole city is abuzz with the sordid story. However, the tough female prosecutor didn’t count on El’s unusual affection for Jack or her naturally submissive nature. The case takes a surprising turn that stuns everyone involved.

Holly was horrible nice enough to buy me Office Slave and Office Slave II. When she asked me if I planned to review them, I had no earthly idea how I would go about doing that. So what you’re about to read are email exchanges between myself and Holly as I’m reading these books.

A bit of a warning. These are completely unedited emails. There is lots and lots of explicit language (mostly on my part) thrown about. There is a excerpt that will probably bother most of you. There is also a crap load of spoilers. So if you’re actually intended on reading these books, don’t read any further.

This is actually two separate emails. One while I read OS and one while I read OSII.


Holly: Here’s the Office Slave one I was talking about.
Casee: Sawyer Metalworking? Is that supposed to be in reference to his man root?
Holly: LMAO! You just never know.
Casee: dude, I am not liking this book. Seriously. (Note: my punctuation seriously deteriorates when I’m agitated)
Holly: Well..duh! I told you…it’s just hilarious in one of those OMG, that is soooo not funny kind of ways. It’s like a trainwreck. I mean, seriously, WHO WOULD DO THAT?? LOL
Casee: Dude, I would have told him to take his camera, shove it up his ass then take the razor and shove it down his throat. OMG. (Note: I also say dude a lot)
Holly: I KNOW!!! I’m telling you, it’s a straight up man fantasy. MM is reading it right now, did I tell you?
Casee: Seriously? Good Lord.
Holly: Yep. What part are you at? In the beginning still?
Casee: I’m at the part where she’s offering the delivery boy sexual favors. *major eye roll*
Holly: Yeah, cuz that would happen! LOL
Casee: That was the stupidest fucking book I’ve ever read.
Holly: LMAO! I TOLD YOU! Jeez. Wasn’t it horrible? LOL You should read the 2nd one. It’s WAY different from the first. I seriously thought it was written by two different people. I mean, I actually liked the 2nd one.
Casee: was it a continuation of the 1st? Dude, who could fuck 11 different people in ONE DAY?
Holly: El the office slut? LOLYes, it’s a continuation. But it’s not like this one was. Jack gets turned into the police by Gloria and gets arrested, and El gets immunity for the embezzlement in return for testifying against him. But it’s more an exploration of WHY El allowed herself to become the office slut. It was really interesting.
Casee: Do you have that one? Does it actually have a HEA?
Holly: Yes and yes. Want me to tell you what happens or do you want to read it?
Casee: I’m reading your review. Yes, I want to read it if you have it. (Note: Total train wreck by this point)
Casee: A HEA with one person?
Holly: LOL! Yes, with one person.
Casee: Jack?
Holly: Yes, Jack.
Casee: I just can’t imagine it. He wants her to fuck anything that walks. Ugh
Holly: I couldn’t imagine it either. I only got the 2nd one because I loved making fun of the first, but I was so surprised by it. It was crazy.


Now after the absolute goatf the 1st book was, I still went ahead and read the 2nd one. And the email went like this:

Then 2nd book picks up awhile after the 1st book. Jack has built El an apartment behind the plant so she’s more accessible. Very smart business move, Jack.


Casee: Did I say that I can’t believe that he actually built her an apartment behind the office? Doesn’t that violate all sorts of building codes?
Holly: LOL! I’m sure it does. I’m telling you, I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. Seriously? And when he tells her she paid back her debt and she’s all, “Oh, right. Those numbers should mean something to me, but they don’t. I guess being a constant state of arousal makes me dumb” LOL Who does that?
Casee: Who actually owns penis earrings? or a penis necklace. And let’s not forget the “fuck me” necklace or the “slut” belly button ring. OMG
Holly: She does. Hello! She likes them. I love it that she’s all happy to wear her “SLUT” pin. The big one. I’m telling you, it’s hilarious.
Casee: or that her genitals are on display in the coffee room. or that she got a “tongue bath from his sperm”. LMAO
Holly: I know! In the coffee room? LOLOL And I love that she licked all the sperm from her cooch, too. NASTY!
Casee: I haven’t gotten to the part where she licks herself. LMAO
Holly: Well, not licks herself, but uses her fingers to scoop the sperm out. Ugh.
Casee: Yuck. Scoop.

WTF is this about? (Note: The reason I asked is because this was completely out of left field and it obviously had a major ick factor)

“Did your father ever touch you like this?” he asked, his fingers tugging at her nipples.
“I … I don’t remember,” she gasped, feeling an electric connection between her nipples and her clit. But, of course, she did remember. The nights when he came to her room after her mother had fallen asleep. He had been gentle, loving. That had made all the difference. It had taken him months to work up to touching her pussy. By then she found she grew wet simply by being in his presence. She quivered whenever he patted her shoulder or touched her hair. When that magical night finally came, Ellen had been more than ready for him. It wasn’t a rape, she told herself. It was a surrender.”

Holly: Dirty??
Casee: How could you give that book a 4 out of 5. seriously. LMAO
Holly: I think because I was so shocked that there was actually a plot to it. LOL I was in awe of it after reading the first one.
Casee: I loved how she went from Ellen to El to Maria back to El. *rolleyes*
Holly: I know, cracked me up. LOL Are you going to review them?
Casee: Yes, I will. Lightning reviews. OS: This book sucked. I felt degraded just reading it. OSII: I think the author heard the feminist outcry after OS. So she responded by writing OS.
Both get 1 out of 5. How’s that?
Holly: Uh..fine, except I think the author is a HE, not a SHE. LOL
Casee: You’re shitting me. Well hell, that explains everything.

Read these books at your own risk. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

You can read Holly’s reviews here and here.

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Office Slave II: El Exposed by J.W. McKenna

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Continues the best-selling story of Jack Sawyer and his sex slave El. A disgruntled employee turns in Jack and he and El are arrested. But the case doesn’t go exactly like the prosecutor expected. Read the surprising developments in this exciting sequel.

I bought this book after reading the first installment, Office Slave. I was curious about Jack and El and their continuing relationship…ok, that’s a flat out lie. I was highly entertained whilst reading the first book and was looking for more of the same.

Unfortunately – or fortunately depending on how you look at it – OS II: El Exposed is nothing like it’s predecessor. It was actually a very well written account of life after being the office slut for El.

A disgruntled employee turns Jack and El in for prostitution and various other sex crimes after she finds out her brother – who took over El’s former position as CFO – is sleeping with El. Jack is arrested and the prosecution offers El immunity for her original crime of embezzlement if she agrees to testify against Jack as their star witness.

El finds herself lost without Jack to tell her what to do 24/7. She’s gotten so used to doing what she’s told and not thinking for herself, she really has a hard time readjusting to normal life. We follow along with her as she discovers why she allowed Jack to dominate her and as she once again finds herself – the self she was before Jack.

She realizes she has a submissive personality, but only with Jack. When another person in authority tries to take advantage of her, she stands up for herself..and is finally empowered.

This was a truly interesting account of a woman trying to find herself, and trying to deal with a part of herself she hadn’t realized existed. I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of this story. Had I not read the first book, I never would have thought these were written by the same person.

Romance and erotica fans alike should enjoy this.

I’m giving it:

4.0 out of 5

Chantal has also done a review of both books. See it here.

You can buy this book here and here.

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Christmas Gift Alert: Something Naughty for the Bad Boy in Your Life

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Christmas Gift Alert: Something Naughty for the Bad Boy in Your LifeReviewer: Holly
Office Slave by J. W. McKenna
Series: Office Slave #1

Publication Date: August 19th 2005
Genres: Fiction
Pages: 295
Add It: Goodreads
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | The Ripped Bodice | Google Play Books
Series Rating: one-star

The beautiful but haughty Ellen Sanchez thought she could get away with embezzling from Jack Sawyer, the powerful CEO of Sawyer Metalworking. When she was caught, she said she'd do "anything" to avoid going to jail. Anything turned out to be a new position for Ellen: Company sex slave.

The other day, I got to thinking about the difference between erotic romance written by men and erotic romance written by women. Some of the differences I’m sure are glaring, but others might not be, and I was curious. We all know men have been writing erotica for ages (hello Letters to Penthouse) but the market has recently been flooded with erotica written by women. I kind of wonder if men ever read it, but that’s a post for another day. Anyway, I decided to read a book written by a man that was marketed as “erotic romance” to see what I thought.

So I bought Office Slave by J.W. McKenna from eBookwise. As soon as I read the first chapter (which is available online) I knew it was written by a man. Don’t believe me? Well, read it yourself to see what I mean.

Anyway, in the name of research, I took one for the team (so to speak) and bought this book. I started reading it yesterday and finished it last night. It was…interesting. Let me run it down for you:

Ellen Sanchez was the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for this company and she was embezzling money from them because her no good husband had been out of work for over a year. The owner of the company, Jack, finds out and says he’s going to turn her in to the cops. But she doesn’t want that to happen, so she says she’ll do ANYTHING to keep him from turning her in. He says, “Anything?” and she says, “Yes, anything”.

So he makes her the office sex slave. He tells her from now on she’s to do exactly what he says, when he says it. She’s not allowed to make any decisions for herself and she bascially has to be humilliated as the company slut.

He puts her in a glass fronted office and makes her sit at her desk (the desk that faces the glass so anyone who walks by can see her) naked. He installs cameras under her desk and tells her she’s no longer allowed to wear underwear, and she has to keep her legs spread open under her desk so he can see her through the camera at all times. When he calls her on the phone, she’s supposed to start rubbing herself and not stop until they hang up. He punishes her when she doesn’t follow one of his rules. Sometimes he spanks her with his belt when she’s naughty and he made her get her nipples pierced and her clit pierced.

In order to pay back her debt, she had to screw whoever he says. So she screwed or blew all his clients and the lunch delivery guy and the limo driver and even the girls in the office. He called it the new company “incentive” program and she was the prize to whoever did the best.

They called her “Slut” or “El”, which by the end of the book were interchangeable to her. Every time she went into his office (the boss) no matter who was in there, she had to remove all her clothes, kneel on the floor in front of his desk with her legs spread as far as possible and say, “How may I serve you today, Master?” And while she was kneeling there, he’d either rub her breasts or play with her clit, but never let her cum.

In less than 12 months, she paid back her debt in full, which is quite an accomplishment, considering she got $100 for each blowjob and $250 for every screw. Do the math and on that and tell me you aren’t scared. Yes, she screwed enough people to pay off a $257,000 debt. So he said he’d release her from her duty, but by then she begged her “master” not to let her go. Basically, every man’s fantasy. A woman who doesn’t want to think about or do anything beyond spreading her legs for whomever wants her. Oh, and she was named “Employee of the Month” 12 months running. Which is when I realized this isn’t the awful, sexist, chauvinistic, ridiculous farce of a novel I thought it was, but instead it’s a joke. Ha ha ha ha ha.

So, I’m offering this up as my latest “Christmas Gift Alert” because I have a feeling most men will want a copy of this. Why not surprise the man in your life with something untraditional this year?

I’m giving it:

1.5 out of 5 for the story
4.5 out of 5 for the sheer entertainment value it offered.

You can buy it here or at Amazon for the Kindle here.

And BONUS, there’s a sequel. Office Slave II: El Exposed

Dude, I’m so buying that. Be kind to the main man in your life and buy him both. I doubt you’ll regret it. And if you think he won’t like it, check out the Amazon reviews…I’m telling you, the men will love it.

PS. Yes, I’m pretty sure that’s her butt.


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