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Review/Rant: Meeting Trouble by Emme Rollins

Posted October 13, 2014 by Holly in Reviews | 2 Comments

Review/Rant: Meeting Trouble by Emme RollinsReviewer: Holly
Meeting Trouble by Emme Rollins
Series: Meeting Trouble #1
Publisher: Excessica
Publication Date: October 21st 2013
Genres: Fiction, Erotica
Pages: 88
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Series Rating: one-star

Sabrina can’t believe her luck—she’s always dreamed of front row seats to see her favorite band, “Trouble,” but when she bumps into lead singer, Rob Burns, and he invites her backstage, she finds herself hoping her luck doesn’t run out—and that maybe, just maybe, all her dreams will come true. 
Full 45,000 word novel from New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Emme Rollins-----
Warning: This title the ultimate fantasy come true when a female fan meets a sexy rock star guitar god with enough pluck to make the g-string on your Stratocaster quiver for days. (Note: This title was originally published as “Happy Accident”) 

I have a confession to make. I’m sort of a sucker for rock stars. I don’t know, but whenever I see ROCK STAR I immediately want to buy. Since that’s bad for my budget, I try to refrain unless I’ve heard good things about the story from people I trust or the reviews are mostly favorable. This was a free download, so I didn’t bother to check the reviews. More fool me.

I’m going to start this review off with a little mini-rant about two things that really bug me, because both happened in this novel.

1) The editing in this book is pretty shoddy. There are typos and grammatical errors, poor sentence structure, etc. Sadly, I’m seeing this a lot. What happened to the professionally edited books of yore, that didn’t have typos and spelling errors? Can we bring those back? (And it happens with a lot of Pub Houses, too, not just with the self-pub set)

2) This is 2014. The age of technology, savvy women, and safe sex. So why would a person have unprotected sex with a near-stranger? Especially a near-stranger who happens to be a rockstar and spreads his favors around? No. No no no no no. Did I say no? Thankfully we don’t see this too often anymore, but it does happen and it pulls me out of the story every single time. Every.single.time. Authors, for crying out loud, make your boys wear condoms! Especially when your story features a one-night-stand with a rock star.

Aside from the lack of editing and the unprotected sex, the story fell pretty flat. Sabrina was obsessed with the band, caught the eye of the married lead singer and took him home for a weekend. They fell in love. Then he asks her to tour with him, which means giving up her job as a school teacher right in the middle of the school year. All this in two days. Which totally seemed legit, by the way. Oh, and the matter of his pesky wife? Well, that’s not really a big problem since she was a bitch anyway and he’s going to divorce her. Which is sweet, when you think about it. He’s willing to divorce his wife after two days with this other girl. That’s a sign of true love, babeeeee.

Except, no.

Did I say no?

1 out of 5


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What I Read Last Week

Posted September 9, 2013 by Tracy in Features | 2 Comments

Another week has gone by. We had a pretty quiet week with a fun weekend. Waterslide and potluck at church and my youngest especially had a wonderful time.then my oldest had some friends over for jumping on the trampoline, swimming and some LOUD games on the Wii. Fun…and exhausting. 🙂 Here’s my youngest doing a somersault on the waterslide.

How was your week? Do anything especially fun?

So I started out the week with Against the Ropes by Sarah Castille. I had a like/hate relationship with this book. The story is about Makayla who meets Torment, the owner of a gym where they have unsanctioned fights. She’s immediately attracted and he is as well. He’s just a regular guy who is very cool. She works at a hospital in admitting but has her EMT certificate. She’s incredibly low on cash and agrees to work at the gym doing first aid during fights to earn extra money. The two hit it off and I liked where it was all going. Torment however is actually a millionaire named Max who becomes…well, kind of an asshole with serious control issues. Yes, during the book we find out why he has those issues but still – wow. Makayla has an event from her past that haunts her and Max’s need for control in the bedroom sets her off and scares her. IDK, the story was decent but I really had problems with the characters at different times. Makayla at times was just TSTL and Max was at times nice and then a controlling bastard. I think this is one you have to read for yourself and decide how you feel. 3.25 out of 5

Next up was Foxy Lady by Marie Harte. Book 3 in the Cougar Falls series and this is about the town Sheriff, Ty, heading off to help Julia out of what he believes is a sticky situation. The problem is that some rednecks think they own the town and the oldest son wants Julia for his own. Julia and her family are also hiding a deep dark secret. This was a good one with lots of ins and out and action. 3.5 out of 5

Dear Rockstar by Emme Rollins. This is a New Adult story about a girl who is obsessed with a particular rock star so when his younger look alike walks into her school she’s floored. She decides that she likes him for him though, and not because of who he looks like. The book is about Sara dealing with her family, her issues with her obsession and her relationship with her boyfriend Dale. I really liked this story a lot. Dale had his own secrets that he never shared with Sara which I thought he should have shared but he had his reasons. I think there’s another book either out or due to be released that will follow up with them – I’m looking forward to it. 4 out of 5 

Rules to Catch a Devilish Duke by Suzanne Enoch is almost a year old. I bought it when it released and I’m ashamed to say it sat there for almost a year. (Of course I have many others that I’ve bought and ignored but we won’t get into that.) Anyway, this story is about Sophia who is the daughter of a lady’s maid and a duke. She has secured her independence by working at the Tantalus Club but her “father” got word of this and went to see her (for the first time in her life). He said that she was an embarrassment to him and she would go marry a vicar in Cornwall or he would use all of his power to shut down the Tantalus Club. Sophia agrees as she knows he’s powerful and she doesn’t want the club closed down. A lot of other women had found their independence there as well and she wanted that to continue. She accepts an invitation to a Christmas house party given by the Duke of Greaves. She knows she’s only invited as the shock factor but one thing leads to another and she finds herself with the duke for 2 weeks before any of the other guests arrive. Of course they fall in love. Ok, this was an awesome book. I loved Sophia so damned much. She was wonderful and I couldn’t get enough of her. I really liked Adam as well, even though he had his moments where I wanted to punch him to get his brain functioning properly. This is definitely a book that I recommend. I closed the book with a huge satisfied sigh and a big smile on my face. 5 out of 5

Last for the week was Tethered by Meljean Brook. This is book 2.5 in the Iron Seas series and follows, once again, Archimedes Fox and his now wife Yasmeen Corsair-Fox. The story is about the pair being forced into a dangerous rescue by Archimedes’ old partner, Miles Bilson. I really liked the way the book was set up and of course getting to read more about Yasmeen and Archimedes and their adventures. Good book. 4 out of 5


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Happy Reading! 

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